Warriors’ Steve Kerr wants Andrew Bogut more involved with new triangle elements of offense

Andrew Bogut was “definitely” impressed by new coach Steve Kerr, who flew to Australia to meet in person, the Warriors center told SportSentral radio Tuesday.

Bogut wants to get more involved on offense, and Kerr showed him how it could be done within a new system that the rookie coach has said would include elements of the triangle.

“He actually brought an iPad along to lunch and showed me actually clips of Luc Longley playing that similar type role, triangle-facilitator type of role and wanted me to be a bit more aggressive offensively and run through me a little more, so that’s always good to hear,” Bogut told the station.

Longley, the first Australian to play in the NBA, was the center while Kerr played guard on the Chicago Bulls teams that won championships in 1996-98.

Bogut after a season in which he averaged 7.3 points and 10 rebounds tweeted he was “excited” to have Kerr come to visit, and the coach left a good impression.

“Just a normal bloke, to be honest,” Bogut said. “He doesn’t think he’s higher or lower than anybody else. I’d say you can sit there and have beers and talk like you’ve known him for years.”

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