Draymond Green’s mom has something to say to Warriors critics

imageLots of talk about the Warriors. Former players taking shots at their throne. Critics questioning their place in history.

Even point guard Stephen Curry is getting annoyed.

He isn’t alone. Mary Babers-Green, mother of All-Star Draymond Green, is getting annoyed by the criticism, too. She penned this letter, an exclusive to Bay Area News Group:



That’s right the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS! Last year was supposedly a fluke. Critics were talking, calling it luck, attributing Warriors success to other team’s injuries. But, as I was always told, a WIN IS A WIN. Whether it’s by 1 point or by 50, a win is a win. And in the case of the Warriors, a CHAMPIONSHIP IS A CHAMPIONSHIP! Every team that has hoisted the trophy has benefited from breaks. That’s always a part of being the last team standing. So whether all the opposing players are suited up or not, the Warriors did their job: they won.
*Leandro Barnosa voice* WE BE CHAMPIONSHIP

Even after such a great year, and the Warriors following that with sheer domination this season, the “so-called experts” and former basketball players are slinging mud at Golden State. All the talk is about what the Warriors can’t do, what would have happened in another day, why what they are doing isn’t so great after all. MOVE ON! It happens with every generation. Whatever happened to wanting the next generation to be better than the last? What ever happened to being supportive, proud and uplifting, considering what this team is doing to spread the appeal of the game? STOP SPEWING ENVY! Especially you former players, even you legends, these players are who you use to be. They are walking following your footsteps. And nothing they have said or done suggests they aren’t appreciative and grateful for their predecessors. You have their respect. So RELAX! Last time I checked, records are made to be broken. Eras are going to change. Progress is supposed to be good.

The Golden State Warriors are not the ONLY GREAT TEAM. Because they are taking the league by storm, dominating their peers in a way no team has done before, doesn’t make other great teams invalid. It’s just that now is the Warriors’ time. They are trying to defend their throne and carve out their place in history to the best of their ability. There is no crime in getting after it on the court, playing like a team and playing the game the right way. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? It’s not their fault nobody else can take them down!

So comparing eras is fine. But respect this team! APPRECIATE this team. They have earned it and are earning it.

GRAB YOUR POPCORN and ENJOY THE RIDE. We may never see a team like this ever again. A talented player from Davidson that is breaking records and shooting the trey ball from places on the court that people wouldn’t dare shoot from until now. The relentless blue-collar worker from Michigan State who knows nothing but how to grind, play with heart and use his intelligence on the court. A textbook perfect shooter from Washington State who can leave us all gasping for air. Add a skilled spot-up shooter from North Carolina who has the ability to take flight in the midst of a storm and worked himself into a good defender. Then you throw in a skilled rim protector and rebounder from Utah. If that’s not enough, sprinkle in an amazing high riser from Arizona who does whatever you need him to do, especially when you most need him to do it. The Warriors also have a player who came straight from high school who overcame so much to get to this point, and his patience and perseverance shows up in the way he backs down opponents with his patented moves. The Warriors bench is a real unit. They are in the game even when they aren’t in the game, and most nights they can sustain any pressure. Last but not least, the Warriors are being led by a skilled “NBA CHAMPION” coach who has been down that same road as some of the FORMER GREATS who speak against what the Warriors can’t and don’t do!

Whether they win it all or not, one thing is for certain: BASKETBALL HAS CHANGED. And, quite frankly, I’m glad it has. Because, truth be told, we were all beginning to YAWN!


Marcus Thompson

  • Darth Warrior


  • Rudy Chavez

    That’s Right Mama Green you tell them, tell them ALL…

  • spitfire27

    Thank you so much Ms. Babers-Green!!! You said it all and it is what all of us Warriors fans know to be true.
    You especially hit the mark as far as I’m concerned with your last comment. As a fan of the sport for five decades, I found pro basketball a bit boring when it consisted of a bunch of big guys banging in the paint followed by someone dunking. Was basketball somehow more pure or real when it was played that way, instead of the way the Warriors are playing now? –
    All the whining about Steph is so absurd. His skills are different than the guys who played in the 80s, and those guys had different skills than the guys who played in the 60s. The Warriors are reviving interest in basketball, making it exciting, bringing an artistry to the game that’s never been seen before.
    Listen to Dray’s mom, everyone! Sit back, everyone, and enjoy what you are witnessing: a sea change in basketball.

  • The Hoh

    Sounds like Dray’s mama to me. Criticism of perfection is a fool’s game.

  • Ryan G

    Did she forget to mention Bogut?

  • spitfire27

    No, he went to Utah.

  • Ryan G

    Thanks, I did not know that.

  • Gary Romes

    Thank you, Mama Green!!!

  • allen saenz

    She forgot to mention Speights.

  • Christopher Merritt

    Thank you, Mama Babers-Green. Words that so needed to be spoken! I understand haters gotta hate, but it was getting kinda embarrassing for the past greats. They needed to be told, and Mama you did it just like a loving mom should! Reminds me so much of my mom, the word placement, sentence structure, tonalities… I miss my mom so much. Thank you, Mama Babers-Green! You are awesome!

  • Jangee

    I couldn’t have said it better and with more passion!! I love, love this team and Draymond’s mom is absolutely right when she said that they alone have revived interest in this sport!! A fan of Magic’s, Shaq’s and Kobe’s LA Lakers and Jordan’s Bulls, I lost interest years ago and tuned in sparingly to watch the playoffs from time
    to time.

    But, last year, something compelled me to watch the Warriors against the Cavs
    and I fell in love with their competitiveness, the “heart” that they displayed throughout that series and their love for the game!!! Simply put: THEY ARE SOMETHING SPECIAL AND A JOY TO WATCH!!

    I especially loved that they did not cower and back down from “King James” and crew and did not make excuses and whined like he did or his fans who did not want to give them credit.

    I have heard this a lot from some folks: some people don’t want to give Steph credit
    because they see him as a “pretty boy” with skills who has been anointed by the media and the fact that he has that “we can all claim him ancestry” and the blue eyes to add to his perceived “Godly gifts” just makes him envied and possibly “slightly hated” even
    more!! And, having a gorgeous wife and adorable daughters also contribute to the “you are just too damn lucky and don’t deserve all of this” hoopla!!!

    I love Steph, Klay, Draymond and the entire Warrior team!!! They are fantastic
    competitors and I hope they win another NBA championship this season!!! I live on the east coast and none of those teams have moved me to watch or follow their teams. Other than Dr. J’s 76ers, when it comes to basketball, I have mostly been an ardent fan of Midwest or west coast teams!!


  • Jade Ward

    Well said Mom. Thank you, Jade (Klay’s great aunt)