Warriors to sign free agent guard Shaun Livingston

The Warriors reached agreement with free agent guard Shaun Livingston on Tuesday, filling a need with a backup point guard on a contract reportedly worth $16 million over three years.

Livingston, 28, averaged 8.3 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.2 assists in 76 games, including 54 starts for Brooklyn last season.

“We intend to enter into a player contract with Shaun Livingston once the moratorium period ends,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers said.

USA Today reported the Warriors will use their full midlevel exception and partially guarantee the third season for the 6-foot-7 Livingston, who cannot officially sign until the league’s moratorium ends on the evening of July 9.

Livingston was the fourth overall pick in the 2004 draft. He suffered a serious left knee injury in 2007 and missed the following season with the Los Angeles Clippers.

“Long time coming,” Livingston told TNT’s David Aldridge of the multi-year agreement after playing for eight NBA teams in nine seasons.

The Warriors struggled to get help for Stephen Curry and replace Jarrett Jack at point guard last season, trading Toney Douglas for Jordan Crawford and later acquiring Steve Blake.

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Nice. But underwhelming.

  • benbrung

    Who would be a better team fit as backup point for the MLE? It ain’t Patty Mills since he and Curry would be a defensive disaster playing together.

  • Twinkie defense

    I agree – Livingston is a quality (6′ 7″) guard. He had a brutal injury, glad to see him rebound. And we probably got him because of the J-Kidd fiasco. Good signing, with the 3rd year not fully guaranteed it is a good player at low risk, short window.

  • Howard Benner

    No; just what the doctor ordered; there is much more to occur. . .just wait. . .this will really help, particularly sinve the W’s now have a quality backup “1” & a guy that can pair with Steph, just like Livingston did with Deron Williams with the Nets. . .

  • Howard Benner

    I’ve been calling for this signing for months. . .just like I had been calling for Mark Jax firing since December. . .

    Now; three way trade between the Wolves, W’s & Celtics. . .W’s get Kevin Love & Avery Bradley; give up David Lee, Klay Thompson & Harrison Barnes. . .Wolves get Thompson & Lee while Barnes goes to the Celts. . .then the W’s can afford to sign Channing Fry to come off the bench. . .Kent Bazemore can be resigned to be the bench “2,” leaving a hole for a backup wing, who might be Nick Young. . .all the players would know their roles & there would be no problems like the W’s faced in the past season when Barnes went through his funk. . .

  • xraided

    in total agreement here

    makes Klay expendable in my eyes… Livingston will facilitate in a way that Klay never could…getting our superstar involved even more.

    this is the first sign that the Love deal is real…

    if what you purposed above happens… i would like them to sign Hawes over Frye…esp if they can get him a little cheaper. i’m convinced he’d do it after a KLove signing

  • xraided

    he’s from Cali…and his sis is going to be a Trojan VBP …
    those play a much bigger roll than just simply losing a HC in NY
    it doesn’t hurt that the dubs are title contenders either

  • Stan

    Well,I hope that’s true..I was trying to figure how that would effect “the chase”. Salary cap and all.

  • thewarriorsrule

    what? i’ve been calling for the firing of jax since the warriors signed him 🙂

    i doubt that trade goes through. isn’t avery bradley more of a 2 than a 1? i wouldn’t want him, and i wouldn’t want to give up barnes. and getting frye after love, isn’t that a bit redundant? i would like bazemore back too, but i think the lakers are going to keep him. i think it’s a mistake to give up barnes. he’s going to be a beast with the right coach in kerr. i will be crying if he turns into a star on another team, just like some former warrior nightmares.

  • thewarriorsrule

    he’s actually from peoria, illinois

  • thewarriorsrule

    agree, but it’s a gamble to pay livingston this much. why not use this money on someone like spencer hawes?

