Golden State Warriors among NBA teams experiencing the Summer of Kevin Love

Kevin Love made three straight trips to the state championship game playing for Lake Oswego (Ore.) High School. He led UCLA to the Final Four in his only collegiate season. A three-time All-Star in six seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the 6-foot-10 big man has yet to make a playoff appearance.

He is now openly looking to get traded to a winner before he can opt out and become a free agent at the end of next season.

“My people that represent me, it’s in their hands, and I just want to go to a spot — wherever that is, one of 30 teams — where I can win,” Love told Fox Sports last week. “In six years I haven’t been to the playoffs. I think it’s time for people to be watching me…I’d much rather be playing.

“I don’t really have a wish list. I just want to win wherever that may be. Like I mentioned, one of the 30 teams. I want to play for a great coach, great teammates.”

Golden State appears to be a candidate to land Love, who could have to give some indication of signing a long-term deal before any team would trade for him. The Warriors could part with players from a team that made back-to-back playoff appearances if they feel it won’t damage the future success that Love desires. They might not have draft picks for this year to trade at this time, but a $9 million traded player exception could come in handy when doing a deal.

Another possibility is Boston, a city where Love caused a stir by visiting earlier this month. ESPN’s Bill Simmons believes his hometown Celtics are the heavy favorites to get Love because according to him, the Warriors won’t trade Klay Thompson. ESPN’s Chad Ford cited a source that told him Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders realizes the trade Boston, which has two first-round picks, is offering is probably the best he’s going to get.

Celtics beat writers responded by knocking down those reports. The Boston Globe’s Baxter Holmes tweeted after speaking with sources that the Warriors were his top destination ahead of Chicago and Denver for where Love would ultimately go. The Boston Herald’s Steve Bulpett reported Golden State and Denver “have both made more intriguing offers,” citing a source.

“I know the Boston Herald just said the opposite — that the Warriors and Nuggets had made better offers,” Ford later wrote in his chat. “But I’m skeptical. The Warriors won’t include Klay Thompson (at least not yet). And the Nuggets? They have the 11th pick. They have Kenneth Faried. But what else?”

There is the chance the Timberwolves keep Love around and make him play out his contract, but appears unlikely.

“They’re in a very awkward situation,” TNT analyst Charles Barkley told 95.7 the Game earlier this month, calling Love the best power forward in the NBA. “I understand why he doesn’t want to stay there. They’re not going to be any good for the next two years.

“They should just try to get the best deal possible because you can’t just let him walk.”

Said Love: “I really want to go to a place that I can win. I know I sound repetitive, but that’s really the truth. So wherever that may be, I hope I’ll end up.”

Diamond Leung

  • xraided

    sounds like Love is about to really be a Warrior at the point… in Bob and Joe i trust!

  • Stan

    It also sounds like the team may stumble and do a Klay up,if they tell the public “It came down to include Klay Thompson,and we said no”. What an albatross that would be.
    There are Klay Thompsons every year in the draft or o n somebodys roster…how many superstars do the Warrirors ever get on the good side of? Love=The Beach at Santa Cruz…que pasa amigo’s?

  • xraided

    after reading certain articles, it seems like MIN is just upping the ante and using us and CHI as the leverage…it’s so easy to throw something like that in the wind to respected reporters and force a better deal….that’s how i’d do it if i were the GM

    if we go after Melo instead, then we give up zilch in doing so…

    make the offer to the Knicks for Lee+Barnes+filler for Chandler + Melo(at $17 mill a year after discount) … i’d take that as a consolation prize all day long!

  • Demetrius Musicman

    I laugh when I read some of you saying Klay is a dime a dozen! you guys are out of your mind…he’s 6’7 plays real good defense, shoots lights out, and now he’s going to the rim. you people are either really really young or new bandwagon fans…..lee, harrison and a draft pick and thats it….love is gonna go to denver or boston or and play alongside who? remember he has to be willing to resign…the only team dumb enough to take him on a rental is the Kings, and thats why they are the kings……….who extends demarcus cousins contract without a mental eval first? I’d rather bolster the bench. bob myers go get shaun livingston or patty mills and do somthing with speights, I can’t take another yr of him…..so long to steve blake, he’s probably going back to la la land. he the only one who puts up with kobe’s bullshit………