Warriors’ Bob Myers on if Golden State has interest in LeBron James: ‘I can’t answer it, no answer’

SAN FRANCISCO — Are the Warriors interested in pursuing free agent-to-be LeBron James after the superstar informed Miami on Tuesday that he will opt out of his contract?

“I can’t answer it, no answer,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers said, smiling before the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center luncheon, where he introduced team president Rick Welts as the keynote speaker.

But what about trading for Minnesota’s Kevin Love? Warriors sideline reporter Ric Bucher cited sources in tweeting Monday that the potential Love deal to Golden State “is dead” after Myers had said last week the chances of any big trade this offseason were “unlikely.”

“I’m not commenting on anything,” Myers said, laughing. “No comment on anything. You asked. I answered.”

The Warriors landing Love after back-to-back playoff appearances appears to be a better possibility than James, the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player who could ultimately re-sign with Miami after winning two championships in four seasons with the Heat.

“We fully expected LeBron to opt-out and exercise his free agent rights, so this does not come as a surprise,” Miami president Pat Riley said in a statement.

“We look forward to sitting down with LeBron and his representatives and talking about our future together.”

Myers, meanwhile, was at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis honoring a co-worker and confidant in Welts, who became the first openly gay NBA executive.

“We all have times in our life where we’re at this pivotal moment where we have to make a decision  whether it’s work or personal life, and when you connect with people in our lives, it helps us with those types of decisions to give us advice,” Myers told the audience.

“And I remember four or five months ago at work I found myself at one of those decision-making points, which I do a lot of in my job. And I walked into Rick’s office, and he’s one of those people — and I think he’s one of those people for a lot of people – and I sat down and had a good conversation and he helped me make the right decision. And then afterwards about two or three days later, he said, ‘You know what? I’m proud of you.’ And it was one of those vivid moments for me.

“People because of the job I’m in have a lot of nice things to say and sometimes not nice things to say. But I’m going to always remember that, Rick. It may have been a small thing to you, but a much bigger thing to me.”

Said Welts: “We have an amazing thing going on with the Warriors right now. I’ve been here for three years. I get to work with Bob. Our ownership is extraordinary.”

Diamond Leung

  • ssclesq

    West and Kerr want klay……… And now you choose not to listen to them , why? They only have 19+ championship rings. Would pop build on what he has or get rid of his critical players to gamble on another. He just beat the 2 time nba champion with the best player in the nba. But this is the freakin warriors…. What do they know about winning.

  • Go Dubs

    Maybe you should actually read the article, “But what about trading for Minnesota’s Kevin Love? Warriors sideline reporter Ric Bucher cited sources in tweeting Monday that the potential Love deal to Golden State “is dead” after Myers had said last week the chances of any big trade this offseason were ‘unlikely.’ ”
    And what the Warriors know about winning is back to back playoff appearances and pushing a title contender to a game 7 without our anchor in the center, and no big man depth. And Pop wasn’t even mentioned so please keep the “criticism” to yourself.

  • Richard Truong

    If Andrew Bogut wasn’t injured, they could’ve gotten further in the Playoffs. It was a poor decision to not draft Greg Monroe when they had a chance. he could’ve been that missing link in the paint guarding Deandre Jordan.

  • Stan

    wow- the troubles to get to this blog..like IM being discouraged-wink wink. Yeah,I know. That software that causes freezes ,etc.You even shut off my PC. NO other sites do that.

  • Stan

    But,this only proves I’m right..and been right. The Warriors are the popular girl. Just be careful they don’t end up alone at the dance.

    Hey,Even Papa had to eat his words on trading Klay for Love. St Jean set him straight.

  • cbad_fan

    Stan, please get some help. There are treatments to deal with the symptoms you are exhibiting.

  • Howard Benner

    If the W’s drafted Monroe one of the key components to the Bogut trade, Ekpe Udoh, would not have been available. The W’s would have had to relinquish other resources. . .or the trade doesn’t even take place. . .

  • BananaSpartan

    It’s nice that we posters get to disagree on basketball matters these days. Not so long ago, it was topics like Monta crashing his scooter, when Don Nelson was going to be fired, how much baffonery there was with Mullin, Rowell, and Cohan. Thank goodness those days are over and an aggressive ownership has hired people like Jerry West and others to make basketball decisions.

  • Stan

    Ugh,your the same dope from Leibermans blog. You write that on every blog I go to. Your the republican. Seek help for stalking.

    There ARE software that sites use to discourage some users..freezes,comments section never stops downloading. And it wasn’t like that when I started. And its only this blog. I had a software expert tell me of this new “method” to discourage controversial commenters..without outright banning.
    I DO pay for BANG. Unlike you cbad

  • Stan

    I also notice a trend banana that is building that ..Klay traded might be a GOOD idea..by those who said he was untradeable. Its more of them coming my way then the other way around!.
    First, Love,then Lebron. ok,THAT’S asking too much!

  • Stan

    Btw, Has anybody seen me attack another posters ideas? Nah…just when they take a swing at me,and get personal. Who doesn’t defend themselves?

  • thewarriorsrule

    don’t feed the troll!

  • thewarriorsrule

    is this article about lebron or welts? 🙂