Warriors’ Stephen Curry looks to improve on defense as new assistant Ron Adams sees the potential

LAS VEGAS – The Warriors’ Stephen Curry is the latest star player that defensive guru Ron Adams will get to help, and the new assistant coach likes what he sees in the guard’s length and quickness.

“I think he has all the prerequisites to be a good defensive player, and he shows that at times,” Adams said.

“A lot of the good offensive players are inconsistent in their defense. Kevin Durant when I was with Kevin (as an assistant in Oklahoma City) was like that. Kevin was a really good defensive player when he puts his mind to it, but other times he doesn’t apply what he can do always. I like what Curry brings.”

Defense also happens to be an area where Curry talked Tuesday about strengthening this offseason in order to make it second nature. He’ll get a head start later this month in working on it for Team USA in coach Mike Krzyzewski’s defense even as most of the outside attention is focused on his offensive game.

“With the amount of talent we have on the (national) team, being able to…stand out, you’ve got to be able to put that pressure on the offense and use that athleticism that we have,” Curry told Sirius XM. “That’s one of our strengths, so that’s something that I know Coach K loves to do, and I’ve got to be ready for it.”

With the Warriors, Curry will have a respected coach in Adams who actually coached his father during Dell’s one season in Milwaukee.

“Curry is a brilliant player and at times has been brilliant defensively, and I think the trick there is to simply get him brilliant more of the time,” Adams told KNBR.

Diamond Leung