Klay Thompson’s father ‘kind of depressed’ about possible Warriors trade to Minnesota for Kevin Love

The Warriors are reportedly open-minded about sending shooting guard Klay Thompson to Minnesota as part of a trade that would net forward Kevin Love in return.

Thompson’s father, Mychal Thompson, was so convinced the trade was close to happening that he spoke on his ESPN LA 710 AM radio show of being “kind of depressed” and began envisioning how his son would fit in on Minnesota’s roster.

The blockbuster deal according to Mychal would involve Klay, David Lee and a future first-round draft pick being shipped to Minnesota in exchange for Love and guard Kevin Martin.

Mychal Thompson cited a source with “inside information.” Reached after the radio show, Thompson said his source was someone from ESPN.

“It’s disappointing because Klay and I have been talking about this all summer and the possibility of this happening as far as him and Kevin (Love) being together on the same team along with Steph Curry, and he was really looking forward to that,” Mychal said on the radio.

“He thought that if you added Love to the Splash Brothers, (Andrew) Bogut and (Andre) Iguodala and you tweak the bench, they had a chance to get to the West finals next year. So he was really pumped up.”

Love, 25, is a three-time All-Star who would add another major talent alongside Curry and fulfill new coach Steve Kerr’s wish of having a power forward who could shoot from outside. Love was fourth in the NBA in scoring, averaging 26.1 points this past season. He also grabbed 12.5 rebounds per game and was tied for eighth in made 3-pointers.

Mychal said he was also depressed because the trade would cost Klay an opportunity to play with Love as the two grew up together in Oregon and played on the same Little League team. For Klay, Mychal said he would have to talk Klay “down off the ledge” if the trade took place.

“And the positives I’ll tell him are you get to play with Ricky Rubio, who is one of the best passers in the game. You’re playing for a good coach in Flip Saunders,” said Mychal, who was Saunders’ college teammate at Minnesota.

“Now you’re a team that’s hoping to make the playoffs, so he’ll take a step back career-wise as far as the playoffs are concerned. But we’ll see what they can do if this happens with (Nikola) Pekovic at center, Rubio and Klay in the backcourt, (Corey) Brewer and Lee up front. Is that a playoff team in the West or a possible playoff team?

Speaking by phone after the radio show, Mychal said of how he and Klay were reacting to trade talks, “It’s anticipating, a little bit of anxiety.” To Mychal, that the Warriors would be open to trading him for Love wasn’t anything surprising.

“You have to understand this is a business,” said Mychal, who was traded multiple times during his NBA playing career. “Outside of LeBron (James) and (Kevin) Durant, everyone else is tradable.  Everybody else you’re open for business.”

Earlier this month, Klay made a similar comment to a blogger while in Turkey, saying “Your job is never secure in this league unless your name is LeBron James or Steph Curry.”

Klay averaged a career-high 18.4 points and received votes for the NBA All-Defensive second team in his third year with the Warriors. He is eligible for an extension beginning in July.

Thompson, 24, ranked second in the NBA in 3-pointers behind Curry with 223.

“He’s going to get paid a lot of money,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers told KNBR last month. “We want to keep him. He deserves this. I think if you look at (shooting) guards in the NBA, he’d have to be in the top five of them. You’d be hard to find many guys better than him at his positions if you play both ways.”

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Love- Curry is a power. Curry- Thompson is barely make the play offs- at best. I remember when local media cried tears over losing Monta. Now,its “Whats a monta ellis?”. Some bench player…
    Well,this trade is like Lacob getting over the idea of building a basketball stadium- on stilts- OVER SF bay. And that is, He got real..and bought real land. And getting Love is not buying into the fantasy of Klay greatness…and getting a REAL great player. I give Lacob points…if it happens.

  • Twinkie defense

    I would really like to keep Klay but if the rumors of Minny sending their #13 draft pick along with Love are true that would make it palatable – Logo says there are 14 players in this draft, and they have been out scouting some of the shooters.

  • Stan

    Love-Curry is on a par to Durant- Westbrook,Harden and Wade in Houston,and of course, Blake and Paul. Curry- Thompson was barely make the playoffs level. This is BIG boys basketball.

  • Twinkie defense

    How can you say “barely make the playoffs at best” when those two have appeared in 19 playoff games together over the last year+?

    PS there is no comparing Monta to Klay. I was saying the Warriors should trade Monta – including for Bogut – long before that deal came to fruition. But letting Klay go is a whole different matter. Klay is bigger, a better shooter, a better defender, higher BBIQ, and a better fit alongside Curry than Monta ever was.

  • PX

    Pretty much a no-brainer if we can get KLove for Klay. You have to give up talent to get talent. Ws can make it to the Western finals if this happens.

