Warriors’ Stephen Curry to play off the ball more often in Steve Kerr’s new-look offense

Warriors guard Stephen Curry has high hopes after becoming an All-Star for the first time last season.

“I’m trying to establish myself as the best point guard in the league, and just that that quest for a championship is something that I value highly,” Curry told CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday.

New coach Steve Kerr, who as a TNT broadcaster gave Curry a vote for the All-NBA second team last season, will look to help his star player get there by taking some pressure off the guard who carried the load for Mark Jackson’s offense.

According to associate head coach Alvin Gentry, that means taking the ball out of Curry’s hands more often with big men doing more passing so that the All-Star doesn’t have to work as hard every night to score.

“I think if you talk to Steph, I don’t know if he wants the ball in his hands that much at all like it’s been in the past,” Gentry told KNBR. “It’s one of the things we talked about with Steve Nash in Phoenix as he got a little bit older. It’s very tiresome when you come down and basically have the ball 80 percent of the time and you’re creating shots and everything for yourself as well as other players.

“I think we’ll try to alleviate some of that with Steph as far as pitching ahead and getting the ball from one side of the floor to the other, running some pin-downs for him where he can come off and catch-and-shoot, and as I said, try to create easy baskets for him. By ball movement, I still don’t think it’s going to affect Steph one way as far as the shots that he gets, the assists that he has.”

Curry averaged career highs of 24 points and 8.5 assists per game last season, and now when he plays off the ball, the Warriors will have help running the offense. The Warriors envision newly signed guard Shaun Livingston as a player who would not only back up Curry, but also play with him.

“The ideal thing for us was to add somebody that could play alongside Curry because we didn’t just want a 12-minute-a-night guy,” general manager Bob Myers said last month.


Warriors release 2014-15 schedule

Here’s the Warriors’ 2014-15 schedule:


