Warriors’ Stephen Curry looks to improve on defense as new assistant Ron Adams sees the potential

LAS VEGAS – The Warriors’ Stephen Curry is the latest star player that defensive guru Ron Adams will get to help, and the new assistant coach likes what he sees in the guard’s length and quickness.

“I think he has all the prerequisites to be a good defensive player, and he shows that at times,” Adams said.

“A lot of the good offensive players are inconsistent in their defense. Kevin Durant when I was with Kevin (as an assistant in Oklahoma City) was like that. Kevin was a really good defensive player when he puts his mind to it, but other times he doesn’t apply what he can do always. I like what Curry brings.”

Defense also happens to be an area where Curry talked Tuesday about strengthening this offseason in order to make it second nature. He’ll get a head start later this month in working on it for Team USA in coach Mike Krzyzewski’s defense even as most of the outside attention is focused on his offensive game.

“With the amount of talent we have on the (national) team, being able to…stand out, you’ve got to be able to put that pressure on the offense and use that athleticism that we have,” Curry told Sirius XM. “That’s one of our strengths, so that’s something that I know Coach K loves to do, and I’ve got to be ready for it.”

With the Warriors, Curry will have a respected coach in Adams who actually coached his father during Dell’s one season in Milwaukee.

“Curry is a brilliant player and at times has been brilliant defensively, and I think the trick there is to simply get him brilliant more of the time,” Adams told KNBR.

Diamond Leung

  • Stan

    Its nice the Warriors have stepped up the “teaching skills” part of basketball. We saw none of that from former Warrior coaches..just Nelson yelling,and Montgomery and the rest ignored by former Warriors who sure needed to listen and learn.
    BUT,If the Warriors think all that and standing pat is not worth Love,they are sadly mistaken. I hope the Warriors aren’t listening to their own echoes saying that Klay Thompson is the next coming. Worse? They would be thinking like Tim Kawakami- that’s like doomsday for any team.
    Get Love,and sniffle that Klay is gone. And then crush some teams!

  • Stan

    I think Kawakami is a republican. He loves Billy Beane far too much.

  • Stan

    One last observation. Klay has the body of a young Jerry West. Kerr,I notice has a strong resemblance to Jerry West. I hope this teams fortunes don’t rest on a 77 year old living through young players,coaches like himself. Spooky.

  • jsl165

    Silly post.

    If you really think trading Klay/Lee for Love/Martin somehow makes this a better team, argue your point — and cite some evidence.

    And when you do, take into consideration the following:

    1. Love plays in three fourths of his team’s games only half the time — three out of his six years, and never two years in a row. (He did last year, so maybe he can break his trend. Or maybe not.)

    2. Love’s D is awful, it’s his O that people crave. But his shooting percentages plummet in crunch time — to under 40 percent on FG’s and 65 percent on FT’s. Do you really want a guy who’s at his worst with the game on the line?

    3. Love’s mates in Minny hardly ‘love’ the guy, and both Barea and Rubio have called him out for finger pointing and not showing up at team functions when injured. Which has been a lot.

    4. Love will want a K that’s way out of whack with current Dub practices, which will create problems — especially if he gets injured, again.

    5. Love has never won a thing.

    Now, on the good side, Love has never missed a playoff game. So that’s a starting point if you ever believe you can offer any analysis to support your prejudices. Good luck!

  • Lol

    I think trading a ok player for an all nba and all star player is worth it.

  • Twinkie defense

    Klay has won playoff games. Team USA invite – not too shabby.

  • Lol

    Actually the warriors have won playoff games, with that logic you could say marrese speights is better than Klove, and Klove has been invited to team usa as we’ll not too bad just saying.

  • jsl165

    Not very convincing arguments when you read them over. Might want to rethink one or two anyway (e.g. As to #1: That’s precisely the point: he’s injury prone).

  • Lol

    So is d lee he just got injured lol, what else you got.

  • jsl165

    Funny boy! Tell us when you hit adolescence.