  • Howard Benner

    When did Houston get Wade?

    I realize you must have meant Howard. . .

  • Howard Benner

    The inclusioh by Minne of the #13 overall pick is something I have yet to hear. . .what is your source?

    Generally I hear Minnie wants the W’s first round pick in 2015. . .

  • Howard Benner

    having a top three “4” is better than having a top 5 ‘2. . .’ a no brainer. . .

    Generally wing players come & go. . .but top five “stretch 4’s” that rebound. . .think of the “pick & pop” options @ the W’s disposal. . .then if they encourage Shaun Livingston to come to Oaktown. . .with Festus Ezeli returning; Harrison Barnes would be able to employ his strength, slashing to the hoop; all they need ns to acquire a defensive minded “4” for the bench & another wing. . .perhaps even Kent Bazemore returns to play wing. . .

  • Stan


  • Stan

    I dont care if he makes the best BBQ hot dogs and chicken on the 4th of July..this is basketball- wink.
    I prefer Trader Joes spicy BBQ sauce myself…KC for the kids and woman…

  • Stan

    Greg Papa,Monte Poole,and I think MT2 were among the loudest at Klay for Love would be a bad trade. The first two sure changed their tune on Yahoo sports last night.
    I hear the trade might be made today!

  • Grey Warden

    Well on the bright side, if we get Love and Martin, we’ll be one of the top free throwing teams in the league, instead of being near the bottom. There would be no problems scoring and getting to the line.

    Defense, on the other hand….

    Who’s going to guard Curry’s man?

    And if all this trade talk doesn’t come to fruition, Klay’s a sensitive fella mentally, and this might make him regress in his shooting. Something to think about.

  • rio kid

    What’s Green….chopped liver?

  • rio kid

    No question…but you still have to make the deal.

  • rio kid

    For the kids and the women… I realize that is a very politically incorrect statement but it is awesomely funny!!! I am having a deep gut laugh attack that is already going to make my weekend.

    That my friend is a classic!!! Have a nice weekend keep the TJ BBQ Sauce for your own bad self brother…no need to waste it on the women and the rats…( what a family friend used to call us…)

  • Twinkie defense

    Of course there are many, many possible trade permutations. Minny’s pick has been referenced in one or two national reports about the Love trade, and was also put forward by Tim Kawakami this morning (not based on sourcing, but trying to get into the minds of the Warriors negotiations).

    I’m very hesitant to lose Klay, so if the Wolves get him I would not include an additional pick – not because some #26 pick has much value, but because I don’t want trades to be continued to be hamstrung by the rule against dealing consecutive picks.

    If the Warriors got the pick back, which would translate into a serviceable young player (shooting guard) that would make losing Klay more palatable.

  • Howard Benner

    At first I was adamant that the W’s not trade Klay. But I would rather have the #3 PF in the NBA over the #5 shooting guard.

    Right now Lee is many times a non factor; he relies on quickness, does not have a post game to speak of, is a mediocre defender; Love is the best stretch ‘4″ in the game, would team well with Steph in the pick & pop game, will stretch the court for Barnes’ slashing game & will fit in great with Kerr’s new hybrid offense. . .Plus Love is a great rebounder & defenses would have their hands full against both Steph & Love. . .

  • Twinkie defense

    Sure, but if Steph and KMart are our backcourt it’s gonna be a freeway onramp to the hoop – I hope Bogut is ready for the onslaught!

  • Howard Benner

    Think you have to look past that & consider who you would rather have @ the “4;” Kevin Love or David Lee. . .

    Wings are much easier to obtain than “4’s;”

  • Howard Benner

    Stan, you are the same guy that crowed about the difference between 57 & 52 wins. . .now essentially you are on the other side of the fence?

    But I am steadfastly aligned in favor of getting Love; he will no doubt see a combination with Steph as a marquee combo; the pieces around him as worthy of a vast improvement over Minnesota. . .a coach like Steve Kerr as a HC with a definite direction, his philosophies seeeded in the roots of iconic coaches like “Pop” & the zen master, Phil Jax; Andrew Bogut & Festus Ezeli as more than competent “5’s” to get his beck; hopefully a rejuvenated Harrison Barnes; two glue guys in ‘Dre Igudola (hope he rebounds from his hamstring & knee tendinitis issues; don’t really think we saw the Igudola we expected) & Draymont Green; hopefully Shaun Livingston & perhaps either Morrow or Kent Bazemore returns to play bench 2. . .

    Seems as of today the W’s are the Kevin Love sweepstakes leader; in the clubhouse. . .getting rid of David Lee & obtaining kevin Love for a ‘2″ guard. . .priceless. . .if it happens. . .