Warriors’ Klay Thompson not just a shooter as he continues to expand game on offense

Warriors guard Klay Thompson is at USA Basketball training camp not only vying for a spot on the FIBA World Cup team, but also working to improve his offensive game even more.

“I feel I’m a great spot up shooter so I’m trying to do everything off the bounce as much as I can,” Thompson told LetsGoWarriors. “Just making me more dangerous, just getting in a rhythm, just trying to tighten up my handle.”

Thompson is an accomplished shooter from long distance and last season began to become a more dynamic scorer. He shot a career-high 44.4 percent from the field while also increasing the number of 2-point field goal attempts and trips to the free throw line.

Thompson’s ceiling is one reason why the Warriors have been hesitant to trade him to Minnesota for Kevin Love. Former coach Mark Jackson told The Dan Patrick Show last week he wouldn’t do that deal, either.

No longer does Thompson rely on his 3-point shot, as at 6-foot-7 he can post up and continue to become more effective off the dribble in order to make plays and get to the line.

“I think the one thing he needs to do, he needs to be able to get the ball to the basket more,” Warriors executive board member Jerry West told KNBR earlier this month. “He just can’t settle for jump shots.

“You just can’t make shots outside all the time. You’ve got to be able to make a lot of shots from a lot of different areas, and I think he has the ability to do that and showed it last year at times particularly in the second half of the season.”

Diamond Leung

  • Twinkie defense

    Screw K-Love! 😀

  • Stan

    He’s also a terrible ball handler..and that’s why his going to the basket is what he avoids. Klay is easy pickings in the paint.
    Once again,this is all “Monta Ellisonian” like. We couldnt trade him..”all star to be”,blah,blah.
    We know what this team can do. Only Love takes it up a notch right now sight unseen. He’s GOOD.

  • Stan

    Let me tell you what I posted the season after Ellis was gone and I watched Klay as a rookie : “He’s already 75% of what Ellis was”. Finding somebody who will shoot isnt that hard to find.
    If Jerry West is holding up this trade..his thinker needs to be tested. For his own good.

  • Matt

    If West is the one holding this up (and he doesn’t have enough clout to do that all alone) then his thinker is just fine. If you add a few more points with Love’s offense, you give them back and more by losing Klay’s D on the other end. Not to mention Klay’s game is continuing to expand.

  • benbrung

    Everyone thought West’s thinker needed to be tested when he used a 1st-round pick to take Divac (who currently has the 6th best career statistics for centers in NBA history). They also thought it needed testing 8 years later when he traded Divac for the 13th pick which he used to draft Kobe. I’d say West is during fine vs. the crowd that thinks he’s crazy.

  • benbrung

    If you recall, West was not among the “Monta Ellisonian” blah, blah crowd. Is there a trade on the table that swaps Thompson straight-up for Love? If not, why are you wasting our time with this narrow-minded drivel?