Video: Warriors’ Harrison Barnes speaks Mandarin before Taiwan trip for Red Bull King of the Rock

Warriors forward Harrison Barnes is serving as spokesman for the Red Bull King of the Rock one-on-one street basketball tournament and will travel to Taiwan to attend the Sept. 6 final at the prison exercise yards of Green Island.

Barnes, who already can speak some Spanish, spoke in Mandarin as part of this video to help promote the event. He also noted how he enjoys playing one-on-one basketball in his spare time.

Barnes, who attended the King of the Rock final at Alcatraz in 2012, told 95.7 The Game last month that he would play after practices with then-teammates Kent Bazemore and Richard Jefferson and discussed who he thought would be the best one-on-one player from last season’s team.

“I’d probably say you’ve got to watch out for (Jermaine O’Neal),” Barnes said with a laugh. “He’s got a little temper. I’ve seen him and Mo Speights go at it a couple times.

Told O’Neal was old, Barnes said, “You’d be surprised what a temper can do.”

Diamond Leung