Wed   Oct 29    at Sacramento            7:00 PM

Sat     Nov 1         L.A. Lakers            7:30 PM            NBATV

Sun    Nov 2     at Portland                  6:00 PM

Wed   Nov 5         L.A. Clippers         7:30 PM                ESPN

Sat     Nov 8     at Houston                  5:00 PM

Sun    Nov 9     at Phoenix                   5:00 PM

Tue    Nov 11       San Antonio           7:30 PM

Thu    Nov 13       Brooklyn                7:30 PM                  TNT

Sat     Nov 15       Charlotte                7:30 PM

Sun    Nov 16   at L.A. Lakers             6:30 PM

Fri     Nov 21       Utah                         7:30 PM

Sun    Nov 23   at Oklahoma City      4:00 PM            NBATV

Tue    Nov 25   at Miami                      4:30 PM

Wed   Nov 26   at Orlando                   4:00 PM

Fri       Nov 28   at Charlotte                 4:00 PM

Sun    Nov 30   at Detroit                   12:30 PM


Tue    Dec 2          Orlando                  7:30 PM

Thu    Dec 4          New Orleans          7:30 PM                  TNT

Sat     Dec 6      at Chicago                   5:00 PM

Mon   Dec 8      at Minnesota              5:00 PM

Wed   Dec 10       Houston                  7:30 PM

Sat     Dec 13   at Dallas                   11:00 AM

Sun    Dec 14   at New Orleans           3:00 PM

Tue    Dec 16   at Memphis                 5:00 PM

Thu    Dec 18       Oklahoma City     7:30 PM                  TNT

Mon   Dec 22       Sacramento           7:30 PM

Tue    Dec 23   at L.A. Lakers             7:30 PM

Thu    Dec 25   at L.A. Clippers          7:30 PM                   TNT

Sat     Dec 27       Minnesota              7:30 PM

Tue    Dec 30       Philadelphia          7:30 PM

Fri     Jan 2          Toronto                  7:30 PM

Mon   Jan 5          Oklahoma City     7:30 PM            NBATV

Wed   Jan 7         Indiana                   7:30 PM

Fri     Jan 9          Cleveland               7:30 PM                ESPN

Tue    Jan 13    at Utah                         6:00 PM

Wed   Jan 14       Miami                     7:30 PM

Fri       Jan 16    at Oklahoma City      5:00 PM                 ESPN

Sat     Jan 17    at Houston                  5:00 PM            NBATV

Mon   Jan 19       Denver                    1:00 PM

Wed   Jan 21       Houston                 7:30 PM                ESPN

Fri     Jan 23       Sacramento           7:30 PM

Sun    Jan 25       Boston                     5:00 PM

Tue    Jan 27       Chicago                  7:30 PM

Fri       Jan 30    at Utah                         6:00 PM

Sat     Jan 31       Phoenix                   7:30 PM

Tue    Feb 3      at Sacramento            7:00 PM

Wed   Feb 4          Dallas                      7:30 PM                ESPN

Fri       Feb 6      at Atlanta                    4:30 PM

Sat     Feb 7      at New York                4:30 PM

Mon   Feb 9      at Philadelphia           4:00 PM

Wed   Feb 11    at Minnesota              5:00 PM

Fri     Feb 20       San Antonio           7:30 PM                ESPN

Sun    Feb 22    at Indiana                   3:00 PM

Tue    Feb 24    at Washington            4:00 PM

Thu    Feb 26    at Cleveland               5:00 PM                TNT*

Fri       Feb 27    at Toronto                   4:30 PM

Sun    Mar 1     at Boston                     3:00 PM

Mon   Mar 2     at Brooklyn                 4:30 PM

Wed   Mar 4        Milwaukee             7:30 PM

Fri     Mar 6        Dallas                      7:30 PM                ESPN

Sun    Mar 8        L.A. Clippers       12:30 PM                ABC*

Mon   Mar 9     at Phoenix                   7:00 PM

Wed   Mar 11      Detroit                     7:30 PM

Fri       Mar 13   at Denver                     6:00 PM

Sat     Mar 14      New York               7:30 PM

Mon   Mar 16      L.A. Lakers            7:30 PM                ESPN

Wed   Mar 18      Atlanta                    7:30 PM

Fri     Mar 20      New Orleans          7:30 PM

Sat     Mar 21      Utah                         7:30 PM

Mon   Mar 23      Washington           7:30 PM

Tue    Mar 24   at Portland                  7:30 PM                   TNT

Fri       Mar 27   at Memphis                 5:00 PM

Sat     Mar 28   at Milwaukee              5:30 PM

Tue    Mar 31   at L.A. Clippers          7:30 PM                   TNT


Thu    Apr 2         Phoenix                   7:30 PM                  TNT

Sat     Apr 4      at Dallas                      5:30 PM

Sun    Apr 5      at San Antonio           4:00 PM            NBATV

Tue    Apr 7      at New Orleans           5:00 PM

Thu    Apr 9         Portland                 7:30 PM                TNT*

Sat     Apr 11       Minnesota              7:30 PM

Mon   Apr 13       Memphis                 7:30 PM            NBATV

Wed   Apr 15       Denver                    7:30 PM              ESPN*


* ESPN Radio


Warriors’ Klay Thompson ‘happy’ not to be traded, teased Kevin Love about causing rumors

The Warriors’ Klay Thompson is happy he wasn’t traded to Minnesota for forward Kevin Love, those close to the Warriors guard say as Love is reportedly being dealt to Cleveland.

Backcourt mate Stephen Curry told The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday he spoke with Thompson about the subject a few times during the process.

“He actually took it pretty well.” Curry said of the trade talks. “Those rumors come around obviously every summer with free agency and teams trying to get better, and it’s going to be hard at some point in your career to avoid it, so he took it well. Obviously, our trade didn’t go through. It didn’t happen, and they’re keeping our core intact, so I know he’s pretty happy with how things turned out.”

