Warriors’ Bob Myers looking at trades, but wants Steve Kerr’s staff to coach ‘pretty good’ current roster

Warriors general manager Bob Myers has joined coach Steve Kerr has in saying that he likes the team’s current roster.

Those sentiments don’t rule out a Warriors trade for Minnesota star Kevin Love being made this offseason, but they are letting it be known that they are fine standing pat.

“We want to give this coaching staff a chance to coach a roster that we think is pretty good,” Myers told Warriors broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald on KNBR on Monday. “It doesn’t mean we think we’re championship-ready. We’re always looking to do things. But we do think the roster is good and young, and we’d like to see what it can do with the new staff.”

The Warriors in the offseason have brought in a new coaching staff under Kerr, signed backup guard Shaun Livingston and feel that a healthy Festus Ezeli will add another valuable rotation player they didn’t’ have last season.

Somewhat similarly, Minnesota president and coach Flip Saunders has indicated that he does not have to trade Love by the start of the season and could be content trying to contend for the playoffs with his big man.

If a deal is to be made, young players such as Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes could become Timberwolves. But the Warriors continue to say they’d like to keep the current group together.

“What I think people often do and maybe sometimes make the mistake doing is pull the trigger quickly on your roster without giving it time to develop,” Myers said. “And we think we’ve got a lot of youth, and we do think we’ve got a higher ceiling than 51 (wins last season).”

“We like our roster. Obviously if you’re not good enough, you’ve got to make changes, but we think we’re good.”

Diamond Leung

  • Lol

    Omg this wait is killing me, make the trade or don’t, i just wanna know. Lol

  • Ken Stuart

    Sorry, the trade could happen in March 2015 – or any time in between.

  • wil

    I am with you, they been staying pat too long, which resulted in losing the 9.8 million player traded exception.

  • jsl165

    Myers has it right. Let’s see what we’ve got here now; Love is no panacea.

  • J Haskins

    Bob Myers is right. The Warriors are a better than a 51 win team. But they had injuries that kept them from winning 55+ and the 4th seed. Lets see what golden boy Kerr does with a HEALTHY roster

  • This team is solid, but still can’t contend with the better teams. Our depth has still yet to be addressed. Adding one player to the weakest bench in the league isn’t going to cut it. The front office has missed some very big opportunities this off season, due to sitting around waiting on a Love possibility and for Lebron and the other big guys to commit. Our secondary unit still needs a scoring option, and a backup Center is DRASTIC. Bogut’s body isn’t a guarantee and Ezeli is not a legitimate option.

  • Twinkie defense

    Centers Bogut, Ezeli, Lee, Kuzmic, maybe O’Neal. Bench is fine, Jackson didn’t know how to use it, but even still swept Miami, beat OKC, Indiana, Portland, basically played Clios to a draw over 11 gamea, etc. Every team has warts. No need to panic.

  • Jay

    Dont we always have injuries that prevent us? Maybe we should be investing in a better training and physical therapy staff, maybe Kerr can recruit those good ol guys from Phoenix lol you saw what they did for Grant Hill?

  • Only valid option there is Bogut…and he’ll most likely get hurt again. Have you watched any Summer League games featuring Kuzmic? Size doesn’t equate to skill. He’s far from ready…as is Festus. Hard worker, but wasn’t ready when he played his rookie year and now he’s a whole year away from the game. Again…not a valid option. Bench is weak like it was last year and it needs to improve in order to contend in 7 game series vs the stronger teams out west. Right now we’d run a backup unit of Livingston, Barnes, Green, Speights, Ezeli with most likely Steph or Klay running double shifts and working too many minutes. It’s better than last year…don’t get me wrong, but it needs much more. Trading Barnes for Afflalo and a first at draft night would have been huge and the right move. Barnes’s value is only going to drop while coming off the bench, and he doesn’t have the skill to beat Iggy or Klay as a starter, and we’re not choosing him over Green to start over Lee who outplays them both.

