Game 67 rewind: Warriors sluggish in bad loss to Cavaliers, search for answers

OAKLAND — The Warriors have suffered bad losses before this season. David Lee mentioned the one against Washington, the one to Charlotte a week later at home.

But this one was very much unexpected after the Warriors had entered the contest having won 10 of 13 after the All-Star break and shook up the team enough to where individual meetings were held.

Stephen Curry was at the center of it after a fine night for himself, and held others around him accountable in support of what Mark Jackson had told the team. Defensive collapses like this one would not be tolerated.

“We’ve had a couple of these at home, and with 15 games left in the season, you want to make sure everybody’s still on the same page when it comes to how we’re going to win games going forward,” Curry said.

Cleveland shot 48.8 percent from the field and 45.5 percent from beyond the arc as time and time again, they made shots to hang onto to the lead as the Warriors struggled to make stops.

Andre Iguodala played 31 minutes while battling knee tendinitis. Andrew Bogut was limited by foul trouble and picked up a technical right after the Warriors’ lead was erased. Stephen Curry, playing limited minutes, ended up trudging off the court on his birthday and using the postgame locker room as a place to hold court with his teammates.

Former Warriors guard Jarrett Jack paid a visit to the locker room afterward once it was nearly empty, and it served as a reminder of the kind of fire that the team was missing.

“We just didn’t get after it like we normally do,” Jackson said.

“We didn’t have any life.”

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    When the Warriors got it up to 18? I knew bad was coming when a Cleveland obscure player took a 3 point shot and Bogut never as much as put his hands in the air…he and Lee did much watching and no lifting work. The Big Eucalyptus seems to come and go with his defense. Blocking shots one game…being a matador the next. How do you blow a 18 point lea at home?…vs dirty, grimy, Cleveland? Only the most desperate NBA player wants to go there…

  • DGB

    Better get used to it Dub-nation. This is the “Warriors” franchise we’re talking about, here. Remember, the one that was THE WORST franchise IN ALL OF PRO SPORTS for about 40 years, with short spurts of forgettable success. You know, the one that drafted the Chris Wasburns the Todd Fullers, that drove away Chris Webber, ruined Joe Barry Carroll, traded away Robert Parrish & Gus Williams (for noth’in). The one with the World B Free & Bernard “castoff” Kings. The ones with the Sprewell neck chokers, the RUN TMC midgets, with their Nellie matador defense for about 20 years
    worth and on and on. This outfit was below chump change status, they were PIG SLOP!!. With the highest tickets in the league (gee thanks). Did you think we’d all forget? But, I digress. The Dubs & Co. have turned the corner for the better. Much Better. They’re just still a long way off. They’re about where they belong in ranking. About 10 to 13 from the top. They are are going to get Annihilated in the playoffs. ANNIHILATED!! By the very tough top west. The top 4 teams probably won’t lose a game (or maybe one) against them. And they shouldn’t, the “stubs” just aren’t that good. There not as good as they were last year (by alittle). But the best are improved. It takes time. They are on the right path. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take ten years (some will be OLD by then). I think Mark Jackson is doing a good job. He’s a keeper. I think David Lee & Andre are doing good jobs. I think Bogut may be “Bogus” for what his money could be used for. But for now, ok. Lets just hope everyone remains patient, & enjoy the year. Though sometimes it pains me to watch. But this is the “Bay Area”. So it probably won’t (remain patient that is). They Wanted It All yesterday, remember!

  • Howard Benner

    Just more evidence of the atrocious mental makeup of this team.

    They are endemic of the current “entitlement” generation. they expected the Cadavers to run up the surrender flag when down by 18?! With Jarrett jack on board?

    This team may make the playoffs, but they surely will be erased in their first round matchup. This team is in dire need of a heart transplant, needs leadership to kick it in it’s collective a$$ & collectively they need to grow up! I maintain despite Jackson’s pr hype they are far from an actual defense first team. Their mentality is significantly in question. They are front runners that are more interested in “where they are going to celebrate Steph curry’s birthday,” filming videos of Curry dunking ping pong balls in garbage cans in Jackson’s face, jackson beating curry in three point comps than actually putting their JOBS first;their attention to detail is obviously lacking. . . the height of the entitlement generation. the W’s overinflated (along with their egos) salaries are paid by the ardent fans that populate Oracle on a game by game basis. They “bring it” each & every game with a fanatical frenzy. They deserve more!

    There should be a money back guarantee, like the outing against the Spurs on national TV when POP benched “the Big Fundamental,: Tony Parker & Manu Ginobli & the W’s mailed it in. Sure, it is difficult to get up for each & every game, but the Phoenix Suns do. . .Undermanned & under hyped they haven’t deviated from Jeff Hornacek’s preaching defense first mentality.

    The W’s make too many excuses. they are the most impetuous, baby oriented heartless collection of players in the association. . .it’s called responsibility

  • DGB

    WoW, Howard. I thought I was tough on ’em, whew!. But I agree with everything
    say. I do think Jackson is working hard to turn them in the right direction and mindset. It takes time. But we both speak the truth, and it can hurt. This really isn’t an elite team. Apart from Andre, Jermaine, & probably Draymond, they are an effete team. God I love O’Neal, I wish we had a young O’neal for ten Bogus’s

  • Howard Benner

    Just trying to keep it real.

    I actually slept on it before launching my diatribe. . .I like the effete team moniker. . .O’Neal in his prime. . .what a monster. . .’Dre is today’s Scottie Pippen (too bad the W’s don’t possess today’s “Jordan”) & Green is definitely the glue guy. . .

    I hope they go after Shaun Livingston next year. He is a point guard but can “role play” 2’s & 3’s as well. . .the Nets don’t possess his “Bird Rights” so he is free to leave the nest. . .a guy that has recovered from the adversity he has faced would definitely be a fine example to the fact nothing in the association is a given. . .he isn’t the best perimeter player around but he is a great distributer & defender & runs the court very well. I’ve always liked his game. . .

    Last night’s debacle left a particularly bad taste in my mouth. . .still pi$$ed. . .those are games that haunt you. . .never can get them back, particularly so late in the year. That’s the fifth or sixth really bad, immature game they have played. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Enter Jarrett Jack. . .

  • Stan

    Where’s Bogut vs Portland? Man,that guy sits out A LOT of games.

  • DGB

    Hey Stan, how long have you watched this frachise. The problem is they have Bogus.This outfit’s rulers are getting better (how couldn’t it). But they haven’t figured out the center postion since Clifford Ray (Since they ruined both JB Carroll & soured C-Web & threw away Parrish). They WAY OverPay very mediocre centers. 10 Boguts & 20 Biedrins are’t worth 14 million per. This destroys what they could do. Total idiots.
    And until that changes, they won’t change, MUCH. Ole’ Toro my cape will stop you!