ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith praises Warriors’ Stephen Curry as ‘a bad boy’

The Warriors were a point of discussion on ESPN’s “First Take,” and Stephen A. Smith took the opportunity to heap praise on Warriors guard Stephen Curry on Monday after a 113-112 win at Portland.

Take it away, Stephen A:

“Steph Curry is special. He’s a superstar in this league. He’s the best shooter in the game. He can boogie on anybody. It’s one thing to be a shooter, but it’s another thing to have the ball-handling skills to create your own shot.

“Steph Curry’s a superstar. This boy can play. A sup-er-star because he’s money. Everybody can’t play above the rim, OK? Sometimes you’ve got to have the requisite skills. If we could call Chris Paul a star, we can call Steph Curry a star.

“I look at a Chris Paul, and I see an Isiah Thomas. Well you know something? As impressive as that is, and that’s why Chris Paul is a superstar, when I see Steph Curry, you know who I see like him? No one. Let me tell you why. Because as beautiful as that boy can shoot that basketball, who could handle the ball like he could handle the ball? Pass the ball like he could pass the ball? And still shoot it! This boy is legit! Now it’s not high percentage, but he certainly makes it seem that way, doesn’t it?

“Look at people who defend him. They’re petrified. They’re scared to death. You know why? Because I’m sitting there, and even though he doesn’t sometimes, I’m sort of engaging in hyperbole when I talk about how Kevin Durant can pull up from 30, I’m not engaging in hyperbole when I say that about Steph Curry. He regularly pulls up from 30! He is just…forget Aaron Rodgers (who Smith has referred to as a “bad man”). Steph Curry is a baaad boy. You understand? I said a bad boy, bad man, whatever is complimentary most.

“Steph Curry is a bad boy. And I’m going to say it again. Sup-er-star. Not a star. He’s not only a star that has elevated his game to another level.

“Steph Curry comin’ to town. You gonna see Golden State ‘cause Steph Curry’s in town. It’s like that! He’s that nice! He’s that nice.”

Diamond Leung