Warriors assistant Luke Walton enjoys summer of beach volleyball with Richard Jefferson, Matt Leinart

New Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton has a good reason for still wearing a Lakers shirt these days.

Walton, who won two NBA championships with the Lakers, is playing this summer on a six-man Southern California beach volleyball squad called Team Fletch, which annually honors the Chevy Chase comedy with players dressed in Lakers jerseys and Afro wigs.

The costumes might be wacky, but the competition is serious The 6-foot-8 Walton after joining Steve Kerr on the bench in NBA Summer League was captured on video at a Manhattan Beach tournament this week spiking the ball and assisting on a block at the net, as Team Fletch went on to take second place.

Walton, 34, plays alongside former Warriors forward Richard Jefferson, who was his teammate at the University of Arizona. Others on Team Fletch include former Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart and professional volleyball player Casey Jennings.

Diamond Leung