Game 70 rewind: Warriors explain why they’re feeling good after squeaking past Milwaukee

OAKLAND — Warriors coach Mark Jackson insisted that beating the Bucks was a good win. The reason? His team had struggled against such Eastern Conference teams at home before, and frankly, these are games the Warriors might have lost in the past.

“As a coach, you’re not going to be satisfied with giving up 35 points in fourth quarter, but I’m also not going to nitpick,” Jackson said. “The bottom line is we made progress because we beat two teams that we were supposed to beat in our building (Orlando and Milwaukee this week).”

The Warriors of course didn’t want the game to be such a close one. But Jackson noted that Milwaukee, a team with nothing to play for, played loose and had something to prove just like it did when it took Portland to overtime before losing two days earlier. The Warriors tried to deliver knockout blows, but simply couldn’t do it until the final minute when Klay Thompson hit a big 3-pointer.

The Warriors are now a season-high 18 games over .500, something the team hasn’t achieved in 20 years. Jackson, who had previously downplayed the mark, fully embraced it after getting the win against the Bucks.

“We’re going to enjoy the ride,” Jackson said. “We’re going to appreciate all the things that we’re able to accomplish as a team, as a unit because you can take it for granted. There’s people (fans) that are 19 years old that have never seen this. That’s a ‘wow’ moment. It’s an incredible accomplishment.

Stephen Curry, who led the Warriors with 31 points, also noted the positive signs that emerged in a game that admittedly could have been won in prettier fashion.

He noted that when teammates got frustrated on defense, they held each other accountable and openly talked about it,.

“Guys care, and they want to get better,” Curry said. “And so we don’t execute, we call each other out. We encourage that so that we can get better, and that happened tonight.

“I never felt like we panicked or got out of sorts at all, which is a good sign that we are pretty confident in how we’re playing.”

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Now,the standard isn’t just play well,or have a winning record,or even just make the playoffs. This team MUST advance past the second round of the playoffs…less then that is choking.
    Curry’s career might be half over in time line…he’s got to make the most of the opportunity. Rick Barry did. That’s the gold Warrior standard.

  • Howard Benner

    I can’t wait until David Lee is no longer a W. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Curry might be the king of the unforced error but it is David Lee who needs to elevate his game in order for the W’s to realize the lofty expectations last year’s playoff run enticed we W’s fans with. . .

  • Howard Benner

    The W’s are the tinman; the W’s need a transfusion. The W’s are heartless. The W’s are spineless.

    From now on I refer to the W’s as the jellyfish. . .

  • Howard Benner

    I’m not wasting my hard earned free time on this bunch of entitlement losers. Good thing the new season of Da Vinci’s Demons starts tonight. . .

  • Stan

    The Warriors do act like their arms are tied to their waist. San Antonio took shot after shot…not a Warrior arm near them let alone their face.

  • Howard Benner

    Since the definition of mental illness is repeating the same pattern over & over & expecting different results I think I should just refrain from anything W’s related for about another week to 10 days.

    Now let’s see how successful I am @ that. . .