Warriors coaching candidate Steve Kerr’s agent mentions ‘other openings’ besides Knicks

Minutes before the Warriors announced the firing of Mark Jackson, the agent for one of the candidates to replace him alluded to possible interest in the opening.

TNT broadcaster Steve Kerr is considering a move to coaching, and his agent, Mike Tannenbaum, told WFAN on Tuesday that that other teams besides New York could interest the five-time NBA champion.

“Obviously there’s interest (in the Knicks), and he has a very unique relationship with Phil Jackson, and you know we’ll see what happens,” Tannenbaum said of the Knicks president who coached Kerr while with Chicago.

“He’s been broadcasting for a while. You know there could be some other openings, so we’ll see where things go.

Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob said later Tuesday that his friend Kerr could be interviewed for the job.

“I’ve known him for 20 years,” Lacob said. “I think very highly of him as an individual — a great human being as well as a great basketball mind, I believe, and a great pedigree.”

Tannenbaum said Kerr hasn’t yet made the decision when he will begin coaching, but that the San Diego resident has done what it takes to be successful despite the lack of experience.

“He will coach,” Tannenbaum said. “I don’t know when. It could be in the next three weeks. It could be in the next three years, but when we started working together last year, one of the charges he gave me was to get him ready.

“On his own dime, he flew across the country and spent time with coach (Bill) Parcells in Saratoga, N.Y. and asked him all those hard questions on what it was like coaching, and he spent a ton of time with the Lute Olsons of the world and the Gregg Popovichs and the R.C. Bufords.”

Diamond Leung

  • AlOha44

    Seriously? He’s asking Bill Parcells how to coach?

    Get a REAL basketball Coach in here, Joe.
    Interview Fred Hoiberg, today!

  • Grey Warden

    Lacob wants a “yes man” coach. Steve Kerr sounds like the perfect guy for him.

  • DGL510

    If joe blows this. Itll be worse than Cohen, because it was his decisions and not pocket that ruined the Warriors. Not to mention ego. He’s starting to look like the jerry jones of basketball.

  • Dave

    The End of Mark Jackson and a New Beginning for the Warriors

  • dgb

    Another part of a decade, same ole Dubs ownerships. It’s an incredibly cruel joke for b-ball fans of the bay. Think I’ll retire from following hoops (and pucks for that matter). At least baseball never changes, and there’s football.

  • Dave

    “Gods, Devils and Dysfunction: The Truth About Mark Jackson”:

  • Dave
  • Commish

    I was a person who felt Jackson should be replaced. Now a lot more information is coming forth about the “why”. Basically Jackson had to be fired because he was far too independent of the ownership and too stubborn to change in the areas where he was less than strong. I remember how hated Labob was when he traded Monta. Anyone remember that? And that horrible night to honor Mullie when Lacob was booed off the court. However, Monta also had to be traded to make room for Steph to grow into who is today. Trading Monta was the right thing to do, just as firing Jackson was the right thing to do. We can only hope, and time will tell, if it works out as well as Steph did.

  • Howard Benner

    I completely agree with you, commish. As far back as December I lobbied for Jackson’s exodus & haven’t wavered since then.

    The fact the W’s underperformed so alarmingly this year; home losses to the Cadavers & Knicks, the two letdowns to the talent depleted Spurs @ HOME; the one point loss to the Nuggets while squandering a 20 point lead; the loss to the Deron Williams less Nets in Brooklyn & varied & assorted closer than they should have been affairs against the Bucks, Celts, etc. . .

    This team was weak minded, entitlement driven, impetuous, immature, lacked toughness. . .Jackson’s insistence that this was a defensive minded team was the biggest mirage since PDitty’s appearence during a Fiat commercial. . .

    Now is the time for the W’s to realize that NBA growth is measured by progressing; not digressing. . .by finishing @ least fourth, possessing a first round home court advantage would have embraced the requisite growth. However, their inconsistent performance did not reflect the requisite growth. The W’s had to win a first round series & hopefully turn the tables on their second round foe to realize a measure of improvement. Obviously that didn’t take place. they were leapfrogged develpement wise by the Trailblazers, suns & Mavericks this past season. with the suns wealth of first round selections in the upcoming 2014 NBA entrance draft, allowing for a myriad of trade possibilities & the ‘Blazers considerable upside & more consistent play both squads should improve further next season. The W’s? Following a decidedly large step backwards in 2013-14, with David Lee still on the roster like Andreis Bedrins, his albatross of a contract impeding future growth, what is to become of the W’s in the near future? Hiring Steve Kerr will definitely offer a step in the right direction. . .