Game 75 rewind: Warriors’ Mark Jackson and Spurs’ Gregg Popovich full of praise for each other

SAN ANTONIO — The Warriors’ Mark Jackson and the Spurs’ Gregg Popovich shared a long moment after San Antonio administered a 111-90 beatdown of a short-handed Golden State team.

Jackson declined to share what was said, but it’s clear that there is mutual respect between the two coaches. San Antonio won its 19th straight game and has the NBA’s best record, with Jackson consistently praising the Spurs as the standard.

Popovich said before the game he was flattered by Jackson’s comments and in turn had kind words for the Warriors, who the Spurs defeated in the Western Conference semifinals last season.

“Since Mark has gotten there, they’ve certainly taken a jump and done very well and improved year after year, so it’s a matter of getting an opportunity and then sticking with it and having a group around you that can share a vision and has patience to get it done.

“And we’ve been fortunate to have great synergy between ownership and management and coaching for quite a while, and that creates an environment for players that allows them to be more successful. That’s really what’s gone well for us.”

San Antonio swept the season series, sending Golden State a strong message that it has a ways to go before reaching the Spurs’ level. Jackson believes it’s a process, and San Antonio is a fine model for how the Warriors want to get there. The two teams could still meet in the postseason.

“I’ve just got a tremendous amount of respect for him, and he’s been an all-time great coach,” Jackson said of Popovich.

“Letting him know the respect and appreciation, and we wish him the best moving forward.”

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Well,that takes a lot of the pressure off of being swept-praising the other teams coach as a living NBA god. Going into the game,the team was conceding. What Jackson said after the game of a split being almost as good as a Texas sweep sort of gave the mindset.
    If San Antone had beat this team mano e mano,-fine. But the team just floated around..let Manu cut between them at will…Curry even watched.
    When even the head coach gives up before the start of the game..I can see why Lacob is not gifting Jackson. If you are a gambler..the Warriors must be as predictable as they come.

  • flaninerfan

    Yes it is a process. However it appears that nobody knows what our process is right now.

  • Howard Benner

    Re-processed process. . .on the fly. . .

  • Howard Benner

    This is the true nature of the spineless jellyfish formerly known as the GS Warriors. . .the anti warriors. . .leaderless, floundering, rudderless, no direction, pouty little babies. . .

  • rio kid

    wow fellas…the Spurs have won 19 games in a row..I think it was a smart move to throw in the towel early..

  • Stan

    Today,Lee was quoted about his injury “Its not like a bone bruise that you can play through”. Of course Bogut missed how many games on those now? I think even teamates arent buying Bogut’s many missed game excuses. Neither is the coach. And..did you notice unlike Lee,Bogut wasnt at the game vs old San Antone? Or did I miss his 7’ness?

  • Jeff T

    What are you getting at? Bogut stayed in the Bay for treatment; there was no way he was going to play in TX.

  • Stan

    No way Lee was going to play..and he was there rooting on the bench. Treatment? Take 2 Tylenol every six hours-lol?
    I gave you a quote “Its not like a bone bruise that you can play through”. What does that sound like? I notice the Warrior media like Comcast and Yahoo aren’t reporting that. Too controversial. They like to wait until some other outfit does…