  • thewarriorsrule

    agree, but he only had 1 good year, and played over 70 games twice in his career. it’s a gamble. if the warriors were going to pay this much, why not have payed jarrett jack? lol

  • BananaSpartan

    Interesting (I do remember your being as down on Jackson as I was). However, that trade seems to imply that Livingston would be a starting SG (unless Iguodala is the starting SG and Green is the starting SF). I’m not sure what Bradley adds if the Warriors have Livingston. What I see Livingston providing is a ball handling, defensive minded toughness at PG (and occasional SG/PG if he’s on the floor with Curry) for about 20 to 25 minutes a game. There are comparisons to Jack, but aside from a chemistry/backup ball handler, they’re different. Livingston is about 5 inches taller, playes tight defense, and doesn’t shoot outside of the elbows. I also don’t think Livingston dribbles too much like Jack could. He tends to pass the ball around quickly.
    I just don’t see the Warriors, at this stage after the draft, needing to trade Lee, Klay, and Barnes to get Love. The Timberwolves, to me, don’t have as much of a position of strength as they did before the draft. If the Warriors are going to trade 3 of their top 7 players (and not get back LeBron or Durant), they should get back way more assets (in this case, draft picks) than just Love and Bradley).
    I don’t know how much Nick Young would cost, but he would be a great backup wing, like you say. There are times he could play with the starters (imagine that guy getting shots when Curry is on the floor with him). He has the ability to be the hottest player on the floor for 5 minutes at a time (kind of like Jamal Crawford with the Clippers).
    I like the idea of signing Spencer Hawes. Here’s a guy who can start when Bogut can’t play. He’d be a great backup C playing against most teams’ backups. He also could play a stretch PF with Bogut at C. He’s a guy who could be that second shot blocker I like to see. If he goes to the Clippers, I predict that the Clippers will be NBA champions next season. But the really fun lineup for the Warriors would be if they got Love, and you put Hawes in at the same time. Stretch 4 AND Stretch 5?
    If the Warriors sign Hawes, here’s the depth chart:
    PG Curry, Livingston, Nedovic
    SG Klay, Barnes
    SF Iguodala, Green
    PF Lee, Speights
    C Bogut, Hawes, Ezeli, Kuzmic
    I really like the look of that roster (it could change of course with another trade). My belief is that Klay, Barnes, and Green will continue to improve. If Ezeli can stay healthy, and indeed Hawes were to sign, suddenly there’s a lot of depth and flexibility at PF and C (really more positional movement in the “new” NBA way of defining the power positions, with more outside shooting.

  • Twinkie defense

    Jarrett Jack looks like a whiff with Cleveland, and is even more expensive/long term that Livingston. The great thing about Livingston is, he works with or without Klay if Klay goes in the Love deal. Can’t say the same about… well, about most other guard options (and especially, Kevin Martin).

  • thewarriorsrule

    sure he looks like a whiff with cle. it’s all about team and role and how that piece fits with the team. no one can deny how valuable jack was to the warriors. and i’d be very scared to give livingston any kind of starter minutes. he should stick with the bench role and that’s it. he’s not talented enough to be in our starting 5 and he’s too injury prone to play that many minutes. i’d be all for giving klay and lee for love, but not giving up barnes or a 1st rounder. i wouldn’t mind getting kmart as long as we keep him coming off the bench as a 6th man.

  • benbrung

    1) Hawes is going to be out of the MLE range.
    2) They could still theoretically get Hawes with the remaining trade exception (but it’s looking like he’s out of that range too).
    3) Whoever they line up as a stretch 4 is likely to be fodder for when they go back to the Wolves and say, “last chance before we sign so-and-so.”

  • thewarriorsrule

    agree, let’s see how much hawes goes for!

    how about frye for the trade exception?

  • Twinkie defense

    Jack was mainly valuable to the Warriors because of Jackson’s twisted system, and low cap number. I think the rest of his history says more about him as player than one season under Jackson, forcing Steph off the ball.

  • thewarriorsrule

    well there’s no denying that we could have used jack last year. i think kerr could make good use of him as well.

  • Howard Benner

    Yes, Bradley is a two; Livingston will be the backup “1” & certainly see a lot of the court. . .Bradley is a fine ballhandler & a great defender. . .very unselfish. . .would fit chemistrywise very well with the W’s. . .

    The Lakers already announced they wouldn’t offer Bazemore a contract. . .

    I think of Barnes as a headcase; another underachieving (Randolph) Tar Heel. . .

    Yes, Fry as a second stretch three would seem redundant, but with the new offense & Fry’s ability to play both the “4” & “5” that would be a boon. . .

