Warriors comeback too little, too late in Game 3 against Clippers

OAKLAND — The Clippers led by three points with just under four minutes left when a wide-open Klay Thompson let one fly.


“That was back rim,” Thompson said. “Good backspin, that felt great. I even was walking back like I made it. When it leaves your hand, it felt great. That one hurt.”

Warriors coach Mark Jackson noted the moment as well and said the team got some “great looks” against the Clippers.

The only problem was, the Warriors missed too many of them. They were 6 for 31 from 3-point range. Thompson was 2 for 11 from beyond the arc while scoring 26 points. And with Stephen Curry being chased around by defenders and looking for his supporting cast to come through, the shots just weren’t falling for his teammates.

Inside, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan were dominating, so there wasn’t much to be had there without Andrew Bogut. The Warriors needed to shoot their way back into the game, which they did with three Curry 3-pointers in the fourth quarter.

But getting into an 18-point deficit against the No. 3-seeded Clippers was not ideal conditions for a comeback, and in the end, it was too little, too late.

Diamond Leung

  • Dave

    Mark Jackson made David Lee sit out too long. The NBA homepage said they waited too long in the 3rd to take out Lee. When Lee was replaced they were within 9 points. A few minutes after Lee was taken out they were down 18. Then when they finally put Lee back in again, down by 11. A couple minutes later, a couple fould shots, a made tip shot by Lee and a 3 by Curry by way of an assist by Lee brought them within 4. The problem was not Lee being in too long, it was Lee sitting out too long. Wake up nba.com!

  • Dave

    The small ball lineup w/o Lee that nba is heradling: Lee goes out 3 minutes into the 3rd, within 9. At the half down by 2, but 3 minutes into the 3rd down by 9, but that baloons to being down by 18 with Barnes and Green. Going down by 18 is flourishing? The also fail to mention that they only made the real comeback when Lee got back in, they were down 11. Then a Lee tip and Lee assist that brought them back in the game within 4.

  • Grey Warden

    Well, according to TK, it’s all David Lee’s fault. He couldn’t guard Blake Griffin, and that Griffin couldn’t score a SINGLE! point against the savior, Draymond Green!

  • Grey Warden

    All sarcasm aside, Griffin’s going to get his points regardless. Even if Bogut was on him, Griffin would still get 20+ pts a game. Griffin has grown by leaps and bounds; Bogut wouldn’t be able to stop him, nor would DGreen.

    The real key is to contain CP3. Get him in foul trouble and Warriors have a chance to win. This frees up Curry to shoot, and opens up the pick and roll, which isn’t working that well with CP3’s psychic abilities to know when Curry is going to pass (and resulting in a TO). It also reduces the amount of free dunks made by Jordan and Griffin.

  • Stan

    First,was Bogut at the game? And this game was why Lacob will be after a new coach. EVERYBODY complained about the “strategy” of second team in all at the same time just kills the team. They are second for a reason.
    And..the last shot play call? As usual,no opening. NOW,say we don’t need those assistant coaches…

  • Dave

    They were down by 2 at the half and then 9, when Lee went out. Then when the Saviors, Green and Barnes were together, they went down by 18. That’s what lost the game right there, TK.