Warriors’ Klay Thompson not offended by trade talks, Mychal Thompson glad Kevin Love deal on hold

Warriors guard Klay Thompson understands that trade discussions involving him and Minnesota’s Kevin Love are part of the business and has the “right attitude,” Mychal Thompson, his father, told NBC Sports Radio on Saturday.

“He’s got the right attitude,” Mychal said. “He’s not getting personally offended by his name being rumored to go someplace. He understands that unless your name is LeBron James or it’s Kevin Durant, anybody could be thrown into a trade or talked about in a trade.

“So he’s got a professional approach about it, and if he ends up with the Lakers, great. He’ll make the most of it. He’ll be thrilled to be (in Los Angeles). But if he stays with Golden State, then he’ll be happy to stay up there with those guys. If he got traded to Minnesota? I told him, ‘Hey, you get to play with Ricky Rubio, the best passer in the game.’”

Mychal, a recent Los Angeles Lakers analyst, was happy to hear any trade involving his son was reportedly on hold. In recent days, reports surfaced of the Timberwolves’ asking price for Love including Klay and also the Lakers looking to land the shooting guard as part of a three-way deal.

“Jerry West and Steve Kerr, they both want to keep that backcourt intact,” Mychal said. “It looks like that’s the power play that’s going to win out.”

Mychal doesn’t believe a backcourt of his son and Stephen Curry should be broken up because to him, the only thing the Warriors needed improvement on was at backup guard where he speculated they could sign free agent guards such as Patty Mills and Jodie Meeks.

“When you have two shooters with the capability of Steph and Klay, that is rare,” Mychal said. “I’ve never seen this before, so why would you split it up when you have it right there in the palm of your hand?

“So I was glad to see that the trade was put on hold. Who knows? It could be revived. For now, it’s just holding.”

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