  • thewarriorsrule

    livingston and bradley would be a nice defensive backcourt, but not a good offensive backcourt. anyhoo bradley just re-signed with the celtics.

    i think some other team would want bazemore, and i don’t see the warriors wanting him back. if they get him back, i think they would be embarassed for letting him go in the 1st place. how about rush?

    barnes is a nice high character guy. he doesn’t complain. his confidence was just shattered with jackson, that’s all. that’s why jackson is gone.

    i would never want frye to play the 5. his defense is not that good, can’t block shots, and even at the 4 he is considered a poor rebounder. i think a stretch 4 in love and semi-stretch 4 in green is sufficient.

    i think warriors should do the trade! we can’t afford both klay and love at the same time, so it’s best to let klay go and “turn” lee’s contract into love’s.


    is better than:


  • Howard Benner

    First off, the W’s have to rid themselves of David Lee. . .plain & simple.

    But the Celts just re signed Bradley, so the debate is over. . .

    The Cadavers are in the process of offering Gordon Hayward of Utah a max deal; he was another off guard i was thinking of. . .

    The tTmberwolves stance all along has been to milk the process to the trade deadline next February. . .so they are playing to their strength; there certainly will be more suitors @ that time as the productivity & advancement of potential playoff teams will be more defined. . .

  • Howard Benner

    I just saw the Celtic resiginign of Bradley. . .

    I don’t think the W’s would be embarrassed with the prospect of bringing Baxemore back; it would actually help; since it was mark Jax who tried to fit baze’s two guard skill set square peg into a one guard round hole in the first place this would reinforce their decision to fire Mark Jax. . .Baze fits in very well with the established W roster. . .

    I posted about the prospects of bringing Rush back earlier in the aftermath of the W’s vacation; he didn’t play much for the Jazz this past year; how is his knee? Many times following an ACL injury there is accompanying cartilage damage; did this occur to Rush? would be a shame if it did. . .

    Seems a lot of people favor bringing in Hawes, who can only play the “5:” he is very slow. . . but with Ezelli already coming back the W’s need a “4” to back up the starters. . .why not another stretch “4?” Doesn’t matter how they get points off the bench. . .

  • thewarriorsrule

    haha yea that bazemore experiment at the 1 was such a disaster, so glad jackson is finally gone.

    i’d like to get rush on the veteran minimum. but then again his career high was with coach jackson.. 😉

    for the center position, i would rather have a healthy ezeli and maybe even try to pry j’oneal back for one more year. i like to see defensive enforcers at this position.

    i think a stretch 4 in love and semi-stretch 4 in green is sufficient. if the warriors don’t get love, then i think frye or hawes is their consolation prize.

    i’m sure myers is threatening the wolves right now: if you don’t want to give us love, then we’re just going to get frye or hawes. props to myers!

  • Howard Benner

    LOL. . .I would like to see O’Neil return as well. . .if injuries aren’t a factor his minutes wouldn’t be as significant as last season. . .

    Just like the chemistry Fry would give to the W’s. . .seems he would fit in great; I would prefer a defensive minded backup “4” but don’t see that guy on the horizon. . .

  • thewarriorsrule

    with a healthy ezeli, o’neal can be used less often, so i think it would work out! sign o’neal for the veteran’s minimum, myers! he wants a championship 🙂

  • Howard Benner

    I liked the way Ezeli was developing before he hurt his knee; if he can pick up from that spot & actually develop a modicum of post moves he could be a bona fida force @ “5. . .”

    O’Neil is contemplating whether to return to Germany for more platlet rich knee injections/treatment. . .that would be nice; one more tough offseason translates into a championship @ the end of the rainbow. . .hopefully

  • Howard Benner

    Well, looks like the three way trade won’t occur; Bradley re signed with Boston. .

    But if they still make the trade with Minnesota then they will have some ca$h to go after another “2. . .” wishful thinking would have that be Gordon Hayward of the Jazz but the Cadavers are set to offer him “max ca$h, , ,” don’ think, unless they do a “sign & trade” for assets that wouldn’t interest the Jazz (outside of the 2015 #1 & Nedovic) that would be improbable. . .but if they still can get Love b4 LeBron signs. . .department of pipedreaming. . .

  • Howard Benner

    Jack commands the ball too much & wouldn’t be a good fit for Steve Kerr’s new offense. . .