‘Nothing’s changed’ for Warriors on Kevin Love as Cleveland reportedly reaches agreement with Minnesota

Minnesota has reached an agreement in principle with Cleveland to trade star forward Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a protected 2015 first-round draft pick, Yahoo Sports reported Thursday.

The Warriors, who were in the running to land Love but unwilling to part with guard Klay Thompson, appear to be set with most of their roster at this point.

Asked if the team was 100 percent out of a power forward deal or if lines of communication were still open last week on KNBR, general manager Bob Myers gave this reply.

“No, nothing’s changed. Nothing’s changed. Same stuff. Nothing’s different.”

The Warriors this offseason have signed Shaun Livingston and Brandon Rush while reaching agreement on a partially-guaranteed contract with Aaron Craft.

“With the roster we have, we feel like we’re a championship-caliber team,” guard Stephen Curry told The Jim Rome Show last week.

“Obviously there’s been a lot of talk the last month or two, and I think there’s a reason we still have Klay Thompson and David Lee and the roster that we expect going into training camp. Every team’s job is to try to get better over the offseason and make certain moves that they think will make them better, and that’s why those thoughts happen.”

Diamond Leung

  • sunshipballoons

    Can’t they make a run at Ryan Anderson? Barnes and Speights works under the cap. Anderson fits the Ws way better than Barnes does and the Pelis could desperately use a SF, even if it’s a SF like Barnes who is actually an awful SF and an undersized PF.

  • flaninerfan

    Still think our offer is better than a first round bust and an unknown, but that decision is not up to me.

  • benbrung

    It’s about time to take the W’s/Kevin Love trade rumor out in the woods, tell it about the rabbits & put a slug in the back of its head. Nothing has changed since June 20. Flip’s wishful thinking & inertia are the only things that have been fueling this talk for a month-and-a-half now.

  • 510 Sports

    You gotta be kidding me.

  • sunshipballoons

    Yeah, totally kidding. I think the Ws are better off not getting better.

  • 510 Sports

    Harrison Barnes is a better all around player than Anderson. Anderson is a one way player and his lone skill is shooting. Anderson’s D is horrible. Look at Barnes posterize him off the dribble last year in Team USA camp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKsluPd44dg Barnes was badly misused by the coaching staff last year as a 2nd unit isolation player in a non-existent offense. In time, Barnes will shoot as high percentage from range as Anderson, obviously has better talent going to the rim, and is already a better defender. To think of trading Barnes for Anderson is just foolish.

  • sunshipballoons

    You’re confused: the player you WANT Barnes to be is better than Anderson.

    You say: Anderson is a one way player and his lone skill is shooting. Anderson’s D is horrible.

    I say: No doubt, the main thing Anderson brings is shooting. He’s one of the best shooting 4s in the league. And that’s something the Ws offense desperately needs, but they don’t have. As for defense, Barnes is an average defender at the 3. Anderson obviously can’t defend the 3. Barnes is a pretty awful defensive player at the 4. Kind of a toss up with Anderson, but I’d take Anderson, mainly because he’s a far better rebounder. And, as I’ll come to in a moment, Barnes will have to play the 4 for this Ws team.

    You say: Look at Barnes posterize him off the dribble last year in Team USA camp

    I say: Yes, so what? Barnes can go to the rim against a 4 who isn’t good at defense. No kidding. Barnes could dunk on himself, too.

    You say: Barnes was badly misused by the coaching staff last year as a 2nd unit isolation player in a non-existent offense.

    I say: That’s for sure. Barnes is a totally incapable isolation player, because he’s not capable of effectively dribbling the ball more than two or three times. He’s also bad in the isolation because he’s a terrible passer. He’s also bad in the isolation because he is incapable of getting his own shot. Unfortunately for him, if, as planned, the Ws run some form of triangle, the only position you can play with those skills is PF (and, even then, his lack of passing ability is a major problem). Oh yeah, and he has no low post game (Anderson, at least, has a so-so post game.) The reality is that his best possible position on offense is a near-wing PF/C – it’s the position that Tim Duncan usually plays and where Melo plays a lot. Basically, one or two step moves from right around the midblock into a quick shot or to the rim. Barnes is pretty good there — it’s where he succeeded offensively in the 2012-13 playoffs when Lee was mostly out. But it’s not part of the Ws new offense, unless they decide to build some plays out of the regular offense around their 5th or 6th best offensive player, which would be ridiculous. But, the flip side is that Barnes stands no chance to defend any 4. So, I guess he defends the opposing 3 and Igoudala or Thompson or Livingston ends up guarding a PF. That’s a recipe for giving up points at a 115 PPG rate.

    You say: In time, Barnes will shoot as high percentage from range as Anderson

    I say: Maybe, but not likely this year. Look: Barnes doesn’t do anything the Ws need from him well. Anderson does one key thing well: Shoot. Maybe one day Barnes will be that good of a shooter. Personally, I’ll take the Anderson, who shoots well now, rather than hope that Barnes can one day in the future shoot just as well as Anderson does now. That’s like: do you prefer Lebron James, or some guy who might one day be as good as Lebron James? It’s not even a serious question.

    You say: obviously has better talent going to the rim,

    I say: Yes, but it’s not like he can penetrate from the perimeter against a decent wing defender.