The Warriors’ unwillingness to offer Thompson to Minnesota in a trade for Love meant the player regarded as one of the NBA’s top shooting guards would remain with the team that drafted and developed him.

“I’m happy about that,” Mychal Thompson, Klay’s father, said last week on the ESPN LA radio show he co-hosts. “He likes it there. He did not want to get traded. As a matter of fact, he saw Kevin in Vegas during the Team USA workouts and said, ‘Thanks a lot, buddy.’ He was teasing him and said, ‘Thanks for putting my name out there in all the trade things’ because he wanted to come to the Warriors.

“He’s happy to stay with the Warriors. Thanks to Jerry West and Steve Kerr, they wanted to keep those guys together as they should, so I’m looking forward to that.”


Warriors’ Stephen Curry on who’s the better offensive player between him, LeBron James: ‘Me’

Warriors guard Stephen Curry indicated Tuesday in an interview on The Dan Patrick Show that he believes he is the better offensive player compared to Cleveland’s LeBron James.

Asked by Patrick who is the better offensive player, Curry said he had never before been asked the question before answering.

“Me,” Curry said, chuckling. “Gotta be, right?”

Told the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player James is the better scorer and that Curry is the better shooter, Curry said, “I don’t know because he obviously demands a lot attention on the floor, but I like to say I can distribute, get my teammates involved and be a playmaker as well.”

Patrick then asked Curry how he’d answer the question if in a game it’d be a contest of which player could score more points, and again the 6-foot-3 point guard expressed confidence.

“I’d like to say my shot would help me in that situation,” Curry said. “If I get a double-team, I could hopefully shoot from farther out.”

Curry in an apparent response to the attention his comments received tweeted, “That’s funny. Anything is news these days lol.”


Stephen Curry on Warriors not trading Klay Thompson for Kevin Love: ‘I think they made the right choice’

Warriors guard Stephen Curry believes that the team’s front office officials were right not to trade Klay Thompson to Minnesota for Kevin Love, who is reportedly being dealt to Cleveland instead.

“Obviously Kevin Love’s a great player and they were making the decision whether that would make us a better team to let him go, bring Kevin on, and I think they made the right choice that me and him in the backcourt and core that we have, we’ve got a legit shot at winning the championship next year, and I’m ready to take that on,” Curry told WFAN on Tuesday. “I think all those rumors are gone now, and we’ll get back to business.”

Curry told The Dan Patrick Show he was asked his opinion by the Warriors’ management. Asked if he would have done the trade, he said, “I don’t think you can give up Klay to make that happen.”

Curry also discussed other topics in the wide-ranging interview on WFAN with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton.

On struggling with the aftermath of the Paul George injury: “I actually thought for a couple days afterwards why we’re playing USA Basketball and the risk you take. When you come down to it, it’s a great opportunity to represent your country. Any time you play basketball, you’re at risk of getting hurt, and it’s an opportunity for us to get better, play against the best in the world, and I want to take advantage of the opportunity while I have it.”

On stanchions: “I’ve actually done so much more research on that part of the game afterwards. I had no idea what the restrictions were.”

On former coach Mark Jackson preaching on the street: “That’s Coach for you. He’s passionate…The way he talks in the locker room, there’s a lot of overlap between messages he’ll preach on a Sunday and how he’ll transfer that to a basketball message, so that’s not a surprise to us.”

On when he knew he reached 50 points in a 54-point performance in 2013 against the Knicks: “Actually my teammate, Harrison Barnes. I guess when a pitcher’s throwing a no-hitter, you don’t talk to him or whatever. They leave him alone in the dugout. Harrison didn’t know that rule, so he came up during a timeout and told me, ‘Hey, go for 60.’ I was like, ‘Wait, what do you mean?’  He’s like, ‘You’ve got 52 right now.’” I was like, ‘Oh, oh alright, let’s do it.’”


Report: Warriors to play at Clippers on Christmas night

The Warriors and rival Los Angeles Clippers will play at Staples Center on Christmas night, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday in advance of the NBA officially releasing the schedule.

