Game 71 rewind: Warriors look forward to five-day break after falling to Spurs

OAKLAND — The Warriors are looking forward to a five-day break after a week that confirmed much of what we already knew about this team.

The Warriors are better than the worst of the Eastern Conference. They can compete and beat some contending Western Conference teams. Also, the San Antonio Spurs are just a nightmare for Golden State to face.

That was already known, and so now the Warriors will see where they can go from here after getting humbled by San Antonio once again with a lineup missing starters.

“Disappointing loss,” coach Mark Jackson said. “It’ll make us better. Hopefully we see them down the road again, but there’s a reason why they’re the best team in basketball.”

The Warriors hope that getting healthier during the break from games will help them greatly going forward. Andre Iguodala could be back as early as Friday when the Warriors face Memphis. David Lee hamstring and shoulder get some days to get better as does Andrew Bogut’s ankle. Stephen Curry’s quad gets time away.

“We’ve got a lot of guys banged up, and we get an opportunity to take a couple days off to reboot the system and let the body heal for the stretch run,” said Jermaine O’Neal, who himself has been dealing with a hip issue. “Between No. 4 (seed) and No. 9 (seed), it’s going to be whatever team stays focused.”

Diamond Leung

  • mediagrunt

    Um, a score would have been nice.

  • Stan

    Curry had 6 turnovers. 3 of them were thrown balls out of bounds on “No look” passes. He should have looked. Curry needs to be sat down and told..basics,fundamentals. Enough of the schoolyard stuff..that he’s not even very good at. If he was,no complaints- right?

  • Commish

    Jackson said it was a learning experience. Didn’t he learn the same lesson the last time the Spurs beat us short handed? Evidently not. I believe he will keep losing to the elite teams because he hasn’t figured out how to learn from the same mistakes.

  • flaninerfan

    This was a well run machine versus a sporty but not so reliable engine.

  • atrain9

    The Spurs do this to every team. Look at their record. Its clear that how they do it is attention to detail. Better screens, decisive drives, crisp passing. They run some of the same plays as the Warriors, yet their shooters get more open. On the other end its like they already know what the other team is going to do and they know how to disrupt it. Much to be learned from them.

  • dgb

    This is the reality of the Dubs. Remember how horrible they were just a little while ago (forever). They are not any elite team. The sooner the Dubnation gets over the need for the incredible elitism it (which much of the west coast has, and drives me nuts and somtimes wishes for 20.0 Richter to wash it all into the sea) the sooner it MAY accept reality. Quit whining. The stubs & Jackson are doing fine. If you don’t like take your Maypo and go home.

  • jsl165

    To Diamond Leung and all Dub fans here: Merc News blogger Adam Lauridsen has a new post up today — titled “Keep Jim Barnett” — which fairly describes the nauseating disgust many of us feel about the Front Office’s plan to can Jim Barnett at season’s end. They’ve tried to call it a “mutual decision” — but we all know otherwise.

    For many of us Jim’s been the sole tether to reality in hard times, his knowledge of the game is vast, his honesty and candor are virtually unique in this age of homerism, and his stories still bring countless smiles to many faces.

    Plus, this is his life. He’s been our guy for 29 years now — easing the loss of Bill King, for many. He clearly would love to stay, but is being the ‘hale fellow well me’ in bowing to his bosses’ design.

    We can do something about it, tho. And Adam’s column — easily found on the Merc News web-site — not only provides thoughtful analysis, but the tweet, text, and e-mail addresses by which the fans can let this Front Office realize how much we’d like Jim to be able to stay — and how good that would be for everybody.

    So, if you’re inclined, please read Adam’s piece and write a note of two to the Front Office people to let them know.