Warriors’ Stephen Curry takes Bob Myers’ words to heart about ‘not playing hero ball’

PEBBLE BEACH – Warriors guard Stephen Curry dined with general manager Bob Myers earlier this month and got some direction as to how he can improve.

Myers discussed how Curry as the point guard could get his teammates going when they’re struggling rather than try to dominate a game himself. Curry heard the message loud and clear.

“Bob made a good point just saying, ‘Try to continue to get better at finding ways to make our offense flow and not playing hero ball and making sure that we get the guys involved as much as possible,’” Curry said Saturday at Stevenson School.

“And that makes (us) a more consistent basketball team in trying to go through those down periods throughout the course of a season – even in the playoffs – that you need to get through. And as a point guard, I’ve got to take that as a responsibility, so a lot of film study and just communication with now Coach (Steve) Kerr about how he sees my role.”

Curry in his fifth NBA season led the league with 261 3-pointers while averaging a career-high 24 points per game. But what was also a career high were his 3.8 turnovers per game.

Curry, who vacationed in Scotland before attending his basketball camp, said he had “a pretty diligent plan” on his offseason strength work and on the mental side.

Curry also continues to work on his shooting, usually going for 300 makes per day, he said.

“For me I’ve been looking always (to) get better,” Curry said. “Even now, I feel like I can continue to get better at shooting the basketball. Nobody makes 100 percent of their shots, so until that happens, you can always get better and finding different ways to expand that skill set, whether it’s shooting off the dribble or moving without the ball or catch and shoot. Just working on your stand-still spot shots. There’s always something that you can do to get better, putting up as many reps until your arms get tired and then at that point shooting a little more.”

Diamond Leung

  • J Haskins

    No Curry. Don’t let Myers tell you/suggest how to play. You had a career high in assists, at 8.5. You got other players involved just fine. The only thing Curry needs to focus on is reducing TO’s, and continue to work and get stronger. Meyers, you just worry about getting the Warriors a bench first and foremost. Sign PG Patty Mills from the Spurs for starters

  • jsl165

    Gotta love that Kid.

  • Frozzy

    Yep, Curry is one of the best shot creators in the league(Highest FG% in Pull ups in the league last season). I don’t see how anyone could take that away from him.

    He just needs to stop being so careless with the ball.