New Orleans coach Monty Williams plans to have Pelicans be ‘Spurs-like’ against Warriors in playoffs

New Orleans coach Monty Williams plans to emphasize the Pelicans playing like the San Antonio Spurs during a first-round playoff series against the Warriors.

Asked on his radio show Thursday if there were any teams did well against the Warriors he would draw inspiration from, Williams identified the Spurs and noted they had won the season series against Golden State.

“We actually learned a lot from the Spurs before we played Golden State,” Williams said of the regular season. “Pop talked to me about a few things that we can do to help our chances against them. He actually did it in an interview, and I just happened to be listening, and we tried those things.

“Now, are we the Spurs? No. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do the things that are Spurs-like, and we’ve tried to implement some of those things in our attack. And we’re going to talk about them every day as we go through this series.”

Williams played for coach Gregg Popovich and later served as a Spurs coaching staff intern.


Pelicans exclaim ‘Let’s go ahead and get this scrimmage’ while Warriors say original scrimmage comment was a joke

New Orleans before their first-round series against the Warriors continued to make reference to the “scrimmage” that the Warriors apparently spoke of before their game last week that ended up being a springboard for the Pelicans.

“Let’s go ahead and get this scrimmage,” a voice in the Pelicans locker room can be heard saying Wednesday, prompting laughter as New Orleans celebrated clinching the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference following a win against San Antonio.

“Shirts and skins scrimmage,” the Pelicans’ Quincy Pondexter added.

The comments seemed to be in reference to New Orleans star Anthony Davis saying in a television interview after the Pelicans’ 103-100 win against the Warriors, “They came out and said, ‘This is going to be a scrimmage game.’ We kind of took personal.”

Warriors forward Draymond Green tweeted the day after the loss, “hmmmmmm nah actually wasn’t me… U wish you knew who it was Tho.”

And minutes before retweeting the latest “scrimmage” comment out of the Pelicans locker room, Warriors big man Marreese Speights wrote, “Haha them boys better watch what they say.”

To the Warriors, the original talk of the game last week being a “scrimmage” was literally a joke.

“In reference to the comments Anthony Davis made when we played them last, it was a joke between the ball boy and one of our guys,” Warriors center Andrew Bogut wrote in his NBA Australia column.

“The ball boy took it seriously and ran off to the Pelicans locker room and let them know.

“We know now that when we play them again, we won’t have any ball boys in the locker room again (because of that).

“It was just and tongue-in-cheek comment, having a bit of fun and they took it a little seriously.

“From Anthony Davis’ point of view, you can understand why he was motivated by those comments, but he didn’t understand the context of the conversation.”


Comedian Chris Rock jokes about Warriors’ Stephen Curry playing better defense for Steve Kerr than Mark Jackson

Comedian Chris Rock in a birthday video message to Mark Jackson joked about how the Warriors are playing better now that the race of the head coach is different.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Rock said before starting to joke. “You watch the games, and you go, ‘Oh so now Steph Curry’s going to play defense for the white man. Couldn’t play it for the brother. Now he’s like Dennis Rodman.’

“Couldn’t do it for you. Yeah, everybody’s boxing out now. Couldn’t do it for a black man. Ooh, they play some defense for the white man, don’t they? Ooh, they play some good defense for the white man.”

Curry has improved his defense this season and gotten more opportunities to guard top opposing players. The Warriors last season were third in the NBA in defensive efficiency with Jackson at the helm before becoming the top-ranked defense under coach Steve Kerr.

Rock was one of many celebrity friends of Jackson who provided videos of themselves wishing the ESPN broadcaster a happy 50th birthday Wednesday.

Warriors players Andre Iguodala and Marreese Speights were among those appearing in the video as did assistant coaches and staff members on last season’s team before Jackson was fired.


Andrew Bogut on aftermath of Stephen Curry breaking Chris Paul’s ankles: ‘I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of memes’

LOS ANGELES – Warriors center Andrew Bogut said he didn’t have a good live look of the memorable move Stephen Curry put on Chris Paul, but figured the Internet would help him out with that one.

“I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of memes,” Bogut said. “So I’m looking forward to getting on Instagram and Twitter and seeing exactly what they’re doing on the Photoshop because there’s a lot of antics that were going behind the bench when it happened, and it was a hell of a play by Steph.”

In fact, there were plenty of memes on the behind-the-back dribble from Curry that staggered Paul. Here’s Paul apparently playing Twister as he tries to recover. And here’s Paul as Neo in “The Matrix” contorting his back while dodging bullets. Of course, there were plenty of Cliff Paul jokes referring to how his ankles would need insurance after the play.

That’s the power of a single move from Curry so transcendent that the Internet fell over itself trying to glorify the moment and ridicule Paul.

The imagery was unmistakable. In a year Curry overtook Paul as the player regarded as the top point guard, here was Paul on the ground looking on helplessly as Curry made the shot.

“That man is tough,” Paul said of Curry. “Obviously he has a great handle.”


Warriors’ Steve Kerr, Los Angeles Clippers’ Doc Rivers exchange zingers before game

LOS ANGELES – Warriors coach Steve Kerr and Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers are friends and as part of the rivalry open to exchanging zingers before Tuesday’s game.

Told Kerr said after shootaround that, “If this meant anything, we would play (Draymond Green), Rivers responded to the Warriors citing shin inflammation with sidelining one of their starters.

“That was pretty predictable,” Rivers said. “We kind of assumed they didn’t want to take the risk of going 2-2 with their regular guys.”

The Warriors currently lead the season series against the Clippers 2-1. Told of Rivers’ comment, Kerr returned fire.

“Either that or we have a (10)-game lead (in the Western Conference) with a couple guys banged up,” Kerr replied. “It’s somewhere in there.”


Warriors’ Draymond Green no longer selling ‘Cool Story, Glenn’ shirts, responds to Doc Rivers’ son calling him ‘lame’

LOS ANGELES – Warriors forward Draymond Green reiterated Monday that he has the “utmost respect” for Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers despite their recent war of words.

So Green said he removed the “Cool Story, Glenn” clothing for sale from his official shop at Athlete Originals, which had tweeted Saturday that the gear referencing Rivers’ given first game was “sold out.”

“I took the shirts down because I know at the end of the day it’s all fun and games,” Green said. “With doing the T-shirt line, if something catches, you use it. But I just knew people would try to make it out to be more than it really is, so I took it down. People try to make it as if I don’t respect Doc. But like I said, I have the utmost respect for Doc. So people try to take it and twist it, but if he says something else, I’m going to have fun with it again.”

Green then turned his attention to Rivers’ son, Jeremiah, when asked about the former Indiana Hoosiers player tweeting, “Draymond Green Always Been A Lame…” in an apparent response to the “Cool Story, Glenn” shirts.

“Yeah his son didn’t play at Indiana though, so he can’t talk. He never beat me,” Green said, referring to Michigan State’s two wins over Indiana when the two players faced off in college. “We’re not going to even say his name. Give him no publicity. Tell him to chase it some other way. He won’t get his publicity off me.”