Warriors’ Andrew Bogut to work on ‘confidence on offense’ after rehabbing rib, shoulder injuries

Warriors center Andrew Bogut not only wants to his body to heal, but also this offseason is looking to work on his “confidence on offense,” he told Believe The Hype last week.

“I’ve kind of taken a backseat offensively the last couple years, and that’s not a bad thing because we do have two of the best shooters in the league that are great scorers,” Bogut said, “So I’d like to get that back. I think I can do a little more offensively, but if my team needs me to play D and rebound, I’ll do that.”

Bogut has averaged 6.8 points in playing 99 games over two seasons with the Warriors after averaging 12.7 points in seven seasons with Milwaukee. This past season he led the team averaging 10 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game, finishing 10th in the voting for the NBA’s defensive player of the year award.

Bogut missed the playoffs while recovering from a fractured rib and said he expected to have it scanned again next week. He also said he needs to rehab bursitis in his shoulder.

Bogut said he had spoken over the phone with Steve Kerr and that the new Warriors coach also sent him an email about trying to fly out to Australia soon to meet with big man in person.

“That’s always a good sign,” Bogut said. “He seems like a very knowledgeable guy. Obviously, he’s a very, very good commentator. You can tell he’s got a high IQ just by listening to his games. But obviously the question that everyone’s asking is the coaching experience thing.

“But I don’t see him as having a huge ego or anything like that, so I think he’ll probably hire some assistants that can definitely help him carry the load in his first year as a coach, and I think he’ll be great for us.”

Diamond Leung

  • Jeff T

    “But I don’t see him as having a huge ego or anything like that, so I
    think he’ll probably hire some assistants that can definitely help him
    carry the load in his first year as a coach, and I think he’ll be great
    for us.”

    Takeaway is SOMEONE had an ego. I wonder who that was…:P

  • Stan

    So Bogut,who sat out two weeks for a “bone bruise” is now happy he can miss another half a season for a coach who wont call him down on his excuses? Who’s Kerr,the wimpy substitute teacher?
    All of you who bich and moan about ego and strategy..always leave out 100 wins and two playoffs in two years. You sound like Lord Fauntleroys,Miss Manners types.
    Mark Jackson won,didn’t cheat. That’s what the job is.
    I’m not impressed with Bogut anymore. He begged off some big games for the team over some kind of nightmare he had from too much pizza. He’s both fragile and malingerer.
    But like he said..being 7′ means the NBA cant give you enough money…you can print all you want if you need more. THAT’S the attitude he has that now comes through. Like an Australian Beidrich.

  • Stan

    Or another way of looking at this…Jackson won 100 games..gets fired. Stan Van Gundy was hot for the job until meeting Lacob and son. He then said no. Kerr,Doesn’t seem as much a winner for the job now, as much as he was the last candidate standing with all his teeth.

  • Twinkie defense

    Stan, you are such a Mark Jackson tool. Bogut says he thinks Kerr will be great, why can’t you celebrate that?

  • Twinkie defense

    Bogut was #10, I believe, in DPOY voting – 10th most important defensive player in the League. Maybe you prefer the days when Warriors has no centers and no defenders…

  • Total Package

    “But I don’t see him as having a huge ego or anything like that, so I think he’ll probably hire some assistants that can definitely help him”

    haha Boges. Yup unlike Mark Jackson who had an ego the size of Jupiter and hired yes men as assistants… and if they weren’t they were moved on.

  • Stan

    Mark my words-so to speak-…Joe Lacob and Kerr are of the mind that Jackson is now history,and forgotten.
    I want to see next season if the players will feel the same way.

  • Grey Warden

    “Yup unlike Mark Jackson who had an ego the size of Jupiter and hired yes men as assistants… and if they weren’t they were moved on.”

    Sounds exactly like Joe Lacob! What a small world after all!

  • Stan

    Not to talk down to you guys,but I’ve been around the corporate types. When I read Kerr played golf with Lacob + Jackson fired despite doing a great job?..I knew that feeling.
    Hey- I give you all this, Jackson owns the team and great coach Lacob is fired?…but THATS NOT the way it is?. I’m going by how things are NOW in the corporate world.
    I should have worn Abercromby and Fitch too. Not Walmart. Now,I know…

  • thewarriorsrule

    lol i thought the same thing when i read that. bogut is a smart guy. i knew there was friction between the two when jackson said that he got injured “during his sleep” this season. but bogut won’t say it outright.

    jackson was all about EGO! i am soooo glad to see him finally go, been hating on his sub patterns ever since ezeli in his first year. VERY excited about kerr’s spacing offense and taking this team to the next level.

    go warriors!

  • thewarriorsrule


  • thewarriorsrule

    agree x2

  • Twinkie defense

    Mark Jackson didn’t do a great job, get over it. That’s why he has to do TV commentating now instead of coaching. Steph Curry likes to play golf, too, so what? If your idea of a great job is getting beat by 40 and kicked out of the first round of the playoffs (when Mark Jackson himself is calling this a Championship-caliber squad) maybe that and not Walmart clothes is what got you the boot – underachieving goals.

  • Twinkie defense

    Warriors will win more games next season and Mark Jackson will be long forgotten – maybe he can commentate on the Warriors playoff run next year.

  • Twinkie defense

    Bogut on Kerr: “You can tell he’s got a high IQ.” Hmm, why the need to point that out? ; )

  • Frozzy9

    SVG was using the Warriors as leverage.
    I like SVG as a coach but I wouldn’t want him to take Myers’ job either….

