Warriors interested in bringing free agent Brandon Rush back to Golden State

LAS VEGAS — The Warriors are among the teams scheduled to attend a workout for free agent guard Brandon Rush, who tore an ACL while with the team in 2012 before playing in 38 games for Utah last season.

The Warriors at this time can afford minimum contracts due to salary cap constraints, but could look to bring Rush back to the team after he averaged 9.7 points and 3.8 rebounds in 67 games with Golden State before getting injured.

“Rush was great,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers told KNBR on Monday. “Everybody that’s been a fan saw how good he was for us, so if he’s healthy, and he can play, which we hear he can — we’ll go watch him and see — it’s a good addition if we could get him.

“You don’t know what the price would be, but we like Brandon.”

Myers, who said he would like to sign two more players, is also interested in bringing back center Jermaine O’Neal.

“We like those two guys because we know ‘em a little bit,” Myers said. “We’ve had them in the organization. It’s nice to bring back players that you know and have been around.

“Both those guys are great guys.”

Diamond Leung

  • wil

    We (Dubs) should’nt Have to to gp see Brandon Rush in order for us to consider him, we should just acquire him, he got hurt under our watch and we traded him to Utah, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Give him the chance

  • 510 Sports

    Rush will have plenty of suitors at the veteran minimum (which is all the Warriors can offer). So it is up to Rush, not the Warriors. Myers would sign him right now if he would accept the minimum contract.

  • ballboi85

    We need a freakin’ BIG (PF or C). No more guard or wing players!

  • David Jaulus

    Even if Rush is at say 80 percent of what he was, he’ll be better than Kent Bazemore and Toney Douglass combined!!! Another potential angle to look at the Love situation is doesn’t Flip Saunders realize how comparatively simple it would be for Bob Myers to clear cap space and sign Love outright next offseason? Lee and Speights will be serviceable players with 18 million dollars worth of expiring contracts. Move them to bad teams and then offer Love somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years 90 million.

  • Jay

    Lets bring another injury prone player back to sit on the bench lol rather go with Baron Davis for the cheap ig you want to bring back injury prone players in the mix.

  • 510 Sports

    We need guards. All we have are Steph, Klay and Livingston. Nedovich is mediocre at best. Iguodala can play some guard, but still that is just 4 legit guys.

  • sunshipballoons

    First, it’s not clear that’s possible. To dump Lee and Speights for salary cap room, you have to find a team with cap space that’s willing to take them off your hands. What do the Warriors have to give up to buy a team’s cap space. Late first round picks around 2020? So, I’m not so sure it’s as easy as you think to just dump these two guys for no salary.

    But, let’s assume that they can trade Lee and Speights for no salary in return. After maxing out on Love, that puts the 2015-16 salaries at $54,265,942. That team has only 9 players (Love, Bogut, Iguodala, Curry, Thompson, Livingston, Barnes, Ezeli, and Nedovic. Let’s assume the cap bumps up by about $6 million, as it did for the 2014-15 season (this may be way off — it could be more or a lot less). That leaves about $16 million fill the rest of the roster, which isn’t too bad. If they’re going to keep Green, he’ll probably take up about $6-8 million, leaving $10 million for the remaining spots. But those aren’t really the final two roster spots. One of those has to go to a real backup center, so that’ll cost a lot of that 10 million, leaving a vets minimum type for the 12th-15 spots. Doable, but not so easy.

    But of course the main problem is finding the taker for Lee with the cap space.

  • thewarriorsrule

    JON and rush

  • thewarriorsrule

    rush and JON would be nice

  • David Jaulus

    All of what you say is absolutely valid, but my thought process is Bob Myers fond a taker for Beadrins and Jefferson although he did have picks in his back pocket, but I don’t think anyone would deny that Speights/Lee are much more useful than Beadrins and RJ.

  • Howard Benner

    Uh. . .doesn’t Baron Davis have quite an injury marred history?

    Besides, he’s a one who commands the ball. . .

  • sunshipballoons

    Yes, but in that trade, they took back Igoudala’s salary. I’m saying that to trade Lee, they will have to take back salary. The best chance to trade him and dump salary would be to trade him during the year this year for an expiring contract. But the Ws will never do that because they aren’t going to quit on the season. That said, I hope you’re right and Myers has some more miracles up his sleeve.

  • David Jaulus

    I mean it’s impossible to tell what happens, but as a long time warriors fan who went through the Chris Cohan regime, I have absolute faith in Bob Myers. His record speaks for itself until proven otherwise. Solid add to the bench crew bringing back Brandon Rush on the cheap.

  • sunshipballoons

    I share your faith in the current regime. I just don’t think it’s practical to have Love, Curry and Durant and still have an entire team.

    The Rush move is terrific. Either he gives them a legit back up SG, which they did not have previously, or a guy who can replace a lot of Klay’s defense if they move him for Love.

  • David Jaulus

    I never had any thoughts about the Dubs getting KD. I just want Love, Curry and Thompson as our Big 3 going forward, if possible. As much as I respect what David Lee has done for the Warriors organization over the past few years, I don’t think he fits Steve Kerr’s vision of the Dubs optimal offense, b/c D- Lee despite his many positive attributes is best in an isolation based pick and roll offense and he doesn’t have the shooting range to be a true stretch 4.

  • sunshipballoons

    Oh, I was having another conversation with somebody who proposed going after Durant in 2016. I must have confused this conversation with that one. I totally agree with you, I’d love to see a Love/Curry/Thompson core.

    I actually think Lee is a great fit for the triangle. The problem is that his position in that offense is the weakside high post, which is also the best fit for Bogut in that offense. If there’s no Love trade, we’ll see them running a lot of pick and rolls with the weakside post guy and the wing (who may be Curry a lot of the time).

  • David Jaulus

    My question is where do the Dubs go for a stretch 4? I think they need the consistent floor spacing to open up lanes for cutters and drivers. A name I’m hearing is Omri Caspi, who might be a good fit. I don’t think the Dubs should go into next season exclusively relying on Harrison and Draymond to fill that role. I’m not sue that’s who either of them is as players right now.

  • David Jaulus

    You really know the ins and outs of offensive basketball I’m impressed!

  • sunshipballoons

    I think adding Casspi for depth makes sense, but he might never get off the bench. His career and 2013-14 3 point percentage is right about 35%. Harrison’s is also right around 35% career and last year. Breen shot 33% on threes last year (his first as a 3 point shooter). Casspi is a better passer and penetrator than Barnes and Green are, but probably worse at everything else (although he has played so little the last two seasons, it’s hard to know exactly what he’s good at right now). Passing and penetrating aren’t really part of what he’d be asked to do for the Ws, so it’s not clear he’d get off the bench. Still probably worth a vet minimum salary to the Ws–they need to sign somebody. Now, if they end up do end up sending Barnes, Green and Lee to Minnesota for Love, then they’d really need Casspi because they’d lose their best backup PF options in that move.

  • sunshipballoons


  • David Jaulus

    I completely agree, I think Caspi’s worth a flyer either way on a vet. min. deal if the Dubs choose to go that route.