Marv Albert gets call, early look of former broadcast partner Steve Kerr coaching Warriors

LAS VEGAS – TNT broadcaster Marv Albert is doing the play-by-play on NBA TV for tonight’s Warriors-Lakers summer league game, but Albert has already gotten a look at former partner Steve Kerr in action.

Albert attended the Warriors’ game on Saturday to watch Kerr coach his second professional game, as the two are close from spending plenty of time together at TNT.

“A little twisted, which I like,” Albert said of Kerr’s sense of humor.

Said a smiling Kerr: “Well Marv should know. He’s got one, too.

“We always had a lot of fun together on the air and behind the scenes. Marv is a really witty guy and very well-read and cultured, so it was always fun to talk to him about basketball and everything else. We had a great eight years together.”

Albert recalled that he could have seen that Kerr would become a coach as he noticed his partner would ask NBA coaches a lot of questions in interviews with them before games.

“He was always in contact with Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson and constantly asking questions to the point they basically would tell him to get lost,” Albert joked.

Albert noted that Kerr has “great relationships” with officials and doesn’t expect many technical fouls being called on him.

Albert also disagreed with the idea that Kerr was too nice for the coaching profession.

“I think you can be a nice guy,” Albert said. “There’ll be times maybe he’ll raise his voice. And win. You can. There’s been evidence of that. You don’t always have to be screaming at people.”

Albert, the former New York Knicks broadcaster, saw Kerr wrestle with his decision to choose the Warriors over coaching for Jackson in the Big Apple.

Kerr made the right call in picking Golden State and has what it takes to keep up with the demands of the job, according to Albert.

“Look at the difference in the franchises in the way they’re run and in the way the teams are,” Albert said. “Just look at the rosters. I don’t think there’s no contest. And plus, he’s a West Coast guy.

“Steve always looks so healthy. He’s a California guy. He’s in the sun a lot.”

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