Game 78 rewind: Warriors get ‘Mozgoved’ by Nuggets in 100-99 loss

OAKLAND — To get “Mozgoved” is to be on the wrong end of a crazy dunk.

Denver’s Timofey Mozgov had that term coined after Blake Griffin dunked all over him one time, and really to get “Mozgoved” is really to get embarrassed by opponent.

Mozgov on Thursday served to pound the Warriors not with one dunk, but again and again as he matched a career high 23 points and racked up a career-high 29 rebounds to help hand Golden State an embarrassing 100-99 loss.

The Warriors had a chance to clinch a playoff berth and instead fell to an injury-plagued Nuggets team that used eight players to dominate the glass.

“We just didn’t put them away when we could,” said coach Mark Jackson, whose team blew a 20-point lead.

“We’ve got to do a better job of taking care of business.”

The loss was just another on a long list of home setbacks to subpar teams this season. If co-owner Joe Lacob thought some of those earlier losses were “disturbing,” this one couldn’t have made him feel any better about the state of affairs.

Oracle Arena was ready to explode with a win, and instead, Golden State came out of the contest having reminded everyone how despite their achievement of a fine record that hasn’t been seen here in a long time, there continue to be troubling signs about this team.

“I’m not concerned,” Jackson said. “I think it’s part of the process.”

The problem is, the inconsistent Warriors apparently had one more of these kinds of bad losses in them even after constant reminders that they needed to be better than that.

In this game, Mozgov of all people came through with a big performance just to add another log to the fire. He had 29 rebounds all by himself. The Warriors as a team had 38. That’s not going to get it done.

Diamond Leung

  • PX

    Steve Kerr will be the coach next year, i think Lacob has seen enough.

  • Commish

    Of one thing we can be assured: the Warriors are capable of winning or losing any particular game

  • Commish

    I bet Phil Jackson already has sewn him up. Good for New York and bad for us.

  • Grey Warden

    That “Killer D Lineup” got owned in every which way last night.

  • Stan

    See,this is what drives people nuts. The Warriors had a 20 point lead,and Jackson put in his second line wholesale. It became a 5 point lead. After the game,Jackson sounded like that bad strategy that has failed all year had nothing to do with it. And not a single reporter ever asks him why he doesn’t see the connection? Just more weird press enabling.

    Point two- Bogut is like Lurch out there…doesn’t jump,doesn’t set picks. One drive to the basket by Curry would have been an easy layup if Bogut has left his man to help..the replay showed Bogut just stood and watched Curry miss when a defender caught up. and Boguts 4 points even got to Jackson,who pulled him out for much of the game.
    Somethings up with Bogut and Jackson..and maybe Lee and Bogut. The comments aren’t good,the body language and effort are really bad. No wonder Lacob is fuming in a winning year.

  • Stan

    Keep an eye on Bogut when he hits the “do nothings”. He doesn’t jump..he reaches for rebounds. You saw how that hurt late in the game when he had a rebound taken away by the Nugget with the plucked eyebrows and long hair. He’s another Bruce Jenner…