Warriors coaching candidate Stan Van Gundy believes synergy with front office is the key

Stan Van Gundy likes the talent on the Warriors’ roster. He grew up a Warriors fan and appreciates that the fan base in one of the best. He went to high school in Martinez and recognizes the attractiveness of living in the Bay Area.

But the biggest factor for Van Gundy is going to be synergy with ownership and management, something he recognized was not there for Mark Jackson, who was fired last week.

“There are some real positives,” Van Gundy said on NBC Radio last week about the Warriors coaching job. “They’re going to have a lot of very good people interested, but it’s a matter of fit I think from both sides. And I think that’s what’s key in coaching jobs.

“It’s not going to work if there’s not some common ground on philosophy, on the culture you want around the team, on the way things are going to be done, and clearly that was the problem in Golden State. They were not on the same page with Mark. Mark was effective, very effective in the way he did things, but it didn’t meet the way their front office wanted it done. They’re going to have to find that fit.”

Many believe Van Gundy was forced to resign from his head coaching job at Miami midseason in 2005 so that his general manager, Pat Riley, could take over and go on to win the NBA championship with that team.

Van Gundy, who cited a need to spend more time with family when he resigned, now might want to get back into coaching if the situation is right. And the right fit might come down to how he gets along with Joe Lacob and Bob Myers rather than the attractiveness of coaching Stephen Curry and company.

“I look at jobs a little bit differently I think than even most coaches out there,” Van Gundy told The Dan Patrick Show earlier this month. “The roster really is not of much concern to me. I think jobs — probably not just coaching jobs, but that’s all I know, probably jobs in any industry — I think it all comes down to who you’re working for and who you’re working with.

“If you go in somewhere and you’re on the same page, you have similar core values, similar philosophy to your front office, to your boss, then I think that is a really good job regardless of the roster. You could go in somewhere that has a great roster, but where you’re going to be at odds with your front office because you don’t agree with the way they do things, that to me is a bad job.”

Diamond Leung

  • Son of Ahmed

    He is saying the right thing, that is for sure. Lacob has stressed from the moment he purchased the team that he operates in a culture of collaboration. This was the culture at the Celtics when he was a minority owner, and he has done that here.

    If Van Gundy impresses with his outlook and vision, could be a good fit.

  • wil

    To me, the best case scenario would be one of two choices: Interview SVG and Lionel Hollins and hire both of them, let the whole team vote on who the head coach should be and the second runner up to be the assistant coach, because they are both great. My second choice would be to hire Lionel Hollins, but if not, oh wait! there is a third choice, hire either one of them, I’m good with either choice.

  • BAFan

    Looks like he knows how to manage up!

  • Twinkie defense

    Sure he doesn’t care about the roster – maybe that was when he didn’t realize a gig with a 50-win team might open!

  • Stan

    It looks like Lacob called all his cards in on local media. Not one has said he made a mistake or this team will not equal the last two years. Getting in comments on Lacob isn’t even that easy.

  • Stan

    He’s saying all the things he needs to say to be hired. But,didn’t Dwight Howard and SVG hate each other?
    He has his baggage too.

  • afannaz

    in that case, once van gundy feels that abrasive lacob energy, he may just head for the hills. lacob’s reputation precedes him, at this point. all that being said, i hope van gundy is the next Warriors head coach.

  • Commish

    I’m all in for Van Gundy. I know this is nitpicking, but Jackson’s lack of emotion on the sidelines really irritated the hell out of me. Even when Curry was getting bounced around by the Clippers there he was, hands behind his back, being his stoic self. That is NOT who Van Gundy is. It will be fun to watch him coach.

  • sludge

    who has Dwight Howard actually gotten along with?

  • Grey Warden

    No surprise SVG would rather go to Detroit than coach the Warriors. Lacob might as well take over head coaching duties while he’s at it.

    It’s almost the same as the Oakland Chief of Police job. High turnover rate because the mayor loves to meddle in their affairs.

    Despite all of this, there will eventually be a replacement head coach who will also be Lacob’s puppet. “Yes men” will always have a job in Lacob’s company.

  • Stan

    ..and then SVG listened to Lacob and Meyers. “The hell with synergy,I want full control!”

  • 808Oahu

    Too bad Doc!
    Stop complaining.
    Now you know what the dubs go through with officiating.

  • 808Oahu

    Great point Chuck!
    Great point!

  • Howard Benner

    If the dubs didn’t insist in playing defense with their hands & not their feet, as any successful legitimate defense first team (which this team will never be. . .David Lee? For all his all world shooting skills, Seph Curry? Steve Blake? Crawford? Speights? ) When last year’s coaching staff effectively received promotions to other teams the W’s woefully digressed.

