Warriors’ Steve Kerr thinks David Lee will start, envisions Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes as stretch forwards

LAS VEGAS — Warriors coach Steve Kerr has made it known that he’d like a big man to stretch the floor with his ability to shoot.

If the Warriors aren’t able to sign one or trade for Kevin Love, Kerr is looking at Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes to complement David Lee.

Kerr said Barnes was a standout in summer league practices and said he was a candidate to be a starter. He noted Green has worked on his jump shot. Last season, Barnes’ 3-point shooting dipped to 34.7 percent while Green’s improved to 33.3 percent.

“That’s where I think Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes can make a big difference if we go small,” Kerr told KNBR on Friday. “Their ability to shoot threes is big. You saw Draymond make five threes in Game 7 (of the playoff series against the Los Angeles Clippers), which is one of the reasons why the Warriors almost won that game. We need some shooting out of that position.

“I love David Lee, and I think he’s going to be our starter, and he’s going to score a lot and be our slasher and our interior scorer. But we need to complement that with some perimeter shooting from that spot, too.”

Diamond Leung

  • Lol

    What happens of lee and klay are traded, who starts then?
    Lol it feels like everything with the warriors has to do with kevin love.

  • Stan

    LeBron signs with his homeland team. Tim K. was once again,wrong. How can I get a job as a sports columnist or sports show host and be wrong all the time,and get paid with “awards”?..lol.

  • Stan

    And you know what the Warriors REALLY think of Love,if they are talking an offense that suits the Love man before he even gets here.
    Stan reads between the Lacob lines..always have.

  • sunshipballoons

    If Lee and Klay are traded, Love starts at the 4. Presumably, Martin and Iguodala start at the wings, because Harrison Barnes will probably never play the 3 for Kerr.

    That’s a major problem for the Ws right now. Wings need to be able to handle the ball in the triangle, and the Ws only have two (Klay and Iguodala) who can do that. I think we’ll see a lot of Livingston and Curry playing together if they don’t pick up another ball handler.

    I also don’t see how there are enough minutes for both Green and Barnes, who are entirely duplicative in Kerr’s likely system. Which is why we can probably expect Harrison to be gone, if not in the off season, then sometime before the deadline.

  • benbrung

    That’s even more basic than the offense the are talking about running . . . a stretch four would drive opposing defenses to madness as they try to both extend to half-court on Curry to challenge a perimeter shot that could come from almost anywhere and simultaneously collapse their help to protect the rim when he penetrates. If Bogut’s defender is the only rim-protecting help, he could cause havoc with quick flash cuts to the basket and offensive rebounds & put-backs.

    The triangle concepts they are talking about using as their offense should, theoretically, greatly increase David Lee’s value to the team. There aren’t a lot of power forwards with better passing skills than him in the half-court. The Triangle’s reliance on distribution from the high & low post could mark a new & better phase in his career (for as long as he stays, that is). The increased structure should also help him cut down on turnovers. That said, it would still be nice to pick up a serviceable stretch four with real power forward size and a better shot from distance than Dray & Harrison.

  • Howard Benner

    Two years removed from being considered “untouchable” when he could have been traded for James Harden Barnes has fallen out of favor like a dot com stock in the late 90’s. . .

    If the W’s had made that trade, well, Thompson would not have developed as quickly as he has, but would probably be an upper echelon sixth man; would probably be an improved (from necessity) rebounder & would probably be just as evolved as a defender. . .

    wonder if he would still entice the Wolves as much as he presently does. . .

  • Lol

    A love and Martin backcourt is worse than monta and curry, no defense.

