Warriors’ Stephen Curry predicts he’ll beat Steve Kerr in 3-point shooting contest

Warriors guard Stephen Curry might have lost to coach Mark Jackson in a friendly 3-point shooting contest last season, but Curry feels he’ll do better facing new coach Steve Kerr.

Curry was asked at the NBA2K Uncensored roundtable discussion in New York City who would win in a 3-point contest between him and Kerr, according to Bleacher Report, and Curry said, “Me.”

“I feel like all great shooters have that confidence no matter who you go up against, you’re going to feel like you’re going to win,” Curry said.

Curry, who led the NBA in made 3-pointers last season, noted that Kerr has the NBA’s top all-time 3-point shooting percentage at 45.4%. Curry is right behind his coach at 44 percent from beyond the arc.

“I’ve got confidence in myself,” Curry told ESPN’s Mike & Mike last week. “I’m sure he would probably say himself as well.

“I’m sure that competition’s going to happen pretty quick once training camp starts…So I’m gunning for him, and hopefully he puts me in position to make that happen.”

Kerr was asked at the Warriors Basketball Camp in Walnut Creek earlier this month if he would challenge Curry to the contest.

“I don’t think I will, but he’s probably going to challenge me,” Kerr said. “I know it’s coming, so I better get my arm loosened up. That’s going to be a tough one.”

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