Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson have Splash Brother shooting competitions, ‘good chemistry’

PEBBLE BEACH – Is Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson the better 3-point shooter?

Informally, the question has been raised during post-practice shooting competitions in which the ultra-competitive Splash Brothers bonded.

What formed was a healthy relationship between shooters who pride themselves on being the best at their craft and respect one another. They’re good together and have set records together. One of the best shooting backcourts of all time is what the Warriors would lose if Thompson is traded for Minnesota’s Kevin Love.

“To have a guy that can shoot the ball as well he can, it really pushes me to be sharp and focused and to shoot the best that I can because if I don’t then he’s going to beat me,” Curry said Saturday. “So we definitely push each other. We’ve been growing together for the last three years, and it’s been really fun.

“He makes me a lot better on the court knowing that I can throw it to him anywhere and he’s usually going to shoot it and make it. We have a good chemistry going on. The Splash Brothers name is also pretty cool as well.”

Mychal Thompson, Klay’s father, said earlier in the week on the ESPN LA 710 radio show he co-hosts that Curry and his son enjoy playing with each other and spend time off the court golfing together. Mychal explained why Klay isn’t jealous of Curry’s 3-point shot.

“I actually ask him and say, ‘Who’s the best 3-point shooter?’He says some days he beats Steph. Some days Steph beats him,” Mychal said.

“That’s how good both of them are.”

Diamond Leung