  • thewarriorsrule

    i’m surprised you question bogut’s toughness. dude throws his body around 10x times a day, draws charges well, and puts his body and health on the line too many times to count. if anything, too much because it can bring injury during a critical time like the playoffs for example and unfortunately. i have no doubt bogut wanted to play. but if you ever had a fractured rib (esp from the likes of z-bo and gasol), you would understand it’s pretty devastating and can kill you (can puncture a critical lung).

    why do you attribute the 100 wins to jackson? what about curry, klay, bogut, iggy, the roster that lacob and myers put together? why does jackson get all the credit? i think if we had any other coach, we could have also got 100 wins. and i think if we had kerr the last 2 years, we could have also even gotten more than 110 wins.

  • thewarriorsrule

    kerr was actually lacob’s first choice, but then he thought he wasn’t going to get him because of kerr’s connection with phil jackson in ny. then after that he pursued SVG, but SVG wanted more power, like president of the team (i don’t blame him after how he was ousted in miami). lacob already had a president here, so it didn’t make sense. suddenly detroit was willing to give SVG all that he wanted. seeing that the warriors didn’t really have a 3rd strong choice that they wanted, they made a hard push for kerr to not go to ny.

  • thewarriorsrule

    haha you nailed it right on

  • thewarriorsrule

    because mark jackson had the ego the size of jupiter, and the iq of pluto, lol

  • thewarriorsrule

    mark who?

  • thewarriorsrule

    haha yup

  • Stan

    The first coach in 20 years to get the Warriors to back to back playoffs..10 game win streak, Curry and Lee all star games. He didnt seem to hold back the good players.
    I’m not even sure how you can say “not a great job”..where have YOU been the last 20 years? When Cowens was coach,Carlisimo, ST Jean,..just crap after crap failures.
    I bet you think Obama was mildly successful in life too?
    Me? Oh no,corporations VALUE talented people of color employees. Like hip Google…
    And in case your wondering.. I was the best that company ever had doing that job. I should never have turned down lunches at the yacht club…

  • rioderek

    Stan you’re debating clueless nitwits on this blog. Some of these followers will accept anything and later make excuses, when they’re proven wrong and generally stupid. They’re generally couch potatoes with moronic opinions. Some of these lifeless guys patrol this site as if they’re being paid by Lacob.

  • xraided

    you’re the nitwit if you think you know more than a NBA GM, especially since he’s the one that put together this team and will continue to make it better this off season.

    Mark Jackson depended on Curry and the superstar made him look better than he really is. everyone seems to know this but you

    winning solves everything and this team is not going to regress because of a coaching change

  • xraided

    Bogut puts this team in the top 3 defense for the year even only playing 3/4 of the season… he makes a much bigger difference and when he plays even more games this year… you will see how clueless Mark Jackson really was coaching either side of the ball.

    he’s a preacher and a commentator … not a HC

    looking for further proof? no coach hungry team is even sniffing his way. nuff said

  • rioderek

    Thanks for proving my point.

  • Twinkie defense

    Who’s cheering on Cowens, Carlesimo, and St. Jean? But if those guys had all of the talent at their disposal that Mark Jackson did, I would have expected them to win a lot more games. When your best player is Latrell Sprewell it’s a little tougher.

  • Twinkie defense

    Excellent substantive critique rioderek. Obviously you are a very knowledgeable basketball guy.

  • Howard Benner

    SVG wanted something nobody will get in the East (well, eventually the west) Bay; complete control. . .

    c’mon, Stan. . .you can do better than that. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Jax ran the most simplistic offense in the association. Easy for even teams like Cleveland, the Knicks, Milwaukee, Denver, Boston, the Nets (less Deron Williams & AK-47) to game plan for. . .& adjust to. . .Brian Shaw, the Denver coach was overheard during the late season contest @ Oracle extolling his team to carry the fight to the W’s, maintaining they were ‘soft. . .” this regarding a team whose coach (Mark Jax) often referred to boxing analogies?

    The W’s maddening propensity to underestimate inferior opposition & not show up for those games (the debacle in Phoenix, a game the W’s maintain to a person that they were ill prepared for & merely went through the motions). . .the gall of Jax to insist over & over the W’s were a defensive team; a team with a reputation for playing with their hands (tweet! Grab & a hold) rather than their feet; a team that was immature & thought other teams would fear based on last season’s playoff success? That is taking a decided step backwards. . .combined with Scalabrine “disrespecting” Coach Jax’s authority & Darren Erman’s “paranoia”. . .wow. . that really is a testimony to Jax’s leadership skills. . .& ability to pick assistant coaches. . .

    What more proof do you need that Jax had to go?

  • Howard Benner

    When Bogut was healthy he had a positive effect on the W’s play.

    Biedrins had no effect on the W’s play from the bench & the W’s were worse off with Biedrins on the floor. . .there is no comparison & you do ill justice to Bogut’s gutting through his ankle problems in 2012-13 & the contributions the #10 rated (by voters) defensive player in the league made to the W’s. . .

    you have lost all form of objectivity & are merely ranting. . .Enough already!

    The W’s should have won 58 games; Knicks, Cadavers, Denver, Spurs sans Timmy, Parker & Mano; twice!, Phoenix & the Nets sans Deron wWlliams & AK-47. . .actually 58 wins. . .plus they should have been more competative against the Bulls in Chicago, a game they “quit” on. . .the Bulls were too tough for the W’s. . .the W’s should have had the #4 seed in the playoffs. . .

    With Jax remaining as HC for the 2014-15 season the suns would supplant them in the playoffs. . .

  • nodoby

    “This team is not going to regress…”. I wouldn’t bet on it, not with real money anyway.

  • Peter Middleton

    Be awesome to see him get a smooth shot