  • Lol

    What? Are you trying to be rude because i didn’t even say anything about you. That was just disrespectful.

  • thewarriorsrule

    don’t worry about jsl and twinkie defense. they can not refute the evidence that you speak with.

  • Lol

    Thank you!

  • benbrung

    Whatever sentimentally he has, there’s no way it can compete with his OCD for winning basketball. He has cut loose players he loved like family when the right deal came along. He also has a history of not giving in to “common sense” and was considered backward in school because of it.

    Whatever mistake you are worried about him making now, you can’t argue that he’s been proven right more times than just about any other executive. He doesn’t care if everyone with a blog or ESPN airtime thinks he’s wrong

    This is a guy who got flak for using a late first-round pick to draft Vlade Divac who immediately proved to be more than worth it. Eight years later it didn’t stop anyone from giving him even more flak when he traded Divac for the 13th pick so he could use it to draft Kobe Bryant. They got over that one too. The day after the W’s drafted Klay I heard more than one person comment that West was getting senile because he raved about Thompson’s defensive potential though his college career seemed to demonstrate the opposite.

    He has a long and stellar history of being at odds with masses of people who know a lot less than he does. That’s why the Warriors hired him to be on the management team rather than having fans text-vote their preferences like American Idol.

  • Stan

    At 26,Kevin Love is a bona fide HOF player. 2. He’s not happy in Arctic Minnesota? He must have a brain!..’cause nobody would live there if they didn’t have to. Being chased by Polar Bears gets old.
    Here,only chicks at the Beach in Santa Cruz.

  • Howard Benner

    Uh, completely different body types. Klay is thicker than the slightly built
    “Logo. . .”

    Don’t think that is the case, Stan. . .their games were completely different as well. I know; I’m 57 & had the good fortune of seeing West on many an occasion, including @ least 12 live occurrences. . .

    West was a facilitator, particularly after Gail Goodrich joined the Lakers. . .in his era West was the best guard @ penetrating to the rim. . .he wound never dunk. . .but he had crazy hops. . .

    So, no, don’t think that is the case here. . .if memory serves West was insistent the W’s draft Klay. . .but Klay, who is still trying to develop his handle & inside game doesn’t have the explosion of West. . .so, no, again, don’t think West is doing anything other than reinforce the attributes of Klay & fend off including him in a trade to the Wolves for Love. . .

    Still think Love is the path to pursue. . .since the Cavs now are willing to offer Wiggins in a trade with Minnesota I think the W’s package including Klay is more attractive. . .all things considered Martin is a good offensive player & with Rush resigning (hopefully he can approach 2011-12’s numbers) & Livingston joining him the W’s post a formidable backcourt that could mitigate the loss of Thompson by judiciously delegating the minutes of the W’s backcourt. . .

  • DGL510

    LOL! ………………………at the HOF part

  • DGL510

    strong finish

  • Stan

    As funnnny as the local media who cried when the “invaluable” Monta Ellis was traded. Same for you and the “invaluable” Klay Thompson.
    The Warriors never learn. The one chance at a superstar..and nooo,we need a guy who likes to shoot the ball..and once in a while gets hot.

  • Stan

    First of all,the Mercury should be ashamed of itself. First,it bans me from posting on Kawakami’s blog because I’m of a higher intelligence,and Tim is jealous of that,and second,they have some filtering software,that prevents me from posting on any MT2 article. I’ve heard of that software..and sure enough,reloads,freezes,jumps. How can so called journalists be so willing to stop my right to answer back?.. I pay for the paper to boot.
    Tim and MT2 must be incredibly insecure men.

  • Stan

    And- MT2 article supporting keeping Klay? ..dumb as a log. Talk about never learning from the past. Its the very same garbage we heard as to why we should never trade Monta ( or as Lacob says it Montuh) Ellis.

  • Stan

    And thanks Diamond. Your a posters best friend!

  • Stan

    Stan’s Blog and Observations,blogger.com. The Blog so hot, the media fears it.