Warriors’ Stephen Curry supports Mark Jackson, hopes input is heard

If Warriors coach Mark Jackson’s future is in question, then star guard Stephen Curry would like to be able to express is opinions with those making that decision as he strongly supports his coach.

“I hope they’d ask, for sure,” Curry said. “I’d give them my honest opinion. Hopefully, that means something. Obviously at the end of the day I’m not the one making decisions, but I have an opinion just as each person does, and hopefully they listen.

“To a certain point, I get my feelings across whenever decisions are being made along the way, and they’ve been great about keeping us in the loop of big-time decisions when it comes to personnel season-to-season and that kind of deal. There’s never been an issue with that.”

As an All-Star and the face of the Warriors, Curry has consistently praised Jackson for the culture and winning that have come at Golden State. It was no different the day after Yahoo Sports reported Jackson had reassigned assistant coach Brian Scalabrine and an “increasingly dysfunctional atmosphere.”

“We’re two years removed from being a terrible team when it comes to getting wins,” Curry said.

“Yeah we’ve lost some winnable games and games we shouldn’t have along the way, but that’s part of the growth process.”

“I support Coach 100 percent…I know everybody in our locker room supports him 100 percent.”

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