Warriors’ Steve Kerr set for trip to Australia to visit Andrew Bogut, Luc Longley

New Warriors coach Steve Kerr will travel to Australia this week for a few days to visit with center Andrew Bogut.

“I’m going to try to buy him a few drinks and dinner and get in his good books,” Bogut told SportSentral radio in Australia. “He’s coming out with his missus to see myself, and I think he’s catching up with Luc (Longley).”

Longley, an assistant coach with the Australian national team, played with Kerr while with the Chicago Bulls.

Asked about Derek Fisher landing a lucrative contract to coach the New York Knicks without any coaching experience much like Kerr did, Bogut said the dynamic changed in the NBA in recent years.

“Especially this offseason, it’s been absolutely nuts, and that’s the way it’s going,” Bogut said. “Owners are going high-risk, high-reward.

“It’s just crazy.”

Asked about trade talk involving Minnesota’s Kevin Love, who could be targeted by the Warriors, Bogut indicated his was accustomed to hearing offseason rumors.

“I was supposed to go to the Lakers last year for Dwight (Howard) and bunch of other guys, and it never happened,” Bogut said. “So there’s going to be rumors circulating, especially with Kevin Love coming into free agency.”

Diamond Leung

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    Diamond: Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the Warriors. I don’t recall ever seeing this blog have such a high frequency of posts.

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    Luc Warriors assistant?

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    As far as Boguts view- that’s one way of looking at it. If your a successful as a newbie coach for the Warriors,you still have the pit and the pendulum swinging over your head.
    You have to not only win..but please the owners son…