Game 73 rewind: Warriors fall to Knicks as bench unit struggled to maintain momentum

OAKLAND — Andrew Bogut walked gingerly around the locker room before the game before disappearing into the training room. David Lee was in street clothes, as the Warriors were far from full strength.

A bench depleted by Jermaine O’Neal being asked to start and play 29 minutes did not come through, letting the Knicks gain second-quarter momentum in an 89-84 loss Sunday.

“I thought our bench came in and didn’t have the same impact,” coach Mark Jackson said. “And even though the game was still close, the tone had been set by that second unit, and it hurt us.”

Marreese Speights entered the lineup and was 2 for 8 from the field. Harrison Barnes continued to struggling, going 2 for 7 from the field while committing two turnovers. Steve Blake was scoreless, missing each of his four shot attempts.

The Warriors led 34-22 in the second quarter. Four minutes later, the score was tied as bench players combined to miss their next six shots.

That was what the Knicks, desperate for a win to stay in playoff contention, needed to get going. The Warriors needed a spark with a patchwork lineup and instead saw their hot start go to waste in a fateful second quarter.

“We got guys that can’t play,” Jackson said. “We got guys that can’t run, so our job is to take care of business until those guys get healthy.”

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Let me use my psychic abilities..first Lacob felt deceived about the stripper,etc.
    And now,Joe tells Mark recently “Maybe you should abandon the wholesale removal of the starters…mix it up”…And then Mark -once again- blows an easy win by letting the Washington Generals, aka Warrior’s second team,represent the Warriors on court.

    And Bogut? His answer to Jackson about being soft..is too take off for any excuse no matter how important the game. Once he signed the big contract,the big Euc isn’t busting anything with hustle. And he -Andres like- gave up on being an offensive force. How can you be an everyday NBA player,and not want to shoot the ball??.