Game 66 rewind: Warriors face off, get testy with Clippers star Blake Griffin

LOS ANGELES — The Warriors and the Clippers don’t like each other. That much we knew, and that much was on display Wednesday as the Clippers held serve at Staples Center and even afterward.

Clippers beat writers witnessed an apparent airing of the grievances in the hallway after the game between Blake Griffin and Jermaine O’Neal, who reportedly initiated the whole thing to get his heated points across face to face.

“Why you want to walk up on me? Leave that (stuff) on the court,” Blake told O’Neal, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Brad Turner.

Replied O’Neal: “I’m a monster off the court.”

During the game, O’Neal had picked up a technical foul after jawing at Griffin. Griffin and Draymond Green seemed to tackle each other to the ground. Angry looks were exchanged between the two teams at times. Addresses for a Christmas card exchange were not.

Much of the attention focuses on Griffin, who was fabulous in putting up 30 points and 15 rebounds. The Warriors wanted him to take jump shots, but he made them. He also got his dunks, including a memorable one off a missed 3-pointer from Danny Granger. All in all, he annoyed the Warriors.

Asked about Griffin always seeming to find himself in the middle of things against the Warriors, forward David Lee said, “Yeah, no coincidence is an understatement. No other comments on that.”

The Warriors and Clippers after some blowups didn’t have any memorable flare-ups in their previous meeting, but that apparently served as a one-game détente.

“We get hit, they get hit, and that’s just the way the basketball game goes,” center Andrew Bogut said. “A lot of things are going on in between that are different to a regular basketball game.”

Diamond Leung

  • Howard Benner

    Nothing objective or constructive on the game itself, eh? Hummm. . .

    Just more evidence that the W’s will be “one & done” in the playoffs this year. . .no phantom Nuggets to sneak up on. . .