The Clippers eliminated the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs last season in a seven-game series.

The two teams faced off last Christmas with a game at Oracle Arena the Warriors won 105-103 that saw the Clippers’ Blake Griffin and Warriors’ Draymond Green get ejected.

The Warriors will also play in the Clippers’ preseason opener at Staples Center on Oct. 7, the Clippers announced.


Brian Scalabrine: Mark Jackson’s staff didn’t prepare Warriors to be championship-caliber, push Stephen Curry on defense

Former Warriors coaches Mark Jackson and Brian Scalabrine agree that philosophical differences led to the assistant’s unceremonious reassignment during the regular season.

Scalabrine outlined some of those differences in an interview on The Doug Gottlieb Show on Thursday in his third radio interview in as many days that touched on his stint with the Warriors.

“We had a very difference of opinion as far as what it takes to push and win a championship,” said Scalabrine, who as a player won an NBA title with Boston. “I don’t think championships are given out. I think championships are earned, and I just felt like along the way we thought…something was going to happen. Like it’s OK to be average. It’s OK to be .500. It’s OK to be an eighth seed, ninth seed, or move our way up to a sixth seed. I mean, that’s just not the right mentality if you’re trying to win with a team with a lot of young players.

“Generally, as a staff we really didn’t prepare our team to be championship-caliber nor did we prepare our team to eventually be championship-caliber.

“I respected him as a head coach going into that, but after a while, it was just like us not doing what I would feel like our job is. It was just kind of frustrating.”

Scalabrine offered examples of how he disagreed with Jackson on how to challenge players “to be great,” including All-Star guard Stephen Curry, who Scalabrine said wasn’t given the opportunity at times to do more on defense to the player’s detriment because of Jackson.

“Taking the easy way out, right?” Scalabrine said. “Like putting (Curry) on not the best player, and that wasn’t his decision. That’s not Steph Curry’s responsibility. Steph wanted to guard Chris Paul. He wanted to guard Tony Parker. I can guarantee you. Everyone that knows Steph Curry knows that he’s like an elite competitor.

“But as a staff, Coach Jackson made that decision in saying, ‘Hey, I’m not going to challenge this guy. I’m not going to push this guy to be better on both ends of the floor. I want to save him for the offensive end.’ Look, I think Steph Curry if he was challenged day in and day out to defend, if you want to win a championship, you have to be able to defend your position.”

Scalabrine said Jackson’s way with Curry, who remains a strong supporter of the former head coach, was different from what he saw with his former coach in Chicago, Tom Thibodeau, challenging a star guard in teammate Derrick Rose on defense.

“I think that with the right scheme and having the right coach and putting him in the right position, Steph Curry is going to be a point guard that wins an NBA championship,” Scalabrine said. “He has that kind of ability, and it’s not just on one the side of the floor.”

On offense, Scalabrine said Golden State could have been “better organized” and was ultimately “an average offensive team with all that talent.”

“Harrison Barnes should have been like an elite player in the NBA, taking the next step after his rookie year,” Scalabrine said. “It’s just like unfortunate that he didn’t get a chance to do it.”

Scalabrine also said that even though he felt Klay Thompson was an elite player, he would have traded the guard in a deal for Minnesota forward Kevin Love, who is reportedly heading to Cleveland instead.

“My only knock on Kevin Love is I just think he’s never played with a great shot-blocking center, and Andrew Bogut is a great shot-blocking center,” Scalabrine said. “I’m not saying I’m right. Everyone has their own opinion. I personally would have made the move and then tried to convince a Mike Miller or a Ray Allen or some kind of shooting guard, try to trade for Kyle Korver, try to replace that shooting from Klay Thompson.

“Put Kevin Love with a shot-blocking center, a lot of his defensive errors are just based on size and athletic ability. Personally, I would have done it because I think Kevin Love really is a game-changer when he has a guy like Steph Curry with him or a guy that can create shots for him.”