Game 82 rewind: Warriors coach Mark Jackson emphasizes that ‘it’s been an awesome year’

DENVER — Warriors coach Mark Jackson rattled off the team’s list of achievements after a win against Denver gave them 51 victories to finish the regular season.

The 51 wins tied for the third-most in franchise history.

The team finished 20 games over .500, doing so for the first time since the 1991-92 season.

The 24 road victories this season tied a franchise record.

“It’s an incredible group, and it’s been an awesome year,” Jackson said. “It’s been an awesome year. I’ll say it again, it’s been an awesome year.

“It’s an awesome accomplishment. Like we said, we’re not done. But we’re going to celebrate every step of the way.”

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

The road ahead appears difficult with the Warriors facing a No. 3-seeded Los Angeles Clippers team that presents a great challenge with no Andrew Bogut available due to injury.

But Jackson will cherish this team.

Even hours before the win at shootaround, he grew emotional in discussing how his players had gathered around him for a group hug after win No. 50.

“I love these guys. It means a lot, and it shows that we’re tied-together team,” Jackson said.

“It’s ministry to me to come here and impact guys, and for them to show that type of love and support means a lot. There’s still work to be done. I’m sure one day I’ll sit down and even when I’m home, you get emotional about it because it’s special. It’s special, and I don’t take it for granted.”

Jackson said such displays were unnecessary.

“They make a statement by the way they play. They make a statement by the way they defend, the way they’re unselfish, the way they’re professional, the way there’s no issues. That’s the loudest statement that they can make.”

Diamond Leung

  • DaveF

    Saw the game live in Denver last night. With Thompson being the only starter who played at all, it looked like a pickup game. Someone tell Speights to stop hoisting 20 footers, he never makes them.

  • Stan

    Great year Warriors,congrats!…After all those years of Nelson tearing down good teams,Cohan,small ball,horrible trades,idiotic draft picks (we could have had Kobe) and the hopelessness with hate of every nut and bolt of a team that actually used to be something special in the 1970’s… great years.
    I like winning. Congrats!

  • Stan

    And congrats to the Warriors for bringing back Jim Barnett.

  • Richard Woulfe

    These rumblings of Jackson being on “hot seat” are ridiculous, he did a great job all year long – 51 win’s – third best in franchise history! I’ve been a Warrior fan since 1966 – experienced a lot of losing seasons, seen a lot of crummy coaches come and go – Warriors have got a winner in Mark Jackson. He, along with Lacop and West and Bobby Meyer – have brought Warriors out of the wilderness – made us a competitive playoff caliber team – a team NBA free-agent players want to play for. I think Joe Lacop should ink Jackson to a long term deal, before some other NBA team – a team that can’t play defense (hello half the NBA) zero’s in on him .