Warriors’ Harrison Barnes works with ‘straight shooter’ Jerry West, meets with Steve Kerr after sophomore slump

SAN FRANCISCO — Warriors executive board member Jerry West has been among those to spend time mentoring forward Harrison Barnes this offseason after a sophomore slump.

“He lets you know how he feels,” Barnes said Friday at Sunset Recreation, where he spoke to more than 100 children at the Warriors Basketball Camp. “He’s a very straight shooter, so just to hear all the things he had to say, it really helped.”

West told CSN Bay Area on Thursday he worked with Barnes for four days on basketball and how to approach the game.

“But more importantly to talk about, ‘No one gives you anything in this league. You have to earn it, and it’s about competition.’” the Hall of Famer said.

West said he felt heading into this past season that Barnes coming off the bench after the signing of Andre Iguodala was going to be a problem for the second-year player.

“I think he felt like he had played so well that he was going to automatically get playing time,” West said. “We signed Andre Iguodala, and I think immediately that bothered him, OK?”

Asked about the comment Barnes said, “What’s done is done. I’m just looking forward to obviously next season, kind of put this season behind me, looking to just improve, really.”

Barnes and recently met with new Warriors coach Steve Kerr in the Miami area, where the player’s agent is based. He came away with the understanding Kerr’s offense would involve more movement and cutting.

“I think the biggest thing is just something different,” Barnes said. “Obviously, he’s played under Phil Jackson. He’s played under Gregg Popovich. Both of whom could be considered two of the greatest coaches of all time. So to be to hopefully influence some of that style of offense with how we play, especially with the record that we have, we should be more effective.”

Said West: “And I think you’ll see a different player here. I think you’ll see more players involved offensively. I think we won’t have as many isolation plays now.”

Barnes said he would not play for the Warriors’ summer league team in Las Vegas, but could work out there with the team coached by Kerr.

Barnes has appeared at Warriors Basketball Camp events while balancing a busy schedule. He was in Des Moines, Iowa to promote a Warriors preseason game against Denver that will be played there Oct. 16 near his hometown. He’ll travel to Brazil this month to attend the World Cup while representing adidas. Later in the summer, he’s scheduled to travel to China and Taiwan to help promote the NBA.

Diamond Leung

  • deano

    There are hints in that story of the factors which led to Mark Jackson’s firing. West’s personal, extended coaching of Barnes would have pissed off MJ, as would West’s criticism of last season’s many isolation plays. Then there is the inference that Barnes was not handled properly after the acquisition of Iguodala. I think that MJ was too rigid and paranoid to give the FO confidence that he could admit, let alone learn from, his mistakes. That’s not a good attitude for a fledgling coach to adopt.

  • Stan

    Except..he’d been Warrior coach three years,and been to the playoffs two straight years. Something the team hadn’t done in a quarter century. Far from fledgling. Kerr is the neophyte coach. And he’s going to top that?

  • Stan

    Carl Stewart in the Trib wrote the same as me …”Scallabrine was not a good coach” says Rick Barry. And we both agree with Rick. So,its just shows as time goes by the meddling of Joe Lacob was heavy handed.

  • xraided

    Marc proves with his recent commentating in the finals that he didn’t learn a whole lot either. still the same short sighted comments as always… with some decent phrases.

    this is also why no one is even considering him at HC this off season and beyond.

  • xraided

    commenting on some of your posts in recent articles, for the record, most of the 95.7 guys want KLove… just the other day i heard we shouldn’t give up Klay to acquire him… they did make a point that KLove has had a laundry list of injury history, where Klay’s is virtually spotless… the kid has proven to be very durable. Plus, you’d be losing his wing defense which is borderline elite already in his young career.

    i’d say if it costs too much for him this off season, hope he gets the 1 year rental deal from some team like Sac and go after him next year when won’t have to give up zilch

  • xraided

    a better offensive minded HC can and will make this team better. Iggy,Bogut,Klay,Dray is still a top 5 defense any way you slice it with whoever calling the shots.
    we dropped significantly on offense this last season… there’s no way around it. maybe it was because we lost our fantastic bench play from the year previous? well, our HC couldn’t make proper adjustments and just called a bootsy offense all year long.

    if Kerr has a ‘fullsquad’ for most of the season… we will see 52-55 wins easy

  • xraided

    i’m of the opinion that AI’s offensive stats dropped off big time because of MJ’s shotty offensive scheme. Kerr is going to do wonders with his slashing offense… AI and Barnes being the biggest beneficiaries of this coaching change. exciting times.