  • rio kid

    A curry and Martin backcourt…with Love down low would be a sieve that would take W’s back a century or two

  • thewarriorsrule

    agree, so i think martin would be 6th man, similar to how okc used him. slide iggy to sg to make up for curry’s defense and start barnes at sf

  • thewarriorsrule

    agreex2, so i think martin would be 6th man, similar to how okc used him.
    slide iggy to sg to make up for curry’s defense and start barnes at sf

  • thewarriorsrule

    agreex3, so i think martin would be 6th man, similar to how okc used him.
    slide iggy to sg to make up for curry’s defense and start barnes at sf

  • Lol

    That’s exactly what i what I was thinking, he was 3 or 4 in 6th man award when he was in okc so i think he can do it. Warriors need a stretch 4 and wing shooter. Kevin love and Martin are exactly that. We would lose klay but since he’s gonna be overpaid soon, i think were good. A starting 5 of curry, iggy, barns, love, bogut is a contender, and also pretty beast.

  • thewarriorsrule

    Absolutely agree, warriors are so stupid not to do this trade, they will regret it

  • J Haskins

    Just find the right az, and kiss it

  • sunshipballoons

    That gives you two starters out of position in a triangle: Igoudala and barnes.

  • Lol

    Barnes is a sf and iggy has played shooting guard, he played sg in Denver and sf is barnes original position.

  • sunshipballoons

    Barnes has been epically horrible at SF. He has next to zero offense at that position. And he’s not a ball handler, so he really can’t play SF in the triangle. At the moment, the Ws do not have a serviceable SF behind Igoudala, which means a lot of 3-guard lineups, probably.

    Igoudala “has played” SG, but barely. He did play primarily at SG for Denver in 2012-13. He played only 14% of his minutes at SG last year (despite the dearth of depth the Ws had at the guard position). Other than the year in Denver, he had not played more than 35% of his minutes at SG since his third year in Philly. So, yes, he “can” play SG, but he generally doesn’t and shouldn’t. That’s especially true in the triangle, where he’s a terrible fit for SG because it calls for a jump shooter/scorer there. (He is, however, a perfect fit for the ball-handler required for the SF position.)

    So, no, Barnes is not really a SF and Igoudala is not a primary
    SG. At least not if you’re trying to

  • Lol

    We are not running the traditional triangle it’s going to different but will have some triangle effects. It really doesn’t matter if some people are out of postion as long as we have multiple cutters to the basket and passing for spacing. Iggy can become the ball handler “sf” and just guard the other teams sg. Keeping barnes while his value is down is good because less teams are gonna want him. I personally think he can’t be the star people except but he has great athleticism and might work out if we keep him.

  • sunshipballoons

    Yes, reporters keep saying “triangle elements.” But everything Kerr is saying suggests they will have traditional triangle positions and that he’s heavily invested in that offense. They cannot play a lineup of Curry, Iguodala and Barnes and run any semblance of a triangle. Who is the second shooter in that lineup???

  • Lol

    I’m pretty sure kevin love would be in the triangle he is a great 3’point shooter. If not then we would need someone to be a better shooter and working on their shooting, like barnes has lol.

  • sunshipballoons

    The triangle offense uses all five players. So Love is the shooting (strong side) forward in the triangle. Curry is the shooting guard (lowercase “s”, not the SG) in the triangle and Iguodala is the wing. Bogut is on the weakside high post as the passing big. So, who is the spot up shooter at the top of the arc? Barnes? Green? You can’t put those guys at the wing, because it’s a ball handling/passing position.

    The perimeter triangle requires a third shooter. This lineup doesn’t have one, which is why I think Martin plays big minutes if they make this deal (even though they don’t want to pay him).

    That’s why they don’t want to move Klay. They lack the personnel to run their offense with Love and not Klay. (Although Rush will be a serviceable reserve at that position.)

  • Lol

    I agree with your idea but remember we are NOT doing the traditonal triangle, only some elements and the Kerr system is soposed to be using more passing ans spacing, that being said klay is a good shooter but he is not a ball handler. Also. Would it be difficult to more barnes/green to the wing and make iggy the handler/passing he is known as a “point forward” i know warriors don’t want to pay Martin that much but thier going to have to over pay klay eventually so what the point. I think Martin would be very useful even with. His defense, rush is good but maybe he’s not. I know this takes away a shooter but lee can shoot so if they keep the current roster how would it look?