Warriors’ Andrew Bogut impressed by Steve Kerr, skips FIBA World Cup while making progress with rib injury

New Warriors coach Steve Kerr went out of his way to meet with his players in person. To get to center Andrew Bogut, he flew to Melbourne.

“It showed a lot of respect to come here and see me,” Bogut told The Daily Telegraph on Monday.

“He had some good things to say about the direction of the team and what he wants to do. I’m really excited about Steve.

“The question is that he hasn’t coached before but the way he spoke to me when he was here it seemed like he knew what he was doing.”

Kerr also recently traveled to the Miami area to visit with Harrison Barnes and his agent.

“Steve felt that it would be a great thing for him to do to meet every single player — go to them, not have them come to him — and spend time with them, get to know ‘em, tell ‘em about what his plans were and how they fit in, and also see how badly they wanted to be a part of it as well,” Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob told KGO-TV on Sunday.

“I think the reception has been fantastic, and I think that over time — this is a process — that they’ll get to know him and understand the system he’s bringing in and what we’re going to do going forward. And I think by training camp, we’ll have a group of guys that are all on the same page.”

Bogut continues to make progress from a rib fracture nine weeks after suffering the injury that prevented him from playing in the playoffs.

“Andrew did start (67) games this year,” Lacob said. “So you know, not bad. Unfortunately timing obviously in the playoffs.”

As expected, the injury-plagued Bogut will not play for the Australian national team in the FIBA World Cup in order to focus on preparing for another season with the Warriors.

“My rib is not 100 percent and I’m still not back into full training,” Bogut told The Daily Telegraph. “I can’t see myself playing through the Worlds and a full NBA season.

“I’ve spent the last three or four seasons rehabbing injuries so this is the first time I can get focused on getting in the gym and getting better.”

Diamond Leung