  • Stan

    Most of 95.7 would be right then. Klay though..you can easily point out his weakness’s..he is a poor ball handler. Klay makes the layup a low percentage shot..and even MT2 coined the phrase “Klay-ups” to describe that. His decisions on driving the lane..are also poor…you just know he’s easy pickings and half the time he does a face plant after losing the ball. He’s not much of a rebounder…does Klay go inside ever and fight for the ball?..nah,he sticks to big guard. So what we have left is streaky shooting and a good defender…but not great. He’s not lockdown- yet. He does more then Monta Ellis..and I think Warrior fan’s bar is set low after years of drunken Nellie ball.
    Jeez,remember when Nelson fell asleep vs Houston? That was one hell of a hangover..and on TV.
    THAT was the game..that Nelson didn’t call a time out near the end and let the clock run out on the Warriors… He wanted to go home and sleep more!. An all timer,I tell ya..

  • Stan

    Some of you ain’t going to like this..but what I’m hearing about Blatt? “He’s innovative!” “He’s a players coach!”..etc? That’s what Mj was. And Lacob hated that. Connect the dots…
    I mean think about it..when you win 100 games in two years..doing non conformist coaching..like the way he rests his players…wouldn’t the usual be, to praise a guy like that as a Picasso?..He got results

    The rest of the country is not being critical of Mark Jackson. Just the same old bay area media.

  • Howard Benner

    Stan, you lose more credibility with each post. . .you have to face reality; yur boyfriend MarkJax is gone; time to end the man crush. . .

    Innovative? The “innovative” pattern for resting players belongs to Coach “Pop,” one of Steve Kerr’s mentors. . .

    Explain to me hos a team whose former coach incessantly used boxing analogies & cliches still had a team that displayed immaturity & an injured psyche quite frequently; how does that aforementioned “former coach” fail to get the message through that nothing is ever given in the NBA? Each & every team is preparing fore each & every game like it’s survival; explain hos Mark Jax constantly failed to motivate his team against the worst teams in the association> 50 wins the past two seasons? That was fine for 2012-13. But for 2013-14 this team should have won 57 games! Hello, Stan?! The Knicks, the Cadavers & the Nuggets @ home? Remember down the stretch of the regular season when the players OPENLY were talking about winning all their home games? Established NBA teams refrain from such open dialogue. . .

    Getting back to “innovatiion;” “Pop” rests the Big Fundamental, Tony Parker & Ginobli TWICE against the W’s & they lose both tgames, looking atrocious in the process? They thought they could just throw the jocks out there & win the game. . .BOTH TIMES! More innovation? Mark Jax ran the most simplistic offense in the game. That point has been constantly made in the national press ALL SEASON LONG; thus it is easy for even the likes of Cleveland, the Knicks & even in games against THE Celts & Bucks, games that were much closer than they should have been?

    The point that the W’s possess this maddening tendency not to play inspired against lower echelon comp has constantly been brought up in both the local & national press. . .

    Then there’s this; during the game against the Nuggets Brian Shaw, who was miked for toe occasion was telling his players to take it to the W’s; they were soft! Is this the mental toughness required to fight through adversity? All the alleged “great team camraderie” seemed to vanish for @ least one player; Harrison Barnes, who effectively “sleepwalked” through the year with the prospect of being the sixth man. . .the ‘Dre Igudola acquisition wasn’t as effctive as it was advertized, mainly because Barnes was too immature to realize someone had to sit; teams that wim sacrifice “for the greater good;” they are mature enough to realize this benefits the team; a stronger bench with a player who leads by defensive play & unselfish distributing offense?

    Mark Jax sure didn’t effectively preach that sermon to Barnes. . .who else wasn’t listening?

    The rest of the country is criticizing Mark Jax @ the same frequency as the local media. . .get real, Stan. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Stan, you are disingenuous. . .Don Nelson is heralded as one of the to p10 coaches in the history of the association. He pioneered the point forward position. . .he has more wins in the history of the NBA. . .his accomplishments are far reaching. . .Mark Jax? not so much. . .

