Clippers coach Doc Rivers responds to Klay Thompson, muses Blake Griffin should ‘flop on’

PLAYA VISTA — Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers responded Friday to comments on the radio Warriors guard Klay Thompson made about the Clippers’ Blake Griffin flopping.

“That’s Klay’s opinion,” Rivers said Friday. “I don’t really care, honestly. I just keep looking at what Blake’s done, so if he’s flopping, keep doing it because those numbers look awful good to me. So flop on. That’s the way I look at it. Whatever he’s done this year, I want him to keep doing exactly that.

“I think what’s happening is Blake’s kicking a lot of people’s butt, and they need something to say about him.”

Here’s what Thompson told 95.7 The Game on Wednesday:

“He flops a little bit,” Thompson told 95.7 The Game. “He flails his arms around, so you might catch a random elbow or something, and that doesn’t rub off too well on guys, you know?

“He’s kind of like a bull in a china shop, kind of out of control sometimes. And then you just do see him flop sometimes. Like how can a guy that big and strong flop that much? So yeah, I can see how he can get under people’s skin and be frustrating to play against.”

Diamond Leung

  • Grey Warden

    Anybody see Blake Griffin, when he fouled out, throw that cup of liquid behind him onto the two Warriors fans sitting courtside? They should press charges and get some money from him!

  • Stan

    The Warriors OWN Griffin. He knows it too. Water,Fouls..all frustration ’cause he’s owned big time.

  • Dave

    Tim K is a loser.

  • Dave

    David Lee is a winner.