Warriors assistant coach Lindsey Hunter takes time away for special moments

Warriors assistant coach Lindsey Hunter was not on the bench with the team Saturday as it lost to San Antonio at Oracle Arena, as he was spending time in Michigan watching his son play in a state championship basketball game.

And what a moment it was for Southfield Christian School’s Lindsey Hunter IV, who reportedly was stunned by his father’s surprise trip all the way to East Lansing, Mich. for the big game.

“Lindsey was in tears because his dad didn’t tell him he was coming here for his last game,” Southfield Christian coach Clennie Brunridge told the Detroit Free Press.

Southfield Christian ended up winning the game 63-61, as Hunter IV scored 16 points and fouled out in the fourth quarter. On his way off the court, there was another emotional moment as Hunter IV was consoled by the Warriors assistant who had made the long trip to see the final high school game.

As Warriors coach Mark Jackson noted earlier this month when Klay Thompson missed a game to attend his grandfather’s funeral, there are indeed things more important than basketball. For the Hunters, it appeared those moments were experienced because of basketball, just on that day away from the bright lights of the NBA.

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Nothing says “temporary” about a head coach then for him to fire an assistant coach in late season and then have the owner of the team instead keep that assistant coach on the payroll…sweeping,cleaning windows,whatever. That’s one powerful in your face statement.
    I think the Lacob- Jackson era is on last legs. And Lacob is staying.

  • Howard Benner

    I brought up the possibility that Jackson would not be back earlier in this dysfunctional season.

    Fellow bloggers railed in response.

    But with the Jailblazers faltering, the Mavs & Griz nipping @ the jellyfish’s heels & the Suns, who bring it every single game lurking in the midsts I can see jackson & his insistence this team is a defensive unit (they re an offensive team, & very offensive @ that; to watch) this scenario seems more reality than fiction.

    I certainly don;t wish misfortune upon this team, but their pouty, tinman, entitlement ways & the problems they have had assimiliating ‘Dre Igudola into the lineup (don;t forget what the new role has done to Harrison Barnes’ growth; or, lack thereof), the way Jackson, bereft of having an actual conversation with Andrew Bogut in the aftermath of his shoulder injury; trying to make Bazemore a point guard instead of letting him play wing; motivating this team against substandard comp; & many, many more slip ups. . .

    I’m not even talking about the Yahoo contentions of dysfunctionality amongst the W’s team. . .

    The W’s former assistants had more to do with last season’s success than Jackson. . .that much is obvious. . .

  • Stan

    One thing Howard the local sports media wont mention…Lacob might still be unhappy over hiring Jackson,to only find out his new coach had a stripper on the side and his best friend in the church was a drug dealer. I’m sure Mark didn’t cop to all that in his job interview.

    And then letting Lin just walk away…

  • Howard Benner

    seems Jackson isn’t always the best judge of talent or doesn’t always make the best decisions. . .

    But, Stan, now that you have put that info out there (I completely believe you; Jessie Jackson & MLK Jr. were renowned womanizers & of course so was JFK; Henry Kissinger was renowned for invariably having a couple of “lookers” in tow on social occasions, White House gatherings; power corrupts & ultimate power corrupts ultimately. . .) could you attribute those stories? I would love to have links to peruse these matters in detail. . .

    Besides, as you probably have surmised I don’t hold Jackson in high esteem; just because someone was a good NBA point guard doesn’t necessarily translate into an accompanying HC position. Would you associate an NBA HC gig with, say, Gary Payton? Tim Hardaway? Mo Cheeks hasn’t enjoyed much success. . .