Warriors’ Steve Kerr on still owning small part of Phoenix Suns: ‘I’m not Steve Ballmer’

LAS VEGAS – The Warriors play against Phoenix today at the NBA Summer League, and in an unusual circumstance, coach Steve Kerr currently owns a small part of the Suns.

“I do, which is kind of crazy, but it’s in the process,” Kerr said of ultimately having to sell his stake of the Suns.

Kerr helped Phoenix owner Robert Sarver purchase the team and eventually became the team’s general manager.

Kerr must divest from the Suns and described his ownership stake as “very, very small.”

“I’m not Steve Ballmer,” Kerr said of the former Microsoft CEO who in May agreed to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion. “I’m Steve Kerr.”

Diamond Leung

  • John Eskridge

    How can you be a Dubs head coach and still have a stake in another team

  • Stan

    wow,Its getting harder and harder to post here. Somethings up.

    Kerr being part owner of the Suns is NBA good old boy morals. Why,Joe Lacob still was a minority owner of the Celtics when he took over the Warriors.
    Wealthy men protect other wealthy men from taking any risks…like selling what you had and not getting what you want. Uh-Uh..YOU the public take the risk,you ain’t rich.

  • robert semorebutts

    nothing against Kerr…but Warriors should’ve kept Jackson,,,