Andre Iguodala on offseason key to becoming title contender: ‘Keep Klay,’ make Thompson ‘Warrior for life’

The Warriors’ Andre Iguodala doesn’t believe teammate Klay Thompson should be traded as part of a deal for Minnesota’s Kevin Love.

“That’s not going to happen,” Iguodala told Sirius XM on Thursday. “I want to clear that up right now. We should not trade Klay Thompson. “I tell Klay this every day. I text Klay and say, ‘Don’t worry. I’m your man. I’m going to make sure you get paid. I’m going to get you the max (contract). You’ll be taken care of. Don’t stress.’

“Klay really loves it in the Bay, and this is his first time going through trade rumors, and I’ve been through it many times, especially being in Philly. But Klay is my main man. I love Klay to death. One of my favorite people in the world even though he doesn’t speak. But we’re going to get Klay paid this year. He’s going to be a Warrior for life.

“If I’m any other team, I’d take Klay as well, so I don’t know. You’ve got to look at the pros out of it. I tell Klay this: ‘Listen, if they’re talking about trading you for Kevin Love, that means you’re getting Kevin Love money.’”

Thompson after playing his third NBA season is eligible to sign a contract extension beginning Tuesday, and he could be seeking the maximum amount after proving to be a productive shooter and defender for the Warriors.

Iguodala during with his first season of a four-year, $48 million contract with the Warriors spoke of being unselfish in order to help Thompson, who reportedly is the subject of debate within the organization on whether or not to be included in any trade for Love.

“Now I’ve done what I was supposed to do, contract-wise, and I can sacrifice,” Iguodala told SI.com. “It’s really hard for guys like Klay. It’d be hard for me to say, ‘Klay, don’t go out there and try to get your money.’ There have been many times I’ve been wide open and I pass it, because I say, ‘This young guy’s gotta eat! Klay, get your money!’”

Asked on radio what the Warriors had to do as a Western Conference team to get better and become a championships contender, Iguodala repeated his desire for Thompson to stay.

“We’ve got to keep Klay,” Iguodala said. “I’m going to reiterate that. We’ve got to keep Klay first. Then we’ve got to take care of Klay.”

Iguodala, who enjoyed Love’s company while playing on the Olympic team, later clarified that he wasn’t necessarily opposed to a trade for the Minnesota star forward.

“I didn’t say that I didn’t want Kevin Love,” Iguodala said. “Kevin Love would be a great addition but not at the expense of Klay.”

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Iguadalo shouldn’t worry about Klay “Getting his money” His job is to do whats best for the team to win.

    I don’t think Joe Lacob signed him to win “most popular” contest. He’s supposed to score and help the team to win. Somebody in the Warrior org needs to set him straight.

  • म अण्डा मानिस हुँ

    If the Warriors are going to be forced to pay Klay, Kevin Love money. Then they should just trade for Kevin Love.

  • tagonistm

    Jesus. I really liked Iguodala, and thought he was a great addition to the team but this obsession over Klay Thompson’s financial well-being is just weird. It’s also slightly disturbing that Iguodala would let these kinds of concerns affect his decision-making on the court. Is this why he played so passive at times–to help KT get his $$$? Maybe having AI in his ear with this kind of drivel explains why Klay would jack up shots within 2 seconds of getting the ball almost every time he touched it? Klay Thompson is a fine player (and maybe will go to an All-Star game or two if he maxes out his talent) but if he is what is standing in the way of trading for a monster like Kevin Love, this Warrior front office has really lost any rational perspective.

  • Warriorsfan

    As a player and a teammate , you should refrain yourself from making any comments on trades . Iggy is like saying that it’s okay for him to trade Lee and HB but not Klay. He is burning bridges with his teammates especially if the trade don’t go through

  • J Haskins

    Yea Iggy is right, and so is the logo, don’t trade KThompson. I think Iggy went a little bit overboard, but what he meant to say was, don’t break up the greatest shooting backcourt in NBA history. You see, Iggy has played in the NBA for a lot of years. Played/defended against, and with the best in the world, including Kevin Love.

    That said, Iggy’s constant reiteration of “keep Klay” speaks volumes. He knows more than ANYBODY on this board what it means to have a shooter like Klay who can defend. He should get the max. He earned it. But he should give a % to Mark Jackson. Klay couldn’t guard a door when he came to the Warriors.

  • Caleb Wilson

    what a frightening insight into Iggy’s decision making process. please tell me he’s caught up in the friendship moment, and not that he actually passes to help other guy’s contract negotiations because that has zero to do with finding the highest percentage shot on the floor. on top of that….its not your money to spend Iggy, you were paid very well to come here, stop spending the rest that doesn’t belong to you in any way shape or form.

  • dons

    Today’s SJMN says there is a live chat at http://www.mercurynews/warriors, I don’t see it.

  • dons

    Live chat at http://www.mercurynews.com/warriors/... displays on my PC, but will not scroll or display beyond the title, “Live chat: Warriors NBA draft, trade … ”

    I have noticed that all links that start with http://www.mercurynews.com will not scroll or display beyond the title, only showing the ad stripe at the bottom. I’m also a SJMN subscriber including online, but there appears to be no way to log in at these web pages.

  • thewarriorsrule

    absolutely agree

  • jasono4282

    Although I agree Iggy is in no position to speak about money. I believe he is in love with WINNING, and he believes Klay is a key piece to the dubs winning going forward. So he is preaching “Do what it takes to keep Klay period.

  • thewarriorsrule

    iggy, i understand you’re trying to look out for your teammate’s welfare, but you’re going overboard. klay is worth nothing close to max money, and if he were to be paid like Love, then we should just get Love. i don’t think klay is ever going to be an all-star. he’s a good catch and shoot player, an average defender, but that’s about it. his defense is way overrated, his post game is overrated (who can’t post smaller guys?), he’s a solid sg, but if afflalo makes 7.5 mil, then klay should be in the same ballpark (and afflalo is an even better defender than him).

    iggy, let the front office do it’s job, and how about you step up your game a bit more? are you telling us that you sacrificed your game to help klay get a paycheck? if so, that is detrimental to the team. we needed you to step it up and score more. i’m not sure if that was due to jackson’s system, but next year if you don’t step it up in kerr’s system, i think you should be the one in the trade rumors. don’t think that the worst is over after you left philly. we warrior fans are loyal, but we’re also smart. we know that you had a subpar year last year. you played solid defense, shared the ball, but you could have slashed through the lanes more, made plays, and score the ball when we needed it. you were supposed to help elevate us to the western conference finals and instead we lost in the 1st round (luckily bogut was injured so we won’t know). i think you need to stop talking, earn your $12 mil, otherwise you won’t be in the bay area for long

  • dons

    The highest paid team members need to take cue from San Antonio, with regard to pay. I hear Tim Duncan cut his pay in half to $10M, so they could afford a quality set of players and bench players. Their core younger players are all taking low salaries, i.e. Curry, Klay, Green. Likewise, look what the Laker’s star player did to his team, by taking max money, nothing left for much else. So its more taking the money, than winning championships, for the top paid players.

  • benbrung

    This is just a good veteran team mate trying to support a young team mate going through a rough experience. Nothing to get worked-up over.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Yup. Dre is not stupid. He’s a pretty shrewd guy. I would not necessarily take all of his comments at face value.