    Donald Arvid “Don” Nelson (born May 15, 1940) is a former NBA player and head coach. He coached the Milwaukee Bucks, the New York Knicks, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Golden State Warriors (twice). . .

    An innovator, Nelson is credited with, among other things, pioneering the concept of the point forward, a tactic which is frequently employed by teams at every level today. His unique brand of basketball is often referred to as Nellie Ball. He was named one of the Top 10 coaches in NBA history. On April 7, 2010, he passed Lenny Wilkens for first place on the all-time NBA wins list with 1,333 wins.[1] His all-time record is 1,335–1,063 (.557).

    Yet you constantly vilify Nelson, a guy that has accomplished much more & has a higher standing in the annals of the NBA than Mark Jax can even relate to. . .he doesn’t offer anything as an NBA color commentator; he usually says something obvious or “parrots” Jeff Van Gundy. . .face it, Stan. . .the ill fated Mark Jax experiment is over & the results were less than one would have hoped. . .deal with it. . .Mark Jax brought it on himself. . .


  • Stan

    wow- “Should” have won 57. And they were a failure at 52?-LOL. Let me tell you..I haven’t forgotten 10 wins in a row…that more then balances “7 losses”..by my math. And the great road wins? I never thought the day would ever come,the Warriors would take on the Heat and Spurs..and beat them. You see Howard,your buying into what the bay area media parrots..and that’s what Lacob wants to read.

  • Stan

    I’m watching Comcasts Warriors preview with the otherwise invisible Monte Poole stating ” You don’t want to trade a bona fide future all star in Klay”. lol “FUTURE”. Again,bay area media status quo words. The same media that rips David Lee for his TWO all star games and pivotal contributions to the Warriors on their resurrection. Hey,David Lee wont be HOF..but he’s solid,he doesn’t cause trouble,and just what you want for the most part. And yet, the media portrays KlayThompson like he’s invaluable. How strange for them to dog somebody who has been doing the job and just in love praise for a guy who is always “next years” important player.
    If we get Kevin Love and keep Klay Thompson?- fine. If we pass on Kevin Love to hang to yet another Warrior of hyperbole skills…then I guess Joe don’t know squat about basketball.

  • Stan

    Don Nelson had a well known drinking problem and most likely is an alcoholic. Don Nelson also in two turns as Warrior head coach pretty much took teams others had put together…and won,yes. And no sooner then the headlines got large,Don Nelson the egomaniac from that point on took apart both Warrior teams,preventing any kind of Warrior long term run as playoff caliber teams. He destroyed them. What he did early in his career?..much grumbling…the teams never reached past a certain level no matter how much talent he had. Don Nelson never made that move to get the key to a championship. With Don Nelson it was more of wanting all the credit more then all the work. He was king of hiring assistants later wasn’t he?
    And that’s why the all time winning coach in NBA history didn’t get voted into the HOF his first try. What other sport has had that happen?

  • Howard Benner

    Stan, trust me; I make my own assertions. . .I don’t need or rely on “mediots” to control my thought process.

    And don’t even begin to tell me how I formulate my thought process. I don’t engage in that elementary/recess/sandbox game; i give my fellow bloggers credit for formulating their own opinions, no matter how short sighted (as is the case with you) or just plain wrong. . .

    The 57 wins also comes with this scenario; if as a team & as individual players you are as humanly possible to compete night in & night out &, really make an effort to follow me here; you will not barely beat teams like Boston & Milwaukee @ home. . .these are games good teams take as an opportunity to make their weaker opposition fold. . .the W’s have this maddening propensity to get up for the OKC’s, Miami Heat, LA Clippers & such & just go through the motions against Cleveland, Charlotte, Phoenix (a team that would surpass the W’s if Mark Jax had remained as HC. . .) & a tough team like chicago.

    I also noticed an alarming tendency for the W’s to do an El Foldo against tough, less talented teams like chicago & Memphis. ..I refer to Memphis as “the team that can’t shoot straight;” & chicago relentlessly wears thir opposition down with a suffocating brand of defense, contesting each shor & pass & relentlessly fighting for position on the defensive end. . .

