David Lee Out for Today’s Game; Dominic McGuire to Start

For the third straight game, Golden State will be missing a starter. Warriors forward David Lee will not only miss today’s game, he’s not even in attendance.

Lee is pretty ill. So ill, he was at a local hospital instead of warming up. They aren’t sure yet whether it’s food poisoning, the flu or some kind of virus.

Dominic McGuire will start in David Lee’s place. He has the responsibility of staying glued to Channing Frye, the Suns’ 3-point shooting big man. That might help the Warriors on the defensive end as McGuire may be better able to contest Frye.

Without Lee, Golden State will be without their leading rebounder (8.0) and second-leading scorer (18.8)


That Was a Really Good Win for the Warriors

Gotta tip the cap to Monta Ellis. He went from awful to great faster than he can get down court. I don’t know what happened to turn it around for him, but suddenly he was unstoppable.

To post 12 points and 6 assists in the fourth quarter is special alone. To do it after struggling so mightily the first three quarters (4-for-17 shooting, two assists) showed some mental fortitude.

JACKSON: “I thought he really showed his toughness, his will and what a great player he is. Great players respond in the face of adversity. He puts us on his back and brought us home. People don?t want to talk about it, but he?s going through a lot. Losing a loved one is tough, but he?s been there for his team and still been as strong vocally. He hung in there and carried us to a victory.”

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