    It was the W’s maddening propensity to go through the motions against inferior comp; their relatively simple offensive concepts were easy to game plan for. When the Nuggets beat the W’s in a late season matchup @ oracle HC Brian Shaw was miked & told his team the W’s (jellyfish?) lacked toughness & to attack!

    This tired insistence that all that went wrong with the W’s this year were due to “bad reffing” misses the obvious point; if the W’s had consistently played like professionals, respecting each & every opponent (even the media often gave the W’s a pass; often made excuses &, in the guise of this blog often didn’t even comment on W’s losses. . that’s objectivity for ya! Ha!) they would have beaten the Cadavers, the Knicks, the Nuggets, beaten the Spurs sans Duncan, Parker & Ginobli, TWICE, beaten the Nets sans Deron Williams in Brooklyn (this just in; in both the Nets & Nuggets games the W’ss tormed out to 20 point leads, only to relinquish the leasd, momentum & the toughness to retake what should have rightfully been theis; victory over outmanned teams!). . right are six wins right there! Oh, & the meltdown in Phoeix, the most improved team in the league this year (next year they will win 55 games!), the no shows in Chicago & Charlotte. . .plus the narrow wins @ home against the Celts & the Bucks.

    The Oracle faithful is arguably the loudest crowd in the NBA; they show each & every night; they deserve better than a team will upper echelon talent losing 14 home games. . .so glad they fired Jackson; I called for his ouster as early as mid December. I was hoping they would somehow land Steve Kerr, which they did. Let’s see what a difference he can make for the W’s going forward. ..

  • Howard Benner

    Do you consider Steve Kerr a puppet? @ $5 mil per? does Phin Jax consider Steve Kerr a puppet? Get real, man. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Dwight Howard?!

  • Howard Benner

    I have been calling for jax ouster since mid December’ Many thought I was over reacting. he runs the simplest offense in the league. . .perhaps to coddle Curry’s point guard development. It made it easy for lesser teams to game plan for the W’s. . .

    The W’s losing Malone led to a significant digression of the W’s coaching staff. . .they never recovered. The meltdown of the W’s assistants was testamony to the fact.

    I have been on board with hiring Steve Kerr. . .now let’s see what further steps teh W’s make to get to the next level; a fourth seed, @ least in the first round of the 2014-15 NBA Western Conference Playoffs. . .but David Lee will probably still be back. . .albatross. . .

  • sludge

    ha.. so true.

  • Howard Benner

    It’s almost like a despotic regime; if you speak out against the W’s hierarchy you are banned from the usual media access/events. . .seems to le less speculation of the W’s since they have enjoyed a modicum of relative success; as you know there is only one successful team per year in any given sport; the ultimate champ!

  • Howard Benner

    A 50 win season is merely a mirage; gives one the self inflated sense of success. . .the W’s should have won @ least six more games, assuring themselves of a first round home court advantage; thus “evolution. . .”

    Instead a team that finished in the same seeding position as the year before couldn’t ‘sneak up” on an unsuspecting Denver Nugget squad who had just lost their stretch four power forward to an ACL injury he still has yet to sufficienty recover from. . .I think the clips were ready for the W’s. . .

    Given Mark Jax’s simplistic offensive approach this allowed the opposition to successfully game plan against the W’s. Oh, the unmistakeable “sound byte” from the Nuggets/W’s tilt @ the Oracle? Brian, shaw, Denver HC proclaiming how soft the W’s are?!

  • Howard Benner

    The mercury News’ penny pinching ways still resonate through this blog; nothing on the Steve Kerr signing & nothing on reports that Kevin Love is leaning towards the W’s & Bulls as his desired destinations. . .

    Of course this means nothing as the W’s don’t possess quite the resources other association member clubs have; the Suns myriad draft choices in the upcoming draft, the Lake Show’s & the Knicks’ lottery picks. . .but if the ‘Wolves strategy is to wait until the last moment until pulling the trigger (2015 trade deadline?) the W’s package of David Lee, Harrison Barnes & the W’s 2015 first round choice could prove tempting. . .

    However, I expect the W’s to @ least broach the subject of upgrading their 4 spot; perhaps a three team deal to obtain Greg Monroe, who ironically was almost drafted by the W’s or my preference, somehow entice the Hawks into dealing Al Horford. . .that would be a great choice, immediately (depending on the shape of Horford’s surgically repaired shoulder, which of course is his second go around in this scenario) improving the W’s interior defense, rebounding & post game. . .

  • Stan

    Kerr was hired Diamond. I read it in all the papers!
    You might update.