    You see, Stan, I am 57 years young & have been following the association since 1964 & in ernest since 1967. . .I started following “the Big O,” I don’t need anyone to tell me how teams or individual players are performing (or lack thereof). . .I formulate my own opinions, like I do with the NFL & the show. . .I have never been a “yeah, he’s right” kinda guy. . .

    I call the media “mediots” & refer to corporate journalism as “the lamstreeam. . .” I started as a journalism major in school & switched to an English/20th century Poli Sci Major. . .

    Btw; other than last year’s playoffs when did the W’s beat the Spurs? that is one of my major points of contentiion; the Spurs think so little of the W’s they played them TWICE this year bereft of “the Big Fundamental,” tony Parker & Ginobli in the lineup. . .Explain the W’s weak mindset on those two occasions. . .directly attributed to Mark Jax’s “player friendly” approach. . .

    Now, coach Pop employs accountability; each & every Spur is readily & prominently criticized for “letdowns,” regardless of stature on the team. . .there is a “Spurs way” that has allowed a team bereft of top picks (since Duncan was drafted after the Spurs were accused of “tanking” after “the Admiral’s” back surgery) to consistently identify not only freat talent but talent that will play the Spurs unselfish, defense first brand of WINNING basketball. . .

    It’s not about the peaks; 10 straight wins; or 7 losses. . it’s about consistent basketball. . .that is what your competition respects; ‘we’ll have to bring our lunch pails for this one, folks; the Spurs certainly will. . .a former player who was a winner, an overachiever, a cerebral player who overcame his physical deficiencies 9he wasn’t highly recruited out of high school) @ each & every level he played @. . .will bring the lessons learned from iconic coaches like “Pop” & the “Zen Master,” Phil Jax. . .

    That’s innovation, Stan! Not an emotional “man crush” like you have on Mark Jax. . .

  • Howard Benner

    You are completely discounting his ranking as one of the top 10 NBA HC;s of all time. . .You insist on taking the part of his career in which he headed the Warriors as representative of his entire career. . .you accentuate on one & only one aspect of his career. I don’t think he fell asleep or was a raving drinker before games with other teams. .otherwise that would have factored in negatively in his coaching legacy, wouldn’t it?

    Oh, some of the teams he coached against? The Celts with Larry Bird, kevin McHale, ect., the sixers with their stellar cast; later on, when he coached a Dallas team with a 60 win season they faced the Magic Johnson Lakers. . .no matter how much talent he had? Nobody beat those teams. . .you ar very subjective, Stan. . .you need to take a step away from the keyboard & realize the NBA world does not revolve around the W’s. . .

    Oh, what’s the difference between 52 & 57 wins? Try a fourth seed, thus home court in the first round of the playoffs. Thw W’s certainly were not sneaking up on a Denver tea, bereft of their leading scorer & a stretch four that completely changed the way they spaced their court; they played a team that they were very familiar with. . .perhaps if they were the fourth round team they would have beaten the Rockets. ..they certainly would have displayed signs of “evolving;” to me this season’s W’s team significantly digressed. . .One more reason your boyfriend was sent packing. . .

    You are casting doubt whether don Nelson belongs in the NBA HOF? This just in, Stan; he was a major player with the Boston Celtics as well. . .You need to schedule a visit to your eye doctor; you are very myopic. . .

  • xraided

    i would agree that he’s not worth a max contract… Love, however, is.

    i guess the top thing to worry about is how Curry reacts to Klay being gone… winning does solve everything so hopefully Love does that for us.

  • Stan

    And Lenny Wilkins won an NBA title and is the second most winning coach. He took on the Lakers and the Celtics..and beat them. Just one example.
    Don Nelson had a charmed life…Played on a team (Boston) that won year after year when he himself was a middling player, got hired by teams he KNEW had great talent when he got there..it broke all in Don’s favor. I give him that.

  • xraided

    what’s up How? didn’t know you were a Dubs fan! i’m always coming up with random comments and JFB and others bite sometimes…

    i like your take on Don my man, but the guy simply never won anything despite having the most wins in NBA history! in the end, all he got was choked out by Charles!

