Warriors could have ‘more difficult’ time acquiring 2014 draft pick than in years past

The Warriors currently do not have a pick heading into the NBA draft on June 26, and it won’t be easy for the team to acquire one, director of scouting Larry Riley told KGO-TV on Sunday.

“You have to prepare (for the draft) because the history of Joe Lacob’s ownership is that somehow, you will probably acquire a draft pick,” said Riley, a former Warriors general manager. “It’s more difficult this year because…we don’t have the same potential to acquire a second-round pick.”

The Warriors won’t be able to simply buy a draft pick “because of the money spent last summer,” Riley said.

The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement limited the amount of cash to be included in trades this year to a maximum of $3.2 million. According to what Warriors general manager Bob Myers said at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, the team sent $3.2 million in cash considerations to Utah in order for the trade for Andre Iguodala to get done.

“So the opportunity to purchase a second-round pick is not there like it used to be,” Riley said. “And then, it’s going to be difficult to make a trade to acquire a first-round pick, so I think it will be difficult. Do I think we will work every angle? Certainly. Bob Myers has done a great job. (Assistant general manager) Travis Schlenk really sets the table for those things. And so, we’ll make the effort and be prepared when draft day comes.”

In the first draft under Lacob’s ownership, the Warriors in 2011 bought second-round pick Jeremy Tyler for $2 million. Last June, they traded away this year’s second-round pick plus $600,000 for the rights to first-round pick Nemanja Nedovic.

Nedovic averaged 5.9 minutes in 24 games in his injury-plagued rookie season along with 15 games for the team’s NBA Development League affiliate in Santa Cruz.

“He’s going to have to improve his game,” Riley said of Nedovic. “There’s no question about that.”

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    How fast Iguana man made that move so mediocre. Even a setback now it turns out. It did seem like a great signing..cant blame the Warriors…but Iguana man just lounged in the sun all season.
    And now with a second broken down center?…Meyers had BETTER SIGN LOVE. If he’s on the table..Meyers had best chain himself to that table until the deal is made. What a fool he would be to let Love walk.

    And..Bob Fitzgerald’s comments on the new Knicks head coach Derek Fisher?…wow,so ignorant and backwards. All just to make Kerr puffed up? No shame anymore,anywhere in the Warrior organization under Lacob. No wonder he kept a infamous shill like Bob Fitzgerald from the Cohan era..as I surmised back then,Lacob likes his company spies. Oh,boy..he LOVES them.

  • thewarriorsrule

    wait, larry riley still has a job with the warriors? i thought we got rid of all the old regime, haha.

    and there’s no need to buy another draft pick. let’s develop the young talent that we have already, nedovic, kuzmic, ezeli, green.. i think all of these guys can be good. even getting bazemore back would be a good idea. we need a backup sg defender.