Video: Warriors’ Steve Kerr shot back at official, but doesn’t score first coaching technical foul

LAS VEGAS – Warriors coach Steve Kerr got up off the bench, took five steps out to the 3-point line and had sharp words for an official while pointing right at him.

Warriors summer league player Michael Watt had been whistled for a moving screen and squatted down in disbelief at the foul. It ended up being Watt and not the usually mild-mannered Kerr who actually picked up the technical foul during the Warriors’ 89-88 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

“It wasn’t mine?” Kerr said after the game, smiling. “I thought I got it. I was kind of pleased with myself. Damn, I guess I’ll have to get one next game.”

Kerr even in the moment joked about picking up what he believed to be a technical while coaching in his third professional game, pointing and smiling at someone he knew across the court after sitting and calming down.

Those close to him realize the first time will be a milestone.

“Congrats to my dad on his first technical foul as a coach!” his son, University of San Diego guard Nick Kerr, tweeted. “First of many…”

Tweeted former broadcast partner David Aldridge, “My friend Steve Kerr just went all Travis Bickle on the refs. #T’dup.”

Alas, the first technical will have to wait. But maybe the big explosion will come sooner than later.

“He might take some on purpose the way guys do from time to time,” former broadcast partner Marv Albert, who called the game, said last week. “I don’t see him getting carried away.”

While talking about his expected laidback sideline personality, Kerr said last week, “I’ll probably pick up a T in my first game, you know?”

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