Warriors’ Stephen Curry on guarding top point guards: ‘I definitely want that challenge’

Warriors guard Stephen Curry told Dime Magazine he wants and expects to take on a more significant role on defense under new coach Steve Kerr.

Former assistant coach Brian Scalabrine said last week Curry wanted to guard top point guards last season and that it was head coach Mark Jackson that made the call to take the “easy way out.”

“One of the things, he [Jackson] made the decision some games to put Klay [Thompson] on the main ball-handler because Klay is a great defender, obviously,” Curry confirmed to Dime. “He’s long and athletic and can hound quicker guys. I definitely want that challenge and I expect that challenge coming into next season.

“But I go into every game expecting — there’s not a game where I don’t guard the opponent’s point guard or whoever their best guard is at some point during games, you always — you can’t take breaks is all, you know. I might not have that, last year I didn’t have that responsibility to start most games, but you have it at some point.”

Curry could get that opportunity. His defense is something he’s worked on and has been praised by one of Kerr’s assistants, Ron Adams. In June, Warriors executive board member Jerry West told CSN Bay Area of Thompson, who has been asked to defend point guards, “I think he would be so much better if he could just cover two guards all the time defensively.”

“Steph wanted to guard Chris Paul,” Scalabrine said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “He wanted to guard Tony Parker. I can guarantee you. Everyone that knows Steph Curry knows that he’s like an elite competitor.

“But as a staff, Coach Jackson made that decision in saying, ‘Hey, I’m not going to challenge this guy. I’m not going to push this guy to be better on both ends of the floor. I want to save him for the offensive end.’ Look, I think Steph Curry if he was challenged day in and day out to defend, if you want to win a championship, you have to be able to defend your position.”

Diamond Leung

  • Twinkie defense

    Hmm, sounds like Scalabrine was right…

  • Grey Warden

    Take the challenge, then ya’ll gonna be complaining how Kerr is playing Curry too many minutes during the season, and that he’s worn out from USA Basketball, and this and that.

  • RaiderE

    Good for Curry. He realizes that his goal of establishing himself as the league’s best pg entails becoming very good on both ends of the floor. One-way players should not be considered as the best at their position in the NBA because the game is played on both ends. Looking at you Kevin Love….

  • thewarriorsrule

    watching team usa, curry’s defense has not improved whatsoever. since west and kerr opted to keep klay (instead of getting love), i still see them using klay to guard pg’s. and plus, klay guarding pg’s instead of sg’s is also the “easy way out” for klay. klay can’t guard sg’s like harden, kobe, he gets punked by them every time. klay’s length can be used to make up for his lack of speed against guarding pg’s.