Warriors’ Klay Thompson would be ‘thrilled’ to play with Lakers’ Kobe Bryant or stay in Golden State

Warriors guard Klay Thompson and his father, Mychal Thompson spent the weekend talking trade scenarios involving Minnesota’s Kevin Love, including the one that had the sharpshooter going to the Los Angeles Lakers, Mychal’s former team.

The Los Angeles Times report that the Lakers were in discussions to acquire Klay in a three-way deal that would send Love to the Warriors made Mychal “quite happy,” the elder Thompson said Monday on the ESPN LA 710 AM radio show he co-hosts.

“I was just so flattered that the Lakers are even interested in Klay and would make that offer,” said Mychal, whose son grew up in Southern California rooting for the Lakers’ championship teams. “Yes, it warmed my heart. Yes, it made me think, ‘Wow, I wonder if the Warriors would go along with that, that he would actually be a Laker, and that would be kind of cool for me.’ You know, it’s my dream for him to be a Laker. He’s thrilled to be where he’s at at Golden State.

“But if he got traded to the Lakers, he would make the most of it. He would be happy to be here (in Los Angeles). Kobe (Bryant) is his idol. If he had a chance to play with Kobe, he said he’d be thrilled to play with Kobe. If he stays with Golden State, hey, it’s fine.”

Klay heading to the Lakers appears unlikely as Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski said on The Dan Patrick Show that the Timberwolves would want Klay rather than the Lakers’ No. 7 overall pick in Thursday’s draft.

Mychal also said he hoped that Klay would continue to play alongside the Warriors’ Stephen Curry.

“It is a conundrum, a mixed bag of emotions and feelings because I’m happy where he’s at now and what they have building and brewing at Golden State,” Mychal said after learning of the Los Angeles Times report. “They’ve got themselves a very special, unique backcourt with those two young gentlemen. And I think Mark Jackson was right when he called them the best shooting backcourt in the history of the game, and it’d be interesting to see that develop over the years.

“They enjoy playing together. They enjoy each other’s company. They golf together and stuff like that. Klay is jealous of Steph…of his golf game.”

Klay told Lakers Nation last offseason it would be “great” to play in the spotlight for the Lakers, but also because of Curry, he would be able to turn down Bryant recruiting him to Los Angeles.

“I’d say, ‘Kobe, I’m sorry man, but we’ve got the Splash Brothers in the Bay,’ so I don’t know. We’ve got such a good thing going up there. Lakers, it’s one of the best organizations in all of sports…But I’m happy with where I’m at. We’ve got such a good thing coming for the next decade.”

Diamond Leung

  • xraided

    bucher telling everyone the deal is dead

    if the Twolves really do want Klay,Lee,Barnes AND a first round pick… then that might be too steep for taking back so much $ with Martin included…

    wait until after the draft when they’re list grows even shorter for potential suitors

    if they find another team willing to deplete their roster, then so be it.

  • Stan

    Bucher doesn’t know crap. No Love means Lacob has just another team to lose to San Antone,Diego,and basically not even have a chance at making real progress.
    Bucher and Kawakami said Kerr was going to the Knicks..right to the last minute. What happened?-lol

  • Twinkie defense

    BS. Warriors are in great shape with or without Love. Get away from Mark Jackson’s stinky offense and the team should be top five in both offense and defense, which is a recipe for Championship contention.

  • Incredible

    Might be??? Hahah, the T-Wolves are delusional. They’re kidding themselves.

  • BananaSpartan

    I agree with this, and getting a free agent, such as Patty Mills, would really help.
    I thought that Minnesota would initially ask too much for Love because there are several teams interested. But the teams interested are teams that can move on without Love and still be fine (either by having good players like the Warriors and Chicago, or Boston by having assets (young players and draft picks)). There is a “right price” for Love. Each team has their ideal breaking point. I think for the Warriors, that breaking point would be Lee and Barnes (i.e., not Klay). I think the other breaking point is Lee and Klay for Love and Minnesota’s 1st round pick. Right now, the Warriors don’t need to offer Lee, Klay, Barnes, Green, and a 1st round to get Love and Martin (stinky contract). Let Minnesota sit and stew for awhile, realizing they in July 2015, they will lose Love and still have Martin’s contract.