  • Howard Benner

    Now you venture from your comfort zone, Stan. . .

    I LIVE in Seattle, where Lenny Wilkins won his ONLY title with the Sonics. . .Lenny coached the Cleveland Cadavers, Toronto Raptors (not much success there), Atlanta Hawks & Portland Trailblazers. . . .Lenny was a great player, but then again he NEVER won a title as a player. . .he played for the Hawks, Sonics, Cadavers & the Trailblazers. . .no championships there. . .

    From 1969–1972 with Seattle, and in his one season as a player with Portland, he was a player-coach. He retired from playing in 1975
    and was the full-time coach of the Trail Blazers for one more season.
    After a season off from coaching, he again became coach of the
    SuperSonics when he replaced Bob Hopkins who was fired 22 games into the 1977–1978
    season after a dismal 5-17 start. The SuperSonics won 11 of their first
    12 games under Wilkens, made the playoffs, and ultimately reached the 1978 NBA Finals before losing in seven games to the Washington Bullets.

    He coached in Seattle for eight seasons (1977–1985), winning his (and Seattle’s) only NBA Championship in 1979. He would go on to coach Cleveland (1986–1993), Atlanta (1993–2000), Toronto (2000–2003) and New York (2004–2005).

    The Hall of Famer was named head coach of the New York Knicks on January 15, 2004. After the Knicks’ slow start to the 2004–2005 season, Wilkens resigned from the team on January 22, 2005.

    His one championship as Sonics HC was just before Magic hit the scene. I remember vividly; I was @ the parade to comemmorate the event. . .

    The year the Sonics defended their title was the year Magic came on board & the Lakers won the title a his rookie year. so went the Sonics chances to win from there on in. . .You really suck @ history, Stan!

    Stan, you need to strap into objectivity instead of living in this emotionally charged subjective mindset. . .hey, Stan, just a suggestion. . .do some RESEARCH!. . .oh, don’t venture into someone else’s home & try to tell them what time it is, Stan!

  • Howard Benner

    What’s up, bro? Since the Sonics “relocated” to OKC I have been a staunch W’s supporter. . .

    Yes, but the point I was trying to make regarded Stan’s propensity to vilify the guy with the most regular season wins in the association’s history & is acclaimed as one of the top 10 coaches in league history. . .Stan wanted his legacy to start 7 end with his drinking problems & his failures late in his career as W’s HC. . .not the evidence that supported his membership in the NBA HOF. . .

  • Stan

    Lenny Wilkens: One NBA Championship. Don Nelson: Zero. Who’s the emotionally charged one?- wink -wink.

  • Stan

    I don’t have a man crush on Mark Jackson. I will say flat out,I think racism and bigotry did play a large part in his firing. And facts as the days go by prove it was an unfair firing. Those assistant coaches who tried to hijack the team’s direction? How discredited by facts can they be? One fired for taping illegally his co workers,and the other outed by Rick Barry as not even suited for the job.

    BOTH, backed by Lacob right until their end..one is still on the Warrior Payroll.
    And I will say what the local reporters fear to say: If Mark Jackson was Jewish,he would be called – as is Blatt- “Brilliant and innovative”..”A winner”. Joe Lacob has surrounded himself with his own kind..its not subtle. Yes,I think Joe Lacob discriminates.

  • Stan

    Are you people sheep? Mark Jackson won 100 games with a team that had been perennial losers. 2 playoffs… a once in a quarter century feat. And the media howled in agreement with Lacob to fire that coach? And the tweets, the accusations, ALL coming form the Warriors playing dirty under Lacob and son.
    Something much more here…and I think I gave the bay area a good starting point.

  • Howard Benner

    Why, you, Stan. . .you contend Wilkins took on the “Lakers & the Celtics; & beat them. . .”

    Completely wrong. . .but of course you will ignore your incorrect contention. . .among other gaffes. . .but I guess that’s just you. . .not accustomed to a fellow blogger challenging your myriad inaccuracies with facts & objectivism. . .

  • BananaSpartan

    I will say this, if Don Nelson had coached this team, he would have benched Ezeli and Bogut (maybe played Bogut about 8 minutes a game and yelled at him the whole time). He would have started David Lee at C, until he realized that Lee couldn’t shoot 3 pointers, and would have played Barnes and Green at C. Nelson also would have allowed Curry to play zero defense, along with the rest of the team. Klay would have split time at SF and PF.