  • Twinkie defense

    I have been watching Kuzmic, after his hand healed he played well in D League and has looked good, very active in Vegas. There will be a higher level of competition but I see no reason he can’t nail down a few minutes as #3 center – have you seen the centers on other rosters?

    Re. The bench we’ll agree to disagree. Biggest hole was a facilitator, who we have now in Livingston. And biggest problem was they were used terribly. And that’s very fixable now.

    Man for man this is one of the best rosters in the League. It’s not perfect but show me one that is.

  • thewarriorsrule

    klay and lee (and filler) for love and martin. no barnes. do it already!

  • thewarriorsrule

    agree with twinkie, ezeli would be our 2nd center, o’neal 3rd, and kuzmic 4th.

  • thewarriorsrule

    agree, ezeli would be our 2nd center, o’neal 3rd, and kuzmic 4th.

  • thewarriorsrule

    bench talent is good. it will be better next year because kerr is implementing a motion offense and not iso, and he’s not going to hockey sub like jackson.

  • thewarriorsrule

    agree, kuzmic was pretty good in his few mins last year, i think he was misused by jackson. kuzmic surprised me and grab boards at a high rate, better than most #3 centers in the league.

  • thewarriorsrule

    agree, but i don’t think it was injuries that kept that from winning more, it was jackson and with kerr we’ll be better.

  • thewarriorsrule


  • thewarriorsrule

    me too

  • Grey Warden

    I’m not too optimistic about a healthy roster this coming season. You have:
    – Bogut still recovering from his broken ribs
    – Festus still recovering from his knee
    – DLee just having a minor surgery for his muscle/hip flexor thing
    – Iguodala with his knee tendinitis
    – If Jermaine O’Neal comes back, he’s often injured.

    3 of 5 starters having injury problems in the off-season. Always have to worry about Curry’s ankles (can you imagine if he took off the ankle braces and tried playing bball doing crossovers without them?) Curry was healthy last season, but everyone still worries about the ankles. The only durable starter is Thompson.

    No durable bigs and no durable backup bigs. Probably going to be playing a lot of small ball.

  • Dave Amoroso

    why is it that we always have to refer to a “second unit”? drives me nuts…this is a recent phenomenon….maybe, just maybe, they will mix and match.i would bet that kerr does that……

  • Twinkie defense

    Kerr says Speights will also get time backing up Bogut. A plethora of options!

  • thewarriorsrule

    i look at speights more as a backup 4. but yes, he’s already working on his conditioning right now. he started off last year out of shape, but ended the season strong. i think next year he’ll be the player we all expected him to be. especially now that kerr’s coaching!

  • Biedrins grabbed boards at a high rate as well…doesn’t mean it’s a valid option once again. Having people we can’t trust in there equates to us using our starters for more minutes. Just not smart to do throughout an entire season. Livingston is a great pickup, but we just need more…especially if Oneal chooses to not come back. Ezeli isn’t ready and Kuzmic needs the D league for a few more years..

  • thewarriorsrule

    agree, if o’neal doesn’t come back, we need someone to take his spot!

  • Our Team

    Disagree re Ezeli, especially by the playoffs he’ll be ready as a legitimate backup center and will surprise you. He doesn’t need to score. He is extremely athletic with quick feet on D and good size.

  • DGL510

    uhhhhhhh… we have no cap space!!! and we still need to resign Klay. Last seasons bench, at the start, was atrocious. Now. Livingston, Rush, Barnes, Green, Ezeli… Weakest bench in the league? Our back up centers were Jermaine oneal and two power forwards playing against Deandre Jordan. Relax. This is a really good team kid. You want a big move? great. Lets give up multiple players for one and THEN start depleting our depth.

  • DGL510

    Forget the injuries Douglas, Barnes, Speights, Green, and Oneal was our 2nd unit. Wheres the offense?! The scouting report suggests taking out Barnes and let the rest shoot at will. The 2nd unit this season will be MUCH improved.