Warriors’ Andre Iguodala explains why he’s helping Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green get paid

OAKLAND – Andre Iguodala said it last season. He said it during the offseason. And he’s said it this preseason that he wants to help his friend and Warriors teammate, Klay Thompson, get paid at a time when he’s due for a contract extension.

“Hopefully he’ll continue to realize I should get like 0.1 percent (of his next contract) or something like that,” Iguodala joked earlier this week.

Iguodala says all this with a smile. He got his big contract in 2008 and another with the Warriors last offseason. Now it’s time for him to help others along, explaining that it’s part of a credo he learned from older teammates who helped him while coming up in the NBA.

“I would do that for any teammate,” the 30-year-old Iguodala told Sirius XM earlier this week. “And I would want it – a teammate like that, a guy to say, ‘Hey, this guy has our back and he wants me to get paid. He’s going to help me in any way possible.’

“It’s not just Klay, but I want Steph (Curry) to maximize his career. I want him to get paid as much as possible on and off the court. Draymond Green’s in a contract year, too, so I’m going to be looking to give him a couple extra. He’s going to fill up the basket a little bit more with me on the court with him as well.

“It’s just about taking care of your teammates, and I learned that early on playing with (Philadelphia 76ers teammates) like Kevin Ollie, playing with guys like Aaron McKie. And then Andre Miller, he was perfect for me. He was a big reason why I got the (six-year, $80 million) deal that I got and why I played at the level I played with when I was in Philly.”

Iguodala got paid with a large contract at age 24. He’s now a National Basketball Players Association vice president who thinks about the best interests of players around the league.

Last season, Iguodala deferred to Curry and Thompson, explaining that he was looking to fit in during his first year on the team. This season, he’s saying he wants to be more assertive. But if he can establish a stronger bond with his younger teammates by being unselfish on the court, Iguodala is going to do so.

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