Warriors hire assistant coaches of player development Jarron Collins, Bruce Fraser

The Warriors’ coaching staff under Steve Kerr will include assistant coaches of player development Jarron Collins and Bruce Fraser.

Collins was a Stanford star alongside twin brother Jason Collins and later played 10 years in the NBA, including one season with Phoenix while Kerr was the Suns’ general manager.

Fraser played with Kerr at the University of Arizona and later worked for Kerr as a Suns scout.

The Warriors also officially announced the hiring of associate head coach Alvin Gentry and assistant coaches Ron Adams and Luke Walton.

Diamond Leung

  • benbrung

    Welcome aboard to the twin whose soul Mark Jackson is NOT praying for.

  • Howard Benner

    Okay, thinking outside the box; with the recent flurry of FA activity looks like Spencer Hawes will be plying his trade for the “unofficial” rival Clips; Channing Fry would prove too costly; Shaun Livingston (whose signing obviously I endorse & had been calling for for weeks) signing commands the W’s midlevel exception. . .Avery Bradley re signed with the Celts. . .

    How about reintroducing the three way trade, now supplanting the Utah Jazz for the Celts. . .the Wolves relinquish Kevin Love to the W’s (of course other assets might be in play, such as Kevin martin to the third party), the W’s trade David Lee & Klay Thompson (plus, perhaps Marisse Speights) in return & then, here’s the part that sweetens the deal; the W’s send Harrison Barnes to the Utah Jazz, who give Gordon Hayward to the W’s. . .

    Hayward has a better handle & passing skills than Klay or Harrison; he is a better rebounder than Klay; he is a more versatile scorer than both Harrison & Klay; his defense is a bit below Klay’s but he can defend the 2 & the 3; thus Igudola can guard some 1’s, as Klay did last season. . .

    Of course in this scenario the addition of Hayward would be of a ‘sign & trade” nature; allegedly the Cadavers are contemplating offering Hayward “max money;” however, if Klay will command “max ca$h” why not Hayward?

    Plus, in this scenario the Jazz get something back that would entice them more than what Cleveland could potentially offer. Besides, the W’s & jazz have co existed as trade partners just one season ago; other assets from Oakland/San Francisco would no doubt be in play; probably next season’s #1 draft choice. . .this would no doubt preclude any further FA moves (save for either Kent Bazemore or Brandon Rush, but I think Nick Young would be going elsewhere) but, relinquishing both Klay & Barnes would offset by bringing in the versatile Hayward, who would be a great fit in the W’s locker room. . .

    Remember; Barnes will never be a top three “3” in the association; that is the land of “the King,” KD & ‘Melo; meanwhile, Love is not only a top three “4” but one of the most versatile players in the league; great scorer & rebounder, upper echelon passer & bulky enough to provide better inside defense than David Lee. . .

    So, a starting team of Andrew Bogut @ 5, Love @ 4, Igudola @ 3, hayward @ 2 & Steph @ 1 has to be one fo the best starting fives in the association; the bench will consist of Shaun Livingston, Kent Bazemore, Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green & still an outside chance of procuring Nick Young & even Ekpe Udoh returning to the W’s as a bench “4. . .” don’t forget O’Neil might return as well. . .Nemanja Nedovic would be available as either a trade asset (Minnesota?) or return to the W’s. . .

  • thewarriorsrule

    why would the jazz give hayward for barnes? not to mention hayward is getting max offer from the cavs, how would the warriors afford him?

  • Stan

    Bob Fitzgerald dyed his hair blond- bright blond. He looks like those kids in the 1950’s with the striped shirts in schoolbooks. “See Bob give Joe an apple”
    Also..why is javascript necessary for posting on the Merc? Its like asking for leaking of info.

  • Howard Benner

    First, I prefaced my comments with an obvious declaration that this is just a theoretic comment.

    But here’s the thinking; call it vision. . .the Cadavers don’t have any viable assets that could top a potential offer of Barnes; I would think the Cadavers would have to involve another team to make the trade more palatable. . .Waiters for Hayward straight up would not be smart; a trouble maker for a team oriented player?

    With Barnes & Thompson both gone replacing Thompson with Hayward would be swapping out one potential max deal for another. . .if Speights were included to even the ca$h the W’s could have Thompson’s, Speights’ & Barnes’ contracts to come up with max money or something similar for Hayward. . .if the Jazz are to lose Hayward it would be better to obtain a player that still possesses long range potential. Who on the Cadavers would match that? Nobody they want to avail. . .