Warriors honored by SportsBusiness Journal/Daily as ‘Sports Team of the Year’

The Warriors were named “Sports Team of the Year” by the SportsBusiness Journal/Daily, earning recognition for excellence and outstanding achievement in the business of sports.

“We have an incredible group of talented and committed employees and are looking forward to continuing to grow as an organization as one of the top franchises in all of sports,” said Warriors president Rick Welts, who accepted the award in New York.

The Warriors forged ahead with plans for a new arena in San Francisco and have a season-ticket waiting list of more than 5,000.

“Long one of the NBA’s most moribund franchises, the Warriors are now widely seen as a progressive thought leader driving best practices around the sport in areas such as social media, ticketing and digital content,” SportsBusiness Journal staff writer Eric Fisher wrote.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver tweeted out his congratulations to co-owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, who tweeted that the award was “quite an accolade.”

“Not possible w/out having the best fans in the NBA!” the Warriors tweeted.

The Boston Red Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Portland Timbers, Seattle Seahawks and U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association were the other nominees.

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Diamond,whatever help you need to blog and have Tim Kawakami fired and you take his spot,I will do. Bay area fans are sick and tired of Kawakami’s thin skin and irresponsible shirking of allowing opposing opinions. He owns NOTHING. Not this paper that I PAY FOR,or the internet I PAY FOR.
    I think its time he gets the boot..I’m serious. Very. We dont want that kind of people in the public here in the bay area. He can go back and write for the student paper at Northwesterncorn college.

  • Stan

    Diamond,I will take you out of the rough!

  • Stan

    And thanks Feather river Dan for the compliments on Kawakami’s blog. He of course deleted them.
    I must say, Kawakami like Radnich is a bit unstable huh? One is far too insecure and the other far too sensitive..like he was bullied as a kid. This whole social media interaction revolution began far after they both of course started in the media. And neither seems to cope well with the instant public opinion. Both,really got in as the golden age of local sportswriters and knbr hosts was ending. They are the nadir of hanger ons.
    Time for a change to Diamond and his youth. He doesn’t seem to fear “comments”.

  • Howard Benner

    I think the W’s need to think Nick Young & Jonas Jerebko. . .

    Young should be a hot commodity & thus might be priced out of the W’s reach. However, if the W’s can land Kevin Love & entice Shaun Livingston into becoming a Warrior this would solidify their bench & allow the W’s to be arguably the most effective “small ball” lineup in the league.

    Jerebko is a poor man’s AK-47, a player I lobbied for last year. Many W’s bloggers misidentified his skill set; many think of him exclusively as a small forward, whereas he is one of the most versatile players in the league, able to “d-up” against fours through ones & is a great distributor of the ball.

    Having said that Jerebko offers the defensive aspect of that description. He is a bit of an offensive liability but is a solid team oriented player & would be an upgrade over Speights. . .

  • Stan

    I thought it was telling that today Greg Papa on thegame said “Mark Jackson was disingenuous”..and yet not two minutes earlier Papa said ” I didn’t know him well”
    Thats just plain Joe Lacob propaganda machine tripe.

    How many times,and in how many varieties, can the media say Kerr is a nice guy? Great,he has no nudie photos on his computer..but what does that have to do with being a good coach? Nothing at all.

  • Stan

    The media has NOTHING to say about his coaching because Kerr hasnt coached even a single game,he’s a complete unknown that way. SO all this childish odes to his personality by grown men is embarrassing to read..because its said seriously.

    Mark Jackson won. THAT’S COACHING.

  • Stan

    I heard David Lee in an interview..ironic that the twerp known as Kawakami badgers the guy over and over..and yet Lee has been a steady and of good character. But the little twerp still has the vendetta. Go figure.