    You say: already a better defender

    I say: Bull hokey. Barnes is a marginally better defender at the 3 than Anderson is at the 4. Barnes is as bad or worse than Anderson at the 4, which is the position Barnes will have to play this year if his being on the court is going to make the team better, not worse.

    You say: To think of trading Barnes for Anderson is just foolish.

    I say: Foolish like a fox! Seriously, if the Ws could get a guy who is one of the best stretch 4s in the NBA–something they desperately need–for Barnes who, at best, is duplicative of and worse than Green, this would be a no brainer. I think the problem is that nobody really wants to trade for Barnes because he’s garbage.

  • 510 Sports

    You are calling Anderson one of the best stretch 4s in the game. If you mean one of the best long range shooting 4s in the game, I can give you that, but best all around? He is OK.

    Warriors are not playing the triangle exclusively. Kerr has said a motion offense with some elements of the triangle. I am very confident Barnes strengths will be played to much better in the new system. He is a weakside player, runner, finisher, and can shoot. He is a more all around stretch 4 than Anderson. As you said yourself, a slow footed 4 WILL NOT be able to guard Barnes, either in transition or in the half court. You play Barnes in a hybrid 3/4 role over the course of the game and season based on match ups.

    Do not trade a underutilized 22 year old who is very talented and has an exceptional work ethic for a one-trait player. Look at Anderson’s stats in his same age years as Barnes. The Warriors need Barnes’ organic growth, not an injury prone guy who has plateaued in his NBA role and will never give you anything on D. Name me one good 4 who Anderson will be able to guard?

  • sunshipballoons

    I don’t think this is very complicated:

    1. Shooting — Anderson much better than Barnes

    2. PF Defense — both are useless. Personally, I prefer Anderson, but I agree he’s awful, too. Neitehr can defend any decent 4s at all in any meaningful way. (Anderson does provide a small amount of weakside help defense, that Barnes doesn’t, which I prefer Anderson, but I concede that the difference is largely irrelevant.

    3. SF Defense – Barnes better, but with two caveats: (a) He’s pretty awful at SF defense, too. He can’t guard quick 3s. He’s mediocre against average quickness 3s. He can guard the slow footed 3s. (b) Barnes has to play PF on offense, so if he’s guarding a 3, a wing player is guarding a 4, and they are even worse defensively than they would otherwise be.

    4. Passing. Anderson is average. Barnes doesn’t pass.

    5. Fast break offense – Barnes.

    6. Penetration offense – Barnes, from the near wing. Barnes from the perimeter, but he’s not a particularly good penetrator from the perimeter.

    7. Rebounding – Anderson, pretty clearly, although Barnes is an okay rebounder.

    If you really believee that Barnes can play the 3, then I think it’s a wash. He has never successfully played the 3 in the NBA. Given that the Ws prefer a stretch 4 to a post-up 4, I think Anderson provides a lot more value by giving them a legit stretch 4, and better reboudning. The only reason to keep Barnes, in my opinion, is the hope that one day he’ll be able to play the 3 and eventually replace Iguodala when he leaves. (Or start at the 3 this year, becasue better to hide Barnes’s awfulness with the starters and have Iguodala be a super-sub.) There is no doubt in my mind that Anderson would be a better player for the Ws this season and likely next, at least.

  • 510 Sports

    First off, Anderson would need to be on the court to make the Warriors better. His first 3 years in the league, he missed an average of 18 games per year, then a couple years of good health, then missed 60 games last year. Usually as players get older, they do not get healthier. Anderson is still just 26, so there is a chance he can rectify his injury situation, but I don’t like that track record. Barnes has missed a total of 5 games in his first 2 years. The first ability is availability.

    Second, Barnes is already a far better defender than Anderson on multiple types of players. The only type of player who Anderson may be better than defending is a slow footed heavy post player. Those players are less and less prevalent in the league. Look at the Spurs and Heat, they rarely played more than one at a time. Barnes would be a better defensive match up on the 4 to both teams that were in the finals (on Bosh or Diaw). And of course he would match up better with their 3, who Anderson would have no chance of guarding in his sweetest of dreams.

    Finally, you have to look at age and development. When Anderson was 21 in his second year, he averaged 7.7 points, 3.2 rebounds and 0.6 assists. Barnes in his 21 year old second year, in a year widely panned by critics no less, Barnes outdid Anderson at 9.5 points, 4.0 rebounds and 1.5 assists. So if Anderson is a good rebounder and passer, he learned that at an age older than Barnes was this past year. So don’t underestimate the amount of development a player can make from age 22-25, which is the zone Barnes is entering.

  • sunshipballoons

    You do a good job explaining why Barnes can be a significantly better player than Anderson if he ever maxes out his potential. I don’t disagree with that (though I still don’t think Barnes can ever be even an average defender at any position). I also agree that, obviously, if Anderson is too injured to play, this discussion is moot. But none of that changes the fact that Anderson fills a critical role that the Ws currently have nobody else to fill, and that he does that way better than Barnes. Barnes doesn’t fill any critical role this season. This team is built to try to win now — it’s worth the risk.

    Also, this season the Spurs regularly played several slow footed players together: Duncan, Diaw, Splitter — except in the playoffs, two of them often played together, and even all three. None of those players could drive around Ryan Anderson (except maybe Diaw on the break). Then again, none of those guys could drive around me or you, so that doesn’t really say much for Anderson’s D.