    However, I do believe that it was time for a change. When the current ownership bought the team, turning this organziation around from perennial losers to a championship caliber team was going to be a multi-part effort. I think Part 1 was getting rid of dead weight (most of the old roster), and drafting well (done). I think Part 2 was hiring a coach who would instill defense, and nurture the young players along (done). I think Part 3 (which I hope is the championship phase) is the refining phase (in process). This is having the best coach who can get maximum offensive output out this team. It’s also acquiring the “finishing touches” players who championship teams have. The Warriors need a backup PG, a backup C, and possibly a stretch PF. If the Warriors can’t make a splashy trade, I do think they can get a player like Shaun Livingston, perhaps Ezeli can be that backup C, and either Green can continue to blossom into that stretch PF or they pick up a cheap FA who can play 10 to 15 minutes a game at PF.
    I think people are looking at Kerr as an unknown and likely to fail, compared to having Jackson around, as a “known quantity”. I’m looking at this the other way. I think Kerr is going to get things out of everyone on this roster. I believe there are players who haven’t been used correctly, especially on the offensive end. Barnes is the obvious case. I think Iguodala could be used much more efficiently in a slashing type offense in which he dives to the basket more. Bogut should get more touches. When others are double teamed, he should be getting several cripples a game (Bogut should average 10+ ppg). Klay still has enormous room to grown offensively. Each season, he’s added/improved something in his game. Can Crawford benefit from a different offense more suited to his strengths (especially if he can play with starters at times)?
    One problem with retaining Jackson is that I’m not sure that the organization would have had as clear a picture as to certain additions/subtractions to make to the roster. I’d like to see where the Warriors are around the trade deadline. I believe we’re going to see at least 2 players doing things most of us didn’t see at all during Jackson’s tenure.

    I hope that Jackson’s firing was not a racist issue. I’d like to think (and listening to Jerry West on Comcast, I think confirms it) that Jerry West has been heavily consulted, and told the rest of the front office that Jackson just wasn’t getting it done. If someone like myself can see that the Warriors were playing down to poor opponents at home, and were horribly inefficient at times offensively due to a simplistic offensive system, I can only imagine the subtle things that West was seeing (although he wasn’t allowed to attend practices). I don’t even blame Mark Jackson for coaching the way he did (but I would have blamed the Warriors for keeping him). However, if the organization was going to continue to move forward (I think they stagnated and regressed at times this season), Jackson needed to move on. I know it’s not a popular decision, but I’d be willing to bet that the players, after getting over the initial shock, are going to be on edge going into this season, and I think that’s a good thing. No way will any of them be complacent (I don’t think there are any Joe Barry Carroll type personalities on this team).

  • Howard Benner

    I go on a bit, Stan. . .You miss my point; well, I’m really not surprised. . .Wilkins & the Sonics won their championship just before Magic & Larry Bird came on board. . .thus save for the Sixers lone championship of that era no other teams were winning championships; until the “Bruise Brotherw” Detroit team arrived. . .

    Then Michael Jordan & the Bulls became a prominent team. . ..when Jordan temporarily retired to chase his hobby (baseball) Hakeen Olajuwon & the Rockets won their two championships.

    There are many other stellar coaches (Norm Sloan, Pat Riley with the Knicks,Lenny Wilkins with the Cadavers, Larry Brown with the Pacers to name a few) that were shut out of winning the championship in that era.

    And the marquee players that are bereft of a ring? Gary Payton, the Mailman, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, Reggie Miller, MARK JACKSON, Rik Smits. . .

    So, Stan, just stop the pity party & realize. . .the past is done; doesn’t mater how jaded or hateful you are, Mark Jax is gone & isn’t coming back any time soon. . .unless he’s covering a W’s game for BSPN. . .

  • thewarriorsrule

    stop feeding the troll! all your comments make sense, none of his comments do. you’re wasting your time.

  • thewarriorsrule

    i think you’re exaggerating nellie’s small ball. give him a true center like bogut (or ewing) and he will play him minutes. nellie was innovative in actually achieving us wins by playing small ball, the only roster that our bad gm put together. look at what nellie did in 2007 toppling the mavs. i don’t blame him what happened after that. we should have got kg, but instead chris cohan got rid of jrich for nothing. after that, it was downhill. give nellie a true roster anyday and he will achieve great results.

  • BananaSpartan

    I like to rag on Nellie, and yes, not only did he figure out how to beat the Mavs in 2007, he figured out how to beat the Jazz (Eaton and Malone) in 1989 and the Spurs (David Robinson) in 1991. I agree completely that Cohan was the problem (from 1994-2010). But I find it curious that in Nelson’s entire coaching career (Bucks, Warriors, Knicks, Mavs, Warriors), he rarely had a big man. The rare times he did, he got them when they were too old (Lanier), or got them so PO’d that they demanded Nellie be fired (Webber and Ewing). The one time he had identified the perfect big man for his team (Sam Perkins in 1991), managment (Finnane and Fitzgerald) nixed the deal.

  • rio kid

    The W’s were a d league team for over a decade…96 – 06 for sure. Mr Jenkins anybody! Big vic! They had no one… mully pulled in Nellie in pure desperations… We believe and the next year they win 48 and miss the playoffs. Nellie is a good coach and like most humans filled with flaws..He played small ball with no defense because that was all he had…at least his teams were fun to watch lose..could yo imagine with the lack of talent he had how bad it would have been to watch them ” grind it out” and try to win with defense…

    Major error with Webber. Major error trading the two from K state for Billy Owens who never was very good and on top of that wasn’t he one of the idiots who put Latrell Sprewells number on his shoe after Spree choked the coach…and got the boot..W’s have been through some dark times..at one time in the mid 90s they shot like 32 % from the field…check those numbers but they were not bad they were horrendous..I like and idiot watched them and I have to admit I am happy I did.

  • rio kid

    Hmm.. I don’t think his race had anything to do with it…I do think his being a cleric with conservative evangelical ideals worked against him definitely. I don’t know about Blatt but I think if Jackson was switched for a black coach with more ” progessive” ideals then things might have been different. I am a huge Mark Jackson fan, I like his style I like what he did here but I don’t cut his checks.

  • Carlos

    Stan, for some reason you don’t know what you’re saying and know nothing about basketball. Jackson is the problem. I could enumerate all the things bad that he did but you are sa enamored and infatuated with him and still wouldn’t convinced you that he’s not a good fit coaching the Warriors.

    Give credit where it’s due. Was given a good team, good assistants but alienated them all. When you worked for somebody and asked you to to move his congregation in the Bay Area but refused, that’s conflict of interest. Have to fly on weekend to LA for his services instead of practicing and staying with the team.

    I could enumerate more on his coaching deficiencies but it could take forever.

  • Carlos

    Stan, with the players that was handed to him, even a water boy will bring them to the playoffs.

  • Carlos

    Just found out Stan is a 7th grader.

  • Howard Benner

    That explains a lot. . .LOL

  • Howard Benner

    I can’t help my true nature. . .naturally combative in the face of ill contrived rhetoric. . .you should see me on the Raider blog, political blogs, etc. . .

  • rio kid

    Klay ave 18 pts a game and became a good defender while diversifying his game he is a top 10 2 guard, maybe top 5…he has arrived as a player. Will he get better of course. DLee gets hit from all sides he’s too small to weak too smart not smart enough he pads stats doesn’t get enough stats bad d well, he always plays bad d but he does ok once in a while. He is the media’s scourge for whatever reason and I think his contract may have something to do with it.

  • rio kid

    I never read where Barry criticized Scallabine…how would Barry know if he was any good? It is kind of difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of an asst coach from the outside. Just a thought.

  • rio kid

    I saw an interview with West. He is straight to the point. I like that but I could see where Jackson would recoil at such blunt criticism.

  • rio kid

    I hope so sound good on paper…we will see. We’ve been saying it all year:

    1 Get Bogut more involved in the O
    2 Get help for Curry and get him to penetrate and mix it up in the paint and not always at the perimeter
    3. Iguadola and Barnes are better scorers flashing to the rim…I can see Barnes in a similar role to Leonard on